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hi all!

i am just starting out to teach myself Sindarin (i am goin to learn from the .PDF called Pedin Edhellen cant remember the site off hand, but a quick google search should sort it out for you)
anyway, i was wondering if theres anyone who would like to learn alongside me, maybe do one chapter per week, then discuss as we go, and maybe if there is someone online who already CAN speak/write sindarin, they could ask question and what not.

what do you all think?
hey that's rockin. i'm trying to learn (note trying haha) Quenya, but it is SO HARD!!! so is Sindarin the kind you speak or write? my brain blanked out on that part. Juggling Smilie WOW that's amazing! oh, and i'd be willing to learn with you! sweet.
Ah, you mean Parma Tyelpelassiva, Thorsten's site? Anyway, I'm glad other linguistic-minded people are showing up on Planet-Tolkien; I was feeling a bit bored here. If you have any questions on Sindarin or Quenya I'd be glad to help, and if there's a question about the course I can try to help (or I could ask Thorsten if it's a technical matter).
ok then how about as of next week (i say next week, so that maybe we can get more people in on this) we begin with sindarin (as that is the 'living vanacular' of elves in the 3rd age of ME) and we'll begin with chapter one?

the course i use came from ~

and is entitled Pedin Edhellin (about a half way down the page)

i also use the quite simply fantastic (IMO) Hisweloke "dragon flame" online dictionary, found here ~

its pretty self explanatary to install, so shouldnt cause too many problems

Big Smile Smilie

oh and Tyrhael

we would be honoured to have you as our dojo (yoda?)

im sure youl be gettin many a message regarding I-affection and mutation Big Smile Smilie
I have Pedin Edhellen; I use Parma Tyelpelassiva extensively and know its author, Thorsten. As for DragonFlame, I use it, but recently I've taken to the online Sindarin dictionary; it's much more updated, with new words and stuff taken from the latest publications; see this link. And feel free to ask me about Quenya or Sindarin.
right so are we goin to gte this thing started??

we should begin with lesson 1 and let people join as and when they want,

lesson 1 is "personal pronouns and Genitive", shouldn't cause too many problems!

maybe we should discuss as we go along then maybe Tyrhael (or someone else) can devise some original test based on what we have learned and the vocab at the end of each lesson

also can someone BUMP this topic, see if we can get some interest Big Smile Smilie


I downloaded the english verion obviously, but when I open it, it's just gibberish like this:


anyway to help me out.......
umm i dont know much about comps...

maybe another could give assistance????

or maybe its "zipped">?
Big Smile Smilie

also try goin here, seem to be a great pronunciation guide with sound clip examples

I found this great site, it is extremely simple, all on how to learn Sindarin, you have "classes" which are the actual lessons in it, and you have a quiz after nearly every third class, there's no need to download anything, it's all in webpages:

Just a thought, which one are we actually using.......

edit: If you look on links at the bottom of the khallandra website, you'll see Planet-Tolkien, I didn't realise it Orc Smiling Smilie Maybe we should use that website to start the linguistic group, only so show common courtesy of course Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Some of the "suggestions" on Khallandra's page, like using the noun _hain_ for a verb suffix, using -en as a suffix "my", having one way of forming the past tense (as opposed to four) I would not agree with. All in all it seemed to be a rewording of Ardalambion, but with less accuracy or clarity.
I did forget to mention that she had used Ardalambion with what she written, it says so in the Index. I only suggested it as there is no download required, and everyone who can see a webpage can view it. I cannot read the one that you recommend, as I said so in a previous post, but choose what you like, just get the thread going........
(1) Did you unzip the file, and (2) Do you have a program for viewing PDF files, like Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader?
Yes I have, to both of those things, but doesn't matter, I shall find my own way of learning what I can of it Orc Smiling Smilie but thanks for the help...
i had trouble unzipping the .gz file... do you think someone could send me the pdf???