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hi i dunno if the is the right place to put this (though im sure the mods will move it if it isnt)
i just wondered if anyone is interested in learning Quenya? (thats high elvish, akin to latin) if so id me more than pleased to teach, or if there is already a course goin, id love to help out, mark work, give advice etc etc
write back, or PM me
hi i dunno if this is allowed, but im bumping Big Smile Smilie
I'll bump it for you Tauro. At least for a week or two to see if you get any takers.
Yes i would. i was reading the lessons by Adrolion or something I rocco na nu i more alda.
cheers love, the best course i foun was Helge faustgangers (i think!) course

FYI that says "the horse is under the black/dark tree"
It is Ardalambion and Helge Fauskanger. And here is the link. Click here
yeah thats the one Amari’, never was very good at foriegn names but that course is the one i found easiest to follow (if a little linguistic lingo heavy), so yeah if anyone is or wants to learn quenya check out that course, and if you get into any trouble, then feel free to mail me ( Big Smile Smilie
I've just started learning tonight, a few hours ago actually and am nibbling through the introduction
I'm using Nancy Martsch' tutorial, or so the title says

any pointers would be greatly appreciated ofcourse Smile Smilie
what i did was (and this may sound rather silly) but fill me room with bits of paper with little bits of vocab on, eps. around my comp, or tv, places i look at alot, and just keep parctising, same as any language i spose.
I downloaded Helge Fauskanger's course a couple years ago and use his wordlists a lot, but I've used Thorsten Renk's course "Quetin i lamb’ eldaiva" more.
Yeah, there's Ardalambion...I've wanted to learn for some time, I just need to find the time to get down to it...
I can't find a word meaning "honest", no matter where I look! I'm trying to translate my name into Quenyan, or into Sindarin, really doesn't matter at this point...oy. But I can't find a word meaning honest. I only just now, almost ten pages later, have found a word for truth...
You could combine the noun 'truth' with the suffix "full of" to get a form which had basically the same meaning as 'honest', i.e. _anw’_ + _-inqua_ >> *anwinqua.
Honest is nice. My real name means war. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Have you looked for your name here: quenya babybook ?
But Tyrhael's full of truth doesn't sound bad at all. It's nice to have a name you have worked hard to find.
Honest is nice. My real name means war.

Have you looked for your name here: quenya babybook ?
But Tyrhael's full of truth doesn't sound bad at all. It's nice to have a name you have worked hard to find.

Dang i went to the link you gave and checked out my name and surprise, surprise!!!! I knew it wouldn't be there.
John Smith is just too uncommon for most people.

just kidding my real name is Tyrone and of course it's not there.
hey i managed to translate my entire name into Quenya, i guessed my middle name would be there, but the other two are kinda...............odd hehe

so ladies, gentlemen, elves and dwarve please welcome to the floor

Turion Calmo Ristar
(or to those of you who speak only common speach, Damien Lucifer Taylor)

i'm attempting at learning Quenya. it's a little hard. especially with school and everything *ugh*. but hey. i know my name, my love, and i love you in Quenya. Larien, melamin, amin mela lle. (i don't know what type/dialect/thing that's in. i suppose it matters. i'll eventually get it straightened out!) so there. :P and you people who speak fluently on here in Elvish (any type) how long did it take you to learn it?
Larien, it seems to me that the dialect you have started to learn is called "Grelvish", because of "amin" and "lle". Googling it might help.

I would like to learn, would you like me to PM you?