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Why do we pay athletes millions of dollars when it could be put to better uses? And WHY do athletes throw hissy fits when they can't get MORE millions of dollars?

That money could be used to cure cancer, help schools out, get more jobs for people, make more donuts, get rid of the trash problem, conserve species of plants and animals, and MANY other things. Just why are we giving money to all these athletes when we can give it to IMPORTANT things? And why to people name their kids after channels. My sympathies to anyone named Espn.
Because ppl are idiots.
Ah, Vir and his neverending wisdom...

Yeah, I knew that, I was just hoping some idiot would explain it to me. Because, there has to be at least ONE person on this site who's an idiot, who can explain to me why Lebron James needs all that money.
I guess it is all about consumer demand. Sport is possibly the most watched genre on television, resulting in huge advertising revenues being levied. The sports channels are in competition with each other to provide the best fixtures, and so will pay huge sponsership deals with teams and associations to get their hands on these events. As the money gradually filters down, the players themselves are able to demand larger and larger amounts, knowing clubs require the best players if they are to remain competitive.

I don't like it any more than you do, but it is the way of the world. Convince ten billion people to boycott watching sport on TV and I'm sure you would see the players pay plummet.
And why to people name their kids after channels. My sympathies to anyone named Espn.

I don't understand this! Are you named "Fox Sports" or "Sky Sports"?

As for all the money that's spent on the sportsperson, its just because "Its in the game"! (I hope EA Sports doesn't sue me for this) As Val correctly said, sports is what people watch the most and since its a higly consumer-oriented business world, its pretty much obvious people would spend their money on sports. Anyways, why crib about it. Just relax, sit back and enjoy the Champions League (or whichever sport it is that you like)!
And why to people name their kids after channels. My sympathies to anyone named Espn.

Actually, in my language we would pronounce ESPN as ESPEN and that, my dear D’neniel, really IS a boys name Wink Smilie

at some point I think with the world economy bottoming out and bread and milk and shelter and basic education becoming more important than the tube or going out to games, things will fall. It cannot last forever.Nothing does.

I'm from Italy and I ask myself this same question EVERY single day. Here people are obsessed with football. I live in Milan which, for those who don't know, is the center of the football world in some sense, because of the San Siro stadium.

The reason why those footballers are paid that much, is the same reason why hundreds of people, after their team wins, RUN from Duomo to the Stadium...and when I say run, I do mean run: it's a lot of kilometres...and they run. They're way too enthusiastic to call for a taxi or take the bus. And this happens with minor competitions, because when there are very important matches it's basically impossible for ordinary and rational people like me to go out in Duomo for a walk. People get totally drunk, and everything you can imagine happens.

What I think is really funny about all this, is listening to what those fanatics are screaming outside my window (and anywhere else in the city center): "We won!" ...I mean...what? "We"? What did you do? Did you play? Are you a footballer? Why are you so happy? Are you paid?  What I mean is: I may love, say, Leonardo Di Caprio. If he gets an Oscar, I'm not going on the street screaming "I won an Oscar!" because HE won, not me!

Of course people argue that this is not a matter of sport or football, but just a matter of insanity. Without football, those mad people would certainly find another way of expressing that anger that they have inside. My opinion: why don't they just attend some concerts and scream their heart out? Isn't that more effective? But in the end, until people have this kind of attitude towards football, players will always be paid such an incredible amount of money.

Oh Laura, that does sound rather orchish and frightening. I do not like mob mentality of any sort and I can think of no sport that warrants that sort of behavious. Youthful exuberance is one thing, but a lot of that behaviour is quite beyond that.

That is why the Tolkien heroes so appeal to me. They have all the same wants and desires, hope and dreams, etc, but the characters choose to approach life with noble hearts and behaviour and have lives that are worthy of consideration. just love it.

Ah, but soccer - football to the rest of the world outside of my strange homeland - can be an art.  It can be played with grace, and beauty - the team can be like dancers or musicians - It is a place to compete, a place to try your hand at winning, a cause to work at, and an entertainment - 

Really, is it not even a little like reading a great adventure where heroes fight for their cause against all odds?  It is an entertainment that takes people out of their mundane world and shows them a thing to root for, and watching is a vicarious participation - the same way that when I read the Lord of the Rings, I feel the fight and the victory or loss of the characters when I read.

Tolkien said, I think, in "On Fairy-Stories" that reading fantasy is an escape - or a dream of escape - and instead of calling it bad and "escapist" we ought to treat it like the escape of a prisoner of war (whose duty it is to escape) or like the dreams of a prisoner who can't escape yet - no one blames the prisoner for dreaming of escape!

Now not everyone can read easily.  Not everyone likes where fantasy takes them.  But don't those people who can't escape through something like Tolkien still need escape from this world just like we do?  

I said it was like a dance or like musicians, but really, it is like a drama, the games: Like Shakespeare, if you understand the language and the inflections, it is wonderful - if you don't get it, it's boring beyond measure.

Let them be passionate about their sports.  Let them have heroes and representatives who fight on their behalf.  Let them dream of being on the field themselves.  Let them play in the yards and the streets and be friends and be enemies and let them imagine glory and misery beyond their ken.  Let them be lifted higher and sunk lower than their own lives ever go.  Let them remember the great moments together, and the sad moments too, and sing of them, like elves sing of days long past.

Sports can be, in their way, the art appreciated by those who don't know they need art.  Like music, a language that can cross cultural barriers without words.  Like dance, the beauty of bodies trained, hard and well, executing a motion that takes a life to perfect, to practice...

Do they not work hard for their millions?  Let the worker earn his pay, and do not begrudge it.  Who else reaches millions of people, and joins them together in one accord, and brings some such happiness and such joy, and at another time such sorrow?  Who else shows off the rewards of persistence and diligent training so clearly?  Where else can you see courage displayed so large to so many, and virtues and vices played out to their just ends?  What teaches you better about fate, and how it can be changed, and how it cannot be changed?

There is goodness, truth and beauty in sports.  You don't throw out a precious stone because it still resides in a rough and uncut form, do you?  You don't throw out lettuce because it grows in the dirt, do you?

Reading the last couple of posts I really thought this thread is about football,but then I went back to the top and read the actual question.

Sports are a very cheap source of entertainment for the masses .Ordinary people with ordinary lives,people like us,tend to find a sense of touching the stars through being fans and worshipping a club.There are people who genuinely like sports for the art in them(anyone who saw the recent Euro finale between Barcelona and Man U will agree with me) and their are some who want to go with the flow and it ends up as hooliganism.Passion for the sake of it is destructive and people who do not have any real understanding or love for any sport would indulge in such atrocities like fighting and getting drunk,even killing.

Big sports like football is never just a game.It is a product for consumption and people are willing to pay any amount to get access to them.We spend thousands for sport channels every year within the family.There are obviously exceptions.And I do think there should be restrictions as to what these players get paid.It makes the players arrogant and in many cases their performances drop with the pay hike.

In my country,India,cricket is huge.The way the Govt.pays them I think half of our taxes go straight to their wallets.But though we crib when they lose and ruffians burn their effigies on the streets..what can possibly substitute the maddening joy and oneness a nation broken by civil wars and terrorism felt when we lifted the World Cup this year?Nothing.

That is why we need to strike a balance.We need sports and sports need us.But nothing extreme.

And if I ever have a son I might name him Lionel but not ESPN.NeverSmile Smilie

I do understand all the feelings, but really I cannot compare sports at all with Lord of the Rings, for one deals with perfection being marred and the long weary road to recover at least in a tiny measure some of the glorious music with illuvatar. One is about personal pride and adulation of the masses, destruction of property, even murders over scores because someone did not land a ball in the right place or prevent one from going into a net. The other is about life and death, the subjugation of peoples to depraved insane rulers and the courage and majesty of the human soul in fighting that evil. The two don't remotely compare. One is just a high that lasts a couple of heartbeats if things turn out well, the other is a struggle for that which is fine and good and noble year after tiring year, generation after generation. I for one will never understand or appreciate in the most broadest sense the fleeting something that goes with sports and its fans. Not ever. But for those it gives all that wondrous happiness to, i am glad for you.

I suppose for some people Sport is a substitute for a lot of other Blokey things like I dunno, jousting, dueling, etc etc.’ So perhaps we have replaced Knights with Sportsmen.’’It also doesn't hurt that most of the big earners are also good looking....Most of my friends and myself only watch them to have a look at, lets say their youth full beauty....

’In Australia we have Football (Aus Rules), Rugby (both Union and League) and Soccer (big amongst our Euro & Asian community).’ As per our really low population, the pay rates are nothing like Europe or the US where things are rather obscene.

I have a bigger problem with talentless so called celebrity (The Kardasian Clan, ’Z grade actors etc) most of whom seem to earn fortunes by doing virtually nothing but be annoying.

As with sport, or the Grand Prix, if people are stupid enough to hand over their money, so be it.


Brego, I couldn't agree more.

When we're talking about sports - I don't see anything wrong with supporting one team or another. When supporting the same team (or not) starts to be a major factor in socializing - that's the only problem for me. I mean - we're all human, we're all seeking acceptance and to be a part of some group, intentionally or not. That's what I see in passionately supporting some sportsmen. Who and how much pays them - this is a whole different story (well, not exactly different since economics is potently dependent on psychology and sociology).