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Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hurrah!

Well done Cloveress! All hats up and hands splashing for you!

Happy graduation and wealthy, happy and long life ahead!

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I'm graduating from high school this June and I shall be going off to Johns Hopkins for my undergrad studies!
Now share my joy, dear PT friends!
-your very hyper pixie friend
(by Cloveress, posted as Journal)
our favorite fairy <3 congratulations Big Smile Smilie
Congratulations! Cloveress Elf Winking Smilie .......all the Best for your Studies...... Read Smilie
Jumping Flame Smilie Hot Darn! Well done Cloveress.
Thank you all!
I feel like the happiest girl on earth!

Now you all know my real age....
Now you all know my real age....

Happy Elf Smilie Seventeen until Wednesday 08 April when you will be eighteen. Wish Cloveress a happy birthday in The Party Tree.

I miss you little girl, but I just know that you are keeping things interesting and exciting where you are. Just don't forget us, come when you can.

Strange thing... how easily we get attached to people who share our own dreams and visions, even if we do not have slightest idea of how they look, what they really are. How easy it is to enter someone's life as if just to take a look and then boom, that someone may stay with you longer than you can imagine.

I say this mostly because of our fair Lady LeeLee here! It is always pleasure to read your posts. They are always full of warmth and somehow dramatic, somewhat sad, yet hope remains. Thank you for being around!

Well Ammornil, that just made me cry. How very kind. I know what you mean though, it is truly a strange and mystical thing, to become attached to someone as you say you know nothing physical of to say. It shows how the heart seeks out certain things it cherishes and clings to them when they can be found

I remember, and I don't even know how this happened, but the first time I saw Loss, I was happily amazed, for he looked pretty much as I thought he would. And Grondy, and I was unbelievably shocked when I saw Thorin Oakenshield, I thought he was in his thirties and he was so so much younger! Ah the wildness of the imagination. And that little Cloveress, I still see her as a sort of waif like creature with dark hair and blue eyes and riding in a sort of flowery other world version of a barbie car

I think the beauty of PT is that we get to see the people through their posts and thus their thoughts which is in my opinion a much better judge of character as we are not influenced by physical appearance. It is my belief that PT brings out the best of us. We may not physically know each other but we really are a tight family and can easily identify each other through our posts. Everyone has a unique style which makes their contribution to the site invaluable.


PS Amornil: I had the pleasure to talk to Leelee and see her and she is a really sweet person! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie