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Whew, haven't been on for a while, tests homework, and of course, my most recent fanaticism on Battle for Middle Earth!

So Anyone play BFME (Battle for Middle Earth) ?
I'm currently doing free fight, but that takes a long time to finish.
My favourite aspect of this game are the heroes, and making them superpowerfull!
yeah, heroes, make em good and they can be real gud, specially Gandalf. Which race do you use?
Gondor, nothing beats good old gondor Smile Smilie
Gud, gud! finally someone else who appreciates Gondor Smile Smilie I just don't like how slow the Trebuchets are and how easily they get destroyed. Besides that, well knights, twoer guards and Gandalf all make it one good faction.
i play bfme 3 years now and it's my favourite pc game.. i prefer gondor, but i think the choice of the race depends on the territory.. if there are many woods, elves stay hidden all the time. but they have'nt good defences, so they are hopeless in an open territory
I also play this game alot Smile Smilie
Though i only play whit the elves on my Gondolin's Fall map Smile Smilie
Im obsessed whit gondolin Big Smile Smilie
u made it? and i supose u have a fortress in the middle of a mountain circle where the enemy can't approach.... nice
I didn't make it Smile Smilie I got it from a friend who has made many maps Big Smile Smilie

The enemy spawnpoints are on the plain in front of the city so it's besieged from the very start of the match Big Smile Smilie
It's a 12 player map and the battles are long and big.
Very fun Big Smile Smilie
The only RTS I've ever liked, are Dune II, Dune 2000 & Emperor: Battle for Dune.

And perhaps Warcraft 1 & 2, although I am not too fond of the world of Azeroth.

Ah... Dune 2000...
I have a history whit that game Big Smile Smilie
All those long hours i skipped school to finish battles Smile Smilie

By the way.
Has lord of the rings: Conquest caught anyone else's eyes?
I read in a finnish games magazine that a game studio (i forgot it's name Big Smile Smilie) was working on a lord of the rings game whit the style of battlefield 2. Im anxiously waiting for it to be published Smile Smilie I've been for a long time now dreamt of a game where you would play just one soldier in a huge battle. (sure there are some games such as this but i dislike firearms in all their manifestations) The fact that one could be one soldier for example in the battle for minas tirith thrills me Big Smile Smilie I rather enjoyed Viking: battle for asgard aswell. It had near the end huge battles where 10000 men would fight eachother. Unfortunetly the battle system wasn't designed for fighting multiple enemies and the huge viking would have to pass fighting the normal foes and hit the key targets only. Very disappointing Sad Smilie

Haha Big Smile Smilie that's what happens when i get started on video games Big Smile Smilie Let this be a warning to you all Big Smile Smilie
perhaps u mean WARS OF ARDA. it's a new bfme, very nice, i've played the latest version. they 'll publish it i think this year. u can download it now if u want, but not complete
Conquest is totally a new game Smile Smilie
Few people know that John "Gimli" Rhys-Davies is in Dune 2000: he plays the Atreides Mentat in the cutscenes.
I think he also played him in the movie.
Naw, in the movie Thufir Hawat is played by the actor that played the old sage Ynyr in Krull.

The Harkonnen Mentat, though, is played by Brad Dourif.
LOTR: Conquest has caught my eye, I downloaded a demo of it a few days ago and it is quite good, I loved the style of Star Wars: Battlefront 1 & 2 and it is very much the same, only with alot of tweaks and upgrades. But the style is the same. You have the same choice of units and abilities (though under different names); Normal Soldier, Archer, Scout and Mage, like in SW Battlefront 1 & 2 you had Normal Stormtrooper, Sniper, Rocketeer and Engineer. I'm looking forward to LOTR: Conquest, only because I would spend hours on SW with friends. It is released January the 16th I believe.

I havn't played BFME in months, I never really caught the fever... Though I'm thinking about WoW... Smile Smilie
I didn't even know that the demo was out, thanks for telling me loss Big Smile Smilie
Anyone played the ancient/classic LOTR RPGs based on the books? From Interplay, I believe, years before they churned out Fallout, Icewind Dale et al.

All these things are beyond me, I would lose at a child's grade three level of playing just about anything and...........however do you all find the time to play?

When you're young you always find time for them Leelee. I remember a couple of years ago how I use to spend hours upon hours playing strategy games. My favourite has and will always be Age of Empires 1&2. 

My father did not believe in much free time for us little people dear Thorin. Dance, piano, working on his hobby farm, minding my little brothers and sisters, having to take art lessons, summer school and a couple of after school jobs , I had no time.none, zip. Smile Smilie