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Well, I saw me a good scary horror flick, at long last! In fact, it's the film that started this whole thread- Dog Soldiers. Now, I went in very skeptical. The first I heard of this movie was back in the summer when it was aired on TV on the Sci Fi channel. I didn't actually watch it because, most of the time, Sci Fi only shows really really bad low budget, direct to video stuff. Little did I know, this film was a semi-major theatrical release in Britain. Why it was given such poor treatment here in the US, I'll never know.

The only bad thing is that I downloaded it and it was one of those "Videotaped in a movie theater" jobs. The quality wasn't so bad I couldn't enjoy it... But it left a lot to be desired. I checked it out and the DVD is available now so I'll have to see if I can find it to buy.

Good werewolf movies are in desparately short supply. I can say with confidence that Dog Soldiers is easily the best in the genre since the original The Howling. In fact, I would rank DS above The Howling in a heartbeat.

Besides the good old lycanthropes themselves, this flick has something else desperately lacking in recent American horror films: SUSPENSE! I was actually scared!!! Can you believe it? When was the last time you saw a movie that actually made you cringe and jump? I can't even say.

So, basically what I'm saying is, from now on, lets let the Brits make the horror movies! Smile Smilie

I was going to d/l Cannibal Holocaust on your recomendation, but I looked around on the net for a little more info about it and, I have to say, I chickened out. I think, after watching Dog Soldiers, I've seen enough intestines for a while. Plus, the term "disturbing" was used by some people that seemed to think Dawn of the Dead was a downright lighthearted romp... I think I'll pass for now Big Laugh Smilie

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Well, I wasn't going to bother going to see that, but gore you say? Okay, you got me, I'm off to the pictures again...
Okay, I would like to review the movie "Patch Adams". I know its old, but if it is not on TV where you are, get it on video. It was the second time I had seen it, but I had forgotten how good it was! Balled my eyes out all over again, especially the murder bit.

Strange though, in one of the early scenes, there is a man committed to an asylum because he imagines he is under almost constant attack from squirrels. Patch assures him that squirrels are cute and friendly and nothing to be afraid of, but for some reason I kept thinking of Plastic.... (j/k) Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Would also like to rave about my two most favourite films.

Finding Forrester - a real inspiration to writers. I recommend it to the whole Guild! Or just go to see it for Sean Connery.

The Green Mile - (with Tom Hanks) My number one favourite movie.
Got to agree with you, Allyssa, about the Green Mile. I saw it for the first time last week. Not quite what I expected, but all the better for not being.
Who'd have thought Tom Hanks would have become such a great actor after his "geekish" roles during the eighties (I'm not saying they weren't good; just not great)
Films I really liked are:

The English patient
Le pact des loups (the English title was Brotherhood of the Wolf) A french movie, but very good! Did anyone see this one?
Seen The English Patient. Cried my eyes out.

Haven't seen the other one though
But the English Patient was terrible, and dull, and complete arse. The only good bit being that bit where she bangs her head on the scaffold for no apparent reason, laughed my bits off at that.
The English Patient is definately a chick-flick. We girls do so love a romance!

I still prefer movies of the "Good Will Hunting" and "Finding Forrester" genre to romance though.
The Englsh Patient left me cool, totally cool.
But I liked a lot an earlier film of S. Zaentz (yes it was him who produced the English Patient), if I remember well, its title was "Playing in the fields of the Lord". I have seen it on TV some two months ago and I was drawn in with a force which astonished me. It was late in the night and still I could not stop to look at it, I simply had to know what happened to al these people!
I recorded it and since I have seen it twice or thrice already. It's definitely one of my favourite films!
Last movie I went to see was "Spiderman". Not bad, not great. Maybe I will have to see it again to appreciate it. It seemed so long, yet it was only 2 hours.
Don't tell me a d*mn thing about it til next friday cos it doesn't open here til then *fingers in ears* LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALAA
I went to see Spiderman yesterday, and as a lifelong obssessive Spiderfan, I can quite honestly say I loved it. It flew by and didn't seem long at all.
It has the best special effects I've seen in a long time (thank you John Dykstra, still a genius) with the real TObey Maguire seamlessly joining with his CGI counterpart (unlike a certain Mr Potter, who turned into a character from a 16-bit Atari ST game at one point)
The plot takes 3 or 4 classic comic plots and sticks them together, the Goblin story is followed so faithfully that I knew exactly what was gonna happen (which was unfortunate really) but the origin story was messed about with enough to bring it more up to date, and personally, I'd say any spiderfan would be more than happy with the genetically altered spider rather than the old radioactive one. Originally I wasn't happy with these changes, but having had a night and a morning to reflect on it, I did love it.
There could have been more changes made in the Goblin plot, so there could be a surprise ending, that would have been nice, but I suppose the ratio of obssessive spiderfans to normal movie lovers is stacked in favour of most not knowing what will happen.
To be honest, I prefferred it to AOTC and FOTR in most respects, but then I've been into spidey a lot longer than either of the others. The much scandalised change in the green goblin's outfit, was pretty neccessary, as using the old outfit, would have looked really dumb on Willem Dafoe, I stand by all Sam Raimi's alterations, and salute the man for finally bringing a comic book to the big screen without f***ing it up completely, as so many have done before.
Last movie I went to see was Monsters Inc. (don't laugh) I liked it actually. Pretty good. Well, not too bad. Ok, it's just a kid's movie, but it was all right.

Never liked the English Patient. Loved the Gladiator though. And The Man in the Iron Mask is top of my list forever! Big Smile Smilie Good Will Hunting was great too. Anyone see "Good Morning Vietnam"? Great film! Or "What dreams may come"? Love 'em...
Good Morning Vietnam was one of Robin William's finest. Big Smile Smilie
I know!!! Someone who agrees with me!! Yikes! Big Smile Smilie
Thanks, Plastic, I just needed to see Spidy again to appreciate it. You are right, it is well done. I thought Spiderman created the web making thingies in his suit according to the comic books. Then again, I haven't read a Spiderman comic for quite a few years.
BTW, did you see Jack Black's spoof on the MTV Movie Awards? Funny stuff!
Very Big Grin Smilie
Yeah, in the comics Spidey did make his own web-shooters, but I like the change for the movie, after all the 70s TV spidey looked daft with his huge webshooters on his wrists.
And no, I haven't seen Jack Black's spoof, don't have MTV you see...
and Good Morning Vietnam is a great movie (love Robin Williams)
I loved "What Dreams May Come"...such a great movie...

Also, watched the very old, black and white "Wuthering Heights" the other day. Laurence Olivier...some other names that I recognized but now can't remember at all. Really good, except for they screwed with the plot a whole lot - actually, only half the book got into the movie, which was sort of obnoxious. And the characters weren't as defined as in the book - Cathy wasn't a psycho, Heathcliff wasn't a jerk. Ah well...good anyhow.
Chika, there's a newer version of Wuthering Heights with Ralph Fiennes which sticks to the plot properly and doesn't end half way through. It is really good (high praise indeed coming from me, it's one of my favorite books). You should try that.
oh cool...will try and find it (my video store's crap...probably won't have it...)
I tried to struggle myself through WH the book last year, but didn't make it through. Thought it was Boring Smilie, sorry.
Then you weren't concentrating hard enough Tommy.
you ought to give it another's really a wonderful book...

also, watched 'The Breakfast Club' in gym class the other day (we were meant to learn something about conflict resolution) and I realized I forgot how much I liked it. Completely cheesy (love that 80's music - haha) but cheesy in a good sort of way. The teacher announced we were watching it, and this big football player guy literally jumps out of his seat and starts yelling, "Oh my god I love that movie so much!" It was the most excited I've ever seen anyone be over a movie...Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Yeah, Wuthering Heights is a brilliant book. You ought to try it again Tommy.

Ralph Fiennes eh? I'll try to find it then.

Breakfast Club? Great! Big Smile Smilie God, I haven't seen it since the '80s. It was with Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson & other Brat packers, right? That's not my favourite Brat Pack movie though, I preferred 'St Elmo's Fire'. That was shot in DC (Georgetown I think), near where my husband lived. I just saw it again recently and it seems a bit pretentious to me now, but back then I was mad about it.
God I hate all those old brat pack movies. My sister used to make me watch them when I was a kid, and I hated them then, then nearly every bird I've ever been out with has made me watch them again, telling me they're not as bad as I first thought. THEY WERE ALL WRONG!
I agree, Tommy, that you should give Wuthering Heights another go. It is an amazing book. Of course, it probably didn't hurt that I had a brilliant English teacher when I studied it in school. I will have to check for the newer version of the film. Not likely that any video store around here would have it so I will likely have to purchase it off the Internet.
Well most of them were a bit lame Plastic, but there were a couple of nice ones. Besides, you could have just said no to your girlfriends!

Besides, you could have just said no to your girlfriends!

But then they'd maybe have said "No" to Plastic later on.Wink Smilie
saw the Bourne Identity last night...confusing...mostly all I got from it was some stuff blew up, and I don't really know why. Definitely didn't get it...not actually sure if there was even something to get in the first place - haha.
Chikakat, you should see the original 1988 movie 'The Bourne Identity' which starred Richard Chamberlain and Jaclyn Smith. I didn't have any trouble following its plot. Smile Smilie

Of course back in the good-old-days, they weren't selling movies using only action and special effects. And also weren't making them for an audience whose attention span was limited to thirty seconds, resulting in that being the maximum length of each movie scene now-a-days. (Can you hear the curmudgeon oozing through to the surface here?) Big Smile Smilie
Besides, you could have just said no to your girlfriends!

But I'm just a girl who can't say no! (the source of many of my troubles)
But I'm just a girl who can't say no! (the source of many of my troubles)

A girl, Plastic? Very Big Grin Smilie

You're never going to believe this one: I went to the movies with some friends on Friday, and we wanted to go and see Spiderman (cos of Plastic's good influence even I wanted to see it Animated Wink Smilie ). Guess what: it wasn't out here yet. Not until the 26th. Shocked Smilie So we went to see Unfaithful instead. Lame substitute. Boring Smilie

BOOO! You can't get to see it yet? It sucked enough knowing that all them americans had seen it a month before I could, but you poor Belgians, you have my upmost sympathy.
btw, "I'm just a girl who can't say no" is a quote from something or another, and is funnier than changing it to be truer. 'kay?
Fine with me. Tongue Smilie

No, it's out now. But now I don't have time to go and see it! Boohoo!! Very Sad Smilie
I think a few of you will be upset at me for bringing up Disney, but in any case, I just saw "Lilo and Stich" and it's definitely the cutest movie in the world ever. Wink Smilie
is le pact de loups, gnampie, the movie where there was a huge dog in mail, where the asian kungfu guy got killed and the whore was actually an agent? well... if yes to the above.. i liked it too!

Yes, that's the one, but it wasn't a dog (neither a wolf (=loup)). Really mysterious movie if you ask me. I liked it a lot.


sense and sensibility, elizabeth, and shakespeare in love

You must be a woman if you liked sense and sensibility 'cause I never met a guy who liked it Big Smile Smilie
I loved that movie, so moving, so much passion!

Chika, I love Disney movies too. But I like the movies with only animals (like the lion king, bambi, aristocats) better than the movies with people (like aladin or atlantis). I didn't plan to see Lilo and Stich, but maybe what you said could change my mind.
What's wrong with Disney films? I (like gnampie apparently) love the films with just animals in it. Did anyone of you see Monsters Inc? I did... It's great! Laughed my head off! Big Smile Smilie I don't think Lilo And Stitch is my kinda movie though. I loved Lion King and Robin Hood and esp. Jungle Book. And there's this other one I have on video, but I only know the Dutch title (De Speurneuzen). Gnampie, you don't happen to know the English title, do you? Big Smile Smilie
Tommy, first I though you meant that movie with the two mice Bernard & Bianca, but that is 'The Rescuers'. I think you mean the one with that detective mouse Basil. The English title is 'The Great Mouse Detective'.
How about Dumbo, Lady and the tramp and The fox and the hound.

Dumbo is my absolutely favourite Disney! There are a lot of important postBodys in this one.

Did any of you ever noticed how different children see these movies compared with adults. Some years ago I went with my mother to a disney movie. We were too late for the English version so had to watch the dutch one. Before the movie started they played a short cartoon. It was about the little ugly duck that is abandoned by everyone and in the end becomes a swan. The theatre was filled with little children. When the little duck was treated bad by the others, all the children were laughing very hard. Only almost at the end they started to feel sorry for the little duck. I was amazed they realized this so late.
Anyway, I think a good cartoon should have a story line for the little kids and in the mean time, also have a deeper story line for adults. I can find this much more in the older Disney movies than in the new ones. But I am getting too much carried away here. Sorry about that. Ignore Smilie

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Uncle Walt knew about this two postBody theme, Gnampie; the Corporate Megalith hasn't a clue, and thus they continue to make one-dimensional boilerplate reproductions of their last hit.
That's a thought Grondy. I used to watch the old Disney movies when I was a kid, and they were good (Sleeping Beauty - loved the witch), Robin Hood, Bambi etc, but the more recent ones are really awful.

What was the last Disney movie that old Walt was involved in?
I think you mean the one with that detective mouse Basil. The English title is 'The Great Mouse Detective'.

Ah! Thanks, gnampie, that's the one.

I used to watch the old Disney movies when I was a kid, and they were good (Sleeping Beauty - loved the witch), Robin Hood, Bambi etc, but the more recent ones are really awful. What was the last Disney movie that old Walt was involved in?

I'm totally with you here, Golly. But I wouldn't know what that last film was.

I just remembered: Fantasia, the Disney film with the classical music things, is fantastic too. The old one, I mean, I didn't see the new one. Big Smile Smilie
Which old one.? The original came out at about the time of my birth, another came out when I was a teenager, and the last came out when I became an old codger. Big Smile Smilie
I think I'm going through my second childhood, I'm starting to watch kid's movies again. I rented Dr. Doolittle 2 yesterday. It was freaking hilarious. I love bears! Big Smile Smilie

There was a nice animated movie out in the '80s called Secret of NIMH, about some intelligent rats with a couple of mice thrown in. Nice one. Don't think it's by Disney. Princess Mononoke (sp?) was great too. But the best Disney movie has to be Sleeping Beauty...the nasty witch (does anyone remember her name?) was amazing. I saw it when I was 5, and decided that being evil was awesome! Too bad she died though.

I never saw The Great Mouse it good?
ooh NIMH...was a good book - I didn't know they made a movie it...I want to see it now!

I loved Sleeping Beauty..."I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream..." *sigh* The witch's name is Maleficent (what a great evil name... Smile Smilie )
Hey! I remember The Secret of Nimh! I loved that movie when I was a kid! Does anyone remember The Dark Crystal? At least I think that's what is was was so long ago!
And The Neverending Story what a great flick! Come to think of it, maybe there is some originality in fantasy films. How about the Fifth Element? That was another great sci-fi/fantasy film. A lot of people have called it a Star Wars ripoff but I don't agree at all. It's very original in some respects. And what little plot Final Fantasy had was pretty original as well. But the LotR 'trilogy' still stands to be the greatest fantasy film ever, IMHO. Big Smile Smilie
There was a nice animated movie out in the '80s called Secret of NIMH, about some intelligent rats with a couple of mice thrown in. Nice one. Don't think it's by Disney.

I love that one !!!! I have it on video tape somewhere. Must see it again sometime.
I also loved 'Watership Down'. I always get tears in my eyes when seeing that one.
Which old one.? The original came out at about the time of my birth, another came out when I was a teenager, and the last came out when I became an old codger.

Really? I have the 1940 version on tape. It came out again in 1991, that's why I have it. Big Smile Smilie

I never saw The Great Mouse it good?

Well, I loved it. Big Smile Smilie I saw again last week and laughed my head off. Smoke Smilie
Fantasia 2000 was very beautiful and done with Roy Disney in charge of the project, so it has Walts Spirit definitely alive. The last feature "the Phoenix" is so beautiful I can't watch it without crying.

I loved Spiderman. I wish they would make more like that. Of course I'm an old Marvel fan and am delighted with the recent efforts. I don't know what they'll do with the Hulk though... never liked him.
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