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*raises glass in toast anyway*
Yeah, Merry Christmas! And if you don't keep it, then Happy Holidays to you anyway. Smile Smilie


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It really is christmas today!!!!
(Man have I got a hangover!)
merry x_mas!.. it's just i nice holiday... how nice it is to live in a country with loads ppl believing i a higher being or something like that.. and where the most of them are christians.. that is

I loooove holidays. Snow..errr...sandball fight, anyone? Merry Christmas to all of you. *drink *ungoliant

Ungoliant: What do you use for binder in making sandballs? Egg white, Crazy Glue, spit, blood, or that other bodily fluid? LOL
Dunno, only said that since we're rather short on *snowman over here. Sad Smilie Maybe I'll try the good ol' saliva - gives a new meaning to the term 'spitball', doesn't it. *ungoliant

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Merry Christmas all! Although, I think at this point in most of the places you all are at, Christmas is already over...oh well, we've got 2 1/2ish hours left over here, so it's all right...

did anybody get any good gifts?
Yeah! My bro got me Tequila Roulette and a big ol'bottle of Mescal!!! Fantastic!
I got one of those funny scooter things. Yippie! A toy helicopter, loads of books, and a box of goodies from Harrods, which contained Christmas coffee, tea & chocolates & stuff. No bottles of tequila though! Lucky you, Plastic!
Ack. Hope everyone had a merry x-mas, I'm still recovering from a massive hangover and my Aunty's sausage rolls, ewww. *drink
No time to recover, I went back to work this morning, with a mean mother of a hangover, which I'm currently attempting to remedy with that aforementioned bottle *burp* *drink
I've got a few Euro packages Smile Smilie (’ 22,70 total)
and some old fashioned guilders.. well paper ones anyways and we now have a GBA lying around somewhere (and tetris RULEZ)
And a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone. I know I'm a bit late, but I'm still recovering from the turkey we had on Christmas eve. Yuk!
we've finally finished off the last of the Christmas meal at my house....if I have to look at another ravioli, I'll puke...

and Boring, tetris is a major part of the reason that I am not doing so well in calculus just now (whoever figured out how to put tetris on calculators is the devil...)
Tetris on calculators??? Hurry, get me one!!! I just love playing tetris... What better way to spend a math's course??? My life is beginning to brighten up again! Big Smile Smilie
(HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone too)
Grr. I just checked with my club & found out how much New Year's Eve dinner will be! $540 per person! Screeeech! Damn rip off! That's it, me & hubby will stay in & eat cold toast & drink tap water this year. Sad Smilie

Tommy, maybe you can take your brother on a little detour when you go book shopping? Wink Smilie
$540??? Holy crap...what kind of food do they serve? yeesh.

oh yes, and happy new year to all in case I'm not here again before next year...
Too much for a good meal that is. I'm just staying in, watching telly with my parents (how boring can it get???) Sad Smilie
Hey, I must remember that too, ungoliant! You're full of great ideas! Wink Smilie
$540. Dubai must be one of those dry countries were all the booze is smuggled in at exorbanent prices or else is taxed at 1000 percent.

Happy New Year You All!! which I say now, because you guys will already be over your New Years Eve hangovers when midnight finally gets to me. Big Smile Smilie
See new topic what i haven't done yet. Big Smile Smilie

Nah, it's about the only Gulf state where alcohol consumption is legal. Trouble is, the expats all flock here, so everything costs too much. S'okay though, I've managed to con a friend into throwing us a dinner. Wink Smilie Am certainly not forking out $540 for something that will certainly get thrown up later in the evening!

Best that you don't. Smile Smilie
I hope you all enjoy yourselves in the next year! Big Smile Smilie
I sure hope I do as well....
So far it seems to be working out all right... We're even getting a new internet connection next week, which will be much faster and less expensive. (another dream come true)
Big Smile Smilie
we were supposed to get a cable modem...but our phone line is so old that it wouldn't work...Sad Smilie
Cablemodem???? isn't that like for your tv-cable thing?

If you mean ADSL-modem that could be it coz that one uses the telephoneline Wink Smilie

sorry, but I really like it when i know something Smile Smilie
I have no idea how it works. Apparently there's two kinds of cable modems? (I think...I don't actually know anything about this...) One uses a phone line like a regular dial-up, and the other uses tv cable lines. The company in my area that does that sort of thing only has the one kind - the phone kind...and so we couldn't get it. I guess. I dunno.
We're getting the ADSL thingy. It must be a lot faster, at least I hope so... Smile Smilie