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We live our lives planning the future, mostly not even thinking about the day we'll die. Sometimes it takes to learn a friend's lethal ilness, or even a closer friend's death to think about it.

Ever wondered the day you'll die? The way you're gonna die? Now, give it a thought, if you were given a chance to decide the way you'd die, how would you want to die?
Death? Well, I don't know, somehow dying in an old tub just doesn't appeal to me, though it might no doubt appeal to some of our other members (Grondy, for example). But I don't want to die of a horrible accident either. I want to die a death I know I am going to die, and I also hope my death would change at least one person's life in a good way. Perhaps in the future, when I have a family, my death might make my children closer to each other, or make them love their father, who they misunderstood in the past? Something like that.
I'd like to die like Socrates : drinking a chalice of hemlock, whilst orating about the uselessness of life, or about how Tupperware boxes spoil food.

Or maybe like Frodo almost did in the FOTR movie : in the arms of a pretty, over-(re)acting she-elf. Come to think of it, that's probably how Hugh Hefner will go.

Some ppl are lucky, i guess.
Ha! LOL, Mir!

I've though about this before, I think I want to die peacefully, in my sleep. Before my closest family members go, I couldn't bear living without my -future- husband and kids I suppose. I don't know, I'm still single...
I'd like to die like Socrates : drinking a chalice of hemlock, whilst orating about the uselessness of life, or about how Tupperware boxes spoil food.

Have a drink of this, Mir and tell me about Tupperware.

I like to help.

I want to die like my father did. Happy, Healthy and in my sleep. I don't want to suffer, I have had enough of that in my like, I don't want my death to also painful and suffering. If I got to the point where i knew i was going to die of some dreadful illness that would render me in such a situation I would take some sleeping pills or whatever I had around the house and just go in my sleep. This is actually a subject that DragonReach/Smaug and I have discussed before. Every someone in our families die or I go into the hospital. We start discussing our plans for our deaths. It sounds kind of morbid but it is something everyone needs to think about. I had a friend that died in October that I have known since we were 8 years old. He left a wife and 3 kids with no will, and it is causing his family a lot of problems.

Mir, I like your idea of going like Socrates. As long as it does not hurt, but I would want to be discussing something other than Tupperware. lol

Well for someone that was not going to respond to this thread, I really rambled.

My father died in the bathtub in the evening of Christmas day after having a good meal and an enjoyable Christmas. It was a heart attack that did him in back in 1979. I hope I go in my sleep, but will do nothing to hurry it along unless no one will provide the necessary pain relief that may be required before it is my time to go.
Going in your sleep is preferable to a painful end, but as it is something I only expect to do once, I think it is something I want to be awake to experience. Death is often associated with pain. Hopefully it won't be painful (three cheers, then, for morphine - kids don't take drugs!). I don't want one of those gasping for breath deaths either. Nothing too sudden, or totally unexpected either. And not too soon, please.

Hopefully it'll happen while I'm doing something that I enjoy, and that I have a beautiful view. Maybe a long walk on a mountain path, watching the setting of a summer sun.
I'm curious: most people have said they'd not like a painful death, would prefer to die in their sleep or while doing something pleasant, would hope their death would do something good for those remaining here, etc., etc..... In spite of this preference for an easy, painless, meaningful death, is there anyone here who thinks that there are things (causes, people, etc) worth dying for -- even if the death were to be painful? Given a choice between
1)an easy, painless death while doing whatever you wished, or
2)a death by facing some enemy, which was quite painful, and included doing something you hated or feared -- (like fighting and losing, or being persecuted or tortured, or even, "merely" being embarrassed and humiliated while dying) --

What would it take to get you to opt for the second choice? What meaning or purpose would your death have to have in order for you to choose a pain and suffering over the "easier" death?
Beyond saving my loved ones from a similar fate, nothing really.
making peple laugh while listening to flogging molly LIVE and talking to my friends and family. that would be sweet.
Well, my dad died of lung cancer and I was with him when he died. I wouldn't want to die like my dad - it was heartbreaking....(I always bore people with my lecture on smoking - I hate it). I was with him holding his hand so he was not alone. I don't want to be alone when I die but I don't want to be awake!! Definately no pain - I'm a woose.

As for where I'm put...I'm terrified of being buried alive so I want bits of me to be donated so I know I'm definately dead!!! Cremation is not the catholic way - but as long as I'm dead and I've given away anything useful, that would be OK, at least I wouldn't be using up space in the ground!

On that cheerful hoo
I would not want a death with months and months of suffering before hand, and constantly thinking, am I going to die? And when am I going to die? My sister has had leukemia twice, and luckily, she has made it through twice, but she has endured so much suffering, and still is! I really, really would not want to go through everything she has been through. I know that it is some of our fates, and I would endure and fight until the end if I had to, but a death in my sleep would definitely be my preferred way of kicking the bucket.
I am glad that I do not know about the future or what tomorrow brings .And I so agree with lots of you that I do not want suffering or pain before dying ... If I had a choice, I would have spent a wonderful day with my 4 kids and husband .. Lots of laughter and joy !!!Then I prefer falling in sleep while least their last memory would be joy...does that make sense ?
Ya, you betcha. And I know how Vee would like to go, but because of our family friendly rules, I'll forgo putting it into words. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
heh Grond.

Heroically, in my sleep. Sleeping Smilie
I should like to die after doing something that costs me for mankind, my family and I would like to have t hem about me and bless them all and be h appy so they will not overgrieve.
Vir, I have to agree with you about Tupperware. Smile Smilie
I still prefer living! I know that can be quite enjoyable sometimes!
I think I'll agree with Rafael there...
In the past couple of months I've had three friends die unexpectedly - one was stabbed to death by her boyfriend, aged just 32, and the other two had heart attacks aged 50 and 43. That has really awakened my sense of mortality. I've been lucky enough to have had a healthy life and have avoided any serious accidents (although I did have several very close shaves when I was a fisherman). I've always had one of those, "it won't happen to me attitudes." This past month, however, "death" just feels that much closer, no longer something that can only happen to other people, but a real possibility.

It's strange... I don't fear it. I just feel, "if it happens it happens." It has made me worried for those who depend upon me, however. That is my only real concern about my own death.

My attitude hasn't changed to the answer I wrote a few years ago (and strangely, I had totally forgotten having written those words), that I'd like to go on a mountain walk with a good view (hopefully not falling off the mountain with the view rushing up to swat me though). I've a feeling, barring accidents, however, that my time will come on a muddy sandbank in the Wash while conducting a mussel survey.
Having lost my father not many years ago, and having lost some friends here more recently, I can appreciate what you are saying, Val. I often wonder when I go if my family will be taken care of...but then, I suppose lots of dads worry about such things. All we can try to do is to lead a good life till then, and hopefully make some arrangements so that things are held together when we go. I still pray a lot to make sure I'm ready when the time comes.
I'm not too fussed how I die really, as long as I'm happy with the life before it. Obviously rather it wasn't too soon, or anything too painful though!
Death is something that scares me, yet I can't help but be intrigued by it. What happens after death is something that people have wondered about for thousands of years, and still no one knows the exact answer. The Egyptians prepared for another life and believed their ka and ba (the life force and the soul) were reunited after death if they had done enough good works. I don't know how I want to die, but I know that I don't want to drown...that is my greatest fear.

Anyway, enough from the hydrophobic Egyptologist...
yes yes i would hate to drown that would be for me the worst way to die! i would like to die as leelee said.. i believe, to die for somthing u know? the idea of growing old and either retiring or having to work the rest of your life doe not appeal to me.u know i think evryone wonders whats after you die. sometimes i think i'll be happy to die so i can see what happens to me, but on the other hand i know/(HOPE) ill meet a buetifal girl and never want to leave her.... I hope when i die you just move on to a different galaxie or differnet dimension ,like maybe middle earth is the next world we jump into next when we die?! Now that would be pretty sweet.(sigh) talking about that stuff always makes me wonder about everything like my rreligion, if i believe in it or not, or is there anypiont in believing in one. maybe god just wants us to live not worship him evry day, And who created GOd? ever think of THAT.... well i was just in some very deep thought for about a full 2 minutes. and i think it would be better to believe in something rathher than nothing at all BUT just dont go over bored with. Wary Smilie WOW it took me so long to find that wink " GOD "
I want to be beaten nearly to death with my own severed legs and then spontaneously combust just before the noose that I'm being hanged with becomes taut. I'm not terribly concerned about the reason for this.
I hope that there is a Middle Earth-like place we go to after death, Marco; that would be amazing! Wow, that is really specific, Ar-Edain.
i like in my sleep i feel its better Cow Sleeping Smilie
Chopped and hacked to pieces by a beloved axe! Very Big Grin Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Actually I would have loved to be able to give up my life when I feel I have lived 'enough' but as this isn't possible I'll say i wish to die peacefully!
ya your right thorin , dieing peacefully, i forgot that. actually that's good Cow Sleeping Smilie Elk Grinning Smilie
We are all people of Our Times and Our Times are always as we are. I want to make ’my times’ better place for all to live.

I would like to live my life helping people. And not making it obvious, but so that I make their lives better without they even notice until I vanish. Then they see: I was there for them and put a good word for me in their prayers.
I wish to die silently in peace and quite, eventually in my sleep. I wish to die before those I love most. I know it is kind of selfish, but this is how I am when it comes to it.

When I pass beyond this life
Do not be sad or foolish.
Drink a glass of wine for me
’To the bottom, buddies!’
o==]Live free! Die well!>

p.s. I like red wine.