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Now that school is over,me and my parents are planning to go on holiday to Allonisos a greek island with beautiful golden beaches and great cousine with.Has any of you been to Greece? where will you go on holiday this year?
Hi Smile Smilie Ive been there 5 years ago .Platanias Smile Smilie Nice little town near Chania on the coast line .This year our trip goes to Denmark for a week .We have rented a flat just beside the beach Smile Smilie Have a nice holiday Cool Smilie
In Germany right now! Oh it's a lovely place to be, with the World Cup and everything. But even without the World Cup it is beautiful. It might not be as pretty as Greece, but it's very peaceful and green when you get to the suburbs.

I'm glad you're both enjoying the summer. Mellie, Denmark? Wow, lots of water there, from what pictures I've seen, or maybe that was just one city. Still, I hear it's an enchanting place. Tell us if it's true.
Hey , Mellon have you tried the famous Greek salad and mousaka?They are both delicious!
Hey both of you Smile Smilie Denmark is a very flat country and yeah there are lots of water at the lovely beaches ..and it can be very windy ..for us norwegien its a very cheap country to visit .The food and drinks are cheaper than back home , even shoppingSmile Smilie Ive had greek salad and Mousakka.I love the vegetables there .specially the tomatoes.Really tasty Smile SmilieYou are not far from Demnark now Clover just hours away Smile Smilie
I wish I could go to new zealand,Norway and England!What is your dream vacation and were? by the way, i love your avatar Mellon!
That kind of out of subject but i want to share it with allpt members!My brother got married and i'm going to be an anty in a couple of months!!!!Hurray!!!
CONGRATULATIONS Pary SmilieThanks NinerlSmile Smilie I would also LOVE to visit New Zealand mostly maybe because of the movies ..I love Great Britain , but I ve only been in England ..Ive always wanted to go to Irland and Scottland also because Im so fond of history...And ROME Woaw What country !! Full of monuments and historic places ..And Egypt ..the pyramides I could go on and on....
I'd love to see the pyramids too,discover the ancient mystical secrets the hide...I would also like to go surfing to Bahamas stay at an expencive hotel, lying at the beach gazing at the horison!!great isn't it? oh, i adore history too!!!
Cool Elf Smilie I loved southern Spain, but I'm not partial to southern California; probably because there are no Roman or Moorish ruins in the latter. I've only spent a half-hour in Ireland which was green and I've only had lunch in Germany which was too warm, the weather, not the food. I caught cold in Scotland in July where I only saw the sun once during my week there. I'd go back to Spain, if I could still travel comfortably.
I went to Zimbabwe, before it became dangerous. Flew over the Victoria Falls in a little 6 person plane - it was awe-inspiring! And their game reserves are pretty awesome too and the Great Zimbabwe Ruins. I also enjoyed Namibia - the ghost town in Kolmanskop is really cool, it used to be a small but thriving diamond mining village untill the diamonds ran out and the sand dunes took over. There's also a spectacular look-out place in South Africa called "God's window", amoung other things.

I'd love to travel through Europe some time, I've never been there, but I've got family in North Hampton and Belfast.

And, of course, I want to go to New Zealand. I didn't realise how beautiful it was until I saw the movies.
I forgot this thread ..Prague is the most beautiful city I've ever visited so far.Spectacular old buildings and Castle.The streets were so clean and the bridges were so nice with lots of statues, Krakow is very nice too ,I know some call it Little Prague.
I went on my first - yes my first - proper holiday last year to Florida. Had a wonderful time staying with friends in the house they bought and doing the usual things - disney land, animal kingdom etc...etc....

I'm taking the plunge and going to book a Nile cruise for next year for just hubby and me - well I never had a honeymoon this time or last time!!!!!!! Wink Smilie . Anyone been to Egypt, any advice???

Anyone been to Egypt, any advice???
Not been there, but I've heard one should not eat any of the sand west of the Nile nor tease the crocodile. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie Bet I need to learn to - as the song says.....'Walk like an Egyptian' Wiggle Smilie

Well Egypt was WONDERFUL.....going to Turkey this Oct and next year I'm going to California.  My daughter Kirsty is getting married and going to live there (boo hoo).  I'm fine with that it's just that I'm going to miss her she's my baby.....

I can relate, Maydmarion. My daughter has been working in China for the past 5 years. Last year, she married a young man from Egypt. At the moment, she is living with me as she is expecting their first child and she did not want the baby to be born in China or Egypt. I am not sure where they will settle...... where the work is, I suppose. Sad Smilie

Oh wow you guys been all over the world.

I have travelled extensively within India(my own country)  and have not yet been abroad.When I was really young we went to maldives and I don't remember a thing.

Someday I would like to visit Egypt as I'm obsessed  with Egyptology and new Zealand for the movie thing and and maybe try out some Bunjee jumping in South africa.