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hi ppl !!! anyways am just feeling my all. so how's ever1 doing? meeh? still the same.. i still like to lurk and argue occasionally. naruto, twilight and trueblood are my likes for now.

SO... i've prolly been here in pt since 2005... i miss my "batchmates" so to speak. so if you're still out "there and back again" JUST RAISE YOUR HAND...type something

Thumbs Up Smilie

Hi Tuesday, welcome back.
I'm back again; I sort of come and go Smile Smilie Tuesday, I'm afraid I don't remember you as I joined in sometime in 2007 (I think..)..
hi grondy tnx

hello sian wb. hope u get to frequent pt more often in 2009. i think i waS HERE for only a few months in 2005. Big Laugh Smilie scared a few people so i had to go. anyway hope your batchmates still here or r here once again.