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From this day on, this song is the march of our newly founded empire!



Lyrics go like ;

Here's a llama
There's a llama
And another little llama
Fuzzy llama
Funny llama
Llama llama duck

Llama llama
Cheesecake llama
Tablet brick potato llama
Llama llama
Mushroom llama
Llama llama duck

I was once a tree house
I lived in a cake
But I never saw the way
The orange slayed the rake
I was only three years dead
But it told a tale
And now listen little child
To the safety rail

Did you ever
See a llama
Kiss a llama on the llama
Llama's llama
Tastes of llama
Llama llama duck

Half a llama
Twice the llama
Not a llama farmer llama
Llama in a
Car alarm a
Llama llama duck

Is that how it's told now?
Is it all so old?
Is it made of lemon juice?
Doorknob, ankle, cold.
Now my song is getting thin,
I've run out of luck.
Time for me to retire now,
And become a duck.
YAY! The Llama Song!!!!! Make sure when you watch this that you are very tired. Only then can it be fully appreciated. Oh, and say the name of the guy that made it out loud three times- Burton Earny.

Forward the Llama Empire!
Burton Earny: my next to favorite Sesame Street character(s) after Animal.
...who deleted my dot dot dot post!!!


never saw the movie, just read the song, dial ups sloooow

dont delete

I Now that's stupid!!!
Yes, I feel like deleting.
but you didnt?
i thought u would deletie it and then delte every other random post that ive ever made

but then i woulndt have 100 posts would i?
If we deleted all of Elrose's random posts, we would also have to delete Virumor's sarcastic posts, and my not so funny wisecracks, and then our bandwidth wouldn't take such a bite out of Grep's paycheck. Good and Evil Smilie
I So if you have something stupid to say, this is the place to say it. Elk Grinning Smilie
but i say stupid stuff in so many threads...
that might take ghetting used to
I shall now have to ponder this...I can say something stupid...but, what?!?!
I will have to think on this...
I don't think you actaully know when you say something stupid!! Elk Grinning Smilie
Why don't you come over to the Khazad-Dumish Inn? I'll show you stupid. Very Big Grin Smilie
I think i already have a room booked there! Elk Grinning Smilie
Yes and you had better be decorating chairs over there!!!! Big Laugh Smilie