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Thread: Zodiac in Tolkien???

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Um, i was wondering, is there a Zodiac sign or Year of the Rat in any of Tolkien's work, he made up Months for Shirefolk to use and various other things for dates, but is there anything similar to what is symbolized in the world today in Tolkien's Worlds???
I haven't found anything, has anyone else?
Tolkien used the stars in the ME sky to explain the seasons and the passage of time. But he did not use anything like the Zodiac--though I am unsure of your exact meaning here.
Yeah, the closest thing I know of is Telumehtars (Orions) swordbelt being supposed to turn red to signal the Great Wrack. Or ’lfwine/Eriol being "born under the Mariners Star, " Earendil (Venus.) In the deterministic sense, I don't think the Zodiac fit Tolkiens world view. But I hardly know everything (this is the part where Virumir shows up to expose me as a blowhard. ;-p)
Gandalf-Olorin: i was just wondering if anyone had found anything that is similar to say 'Chinese New Year' or something else of the sort. eg, Frodo was born in the year of the..... or Bilbo is a Virgo or something.

I had a thought that there might have been something in Arda that years were represented by, like Frodo was born in the year of Elendil or Isildur.
I think if that was the case, Tolkien would have included something about "in the Year of ..." or "under the sign of ..." in Appendix D of LotR, which he quite strongly failed to do. Teacher Smilie