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At school me and a couple of friends have made a game called insult dueling.
It is putting words (no more than 4) together and insulting each other, but they have to be sooo random that they are not actually insulting but quite stupid.

It is better when you use the following:

=Over-wieght shell-poop (doudle hyphonation)
=peevish peer pedestrian (illiteration)
=newt flute (poetry)
=puffy rail (short and sweet)

Although you can make your own variations, even include Tolkien characters.

I will leave you with my first 'insult' which you can build on.

badger-barf corridor-calf
Darstardly Dwarf-cow?

Now that's a figure of speech I haven't heard of yet. Or maybe, its because I'm just not that illiterate enough. Too much in my head if you know what I mean.

Anyways, what kind of a person would want to play such an insulting game? And this is not very member-friendly. It might give people ideas. And the CMs also don't like name-calling. So please refrain from such illegitimate, illegal games for illiterates, thank you!
Peculiar thread. I'm surprised it hasn't been deleted yet.
I was hoping it would die a quiet death.
sorry guys, this ones for the trash grep.