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I was wondering the other day What is the main reason for you to live? In other words, what makes you "get up" and "tick"?

Please Note:
This thread is not directly related to Tolkien's works. It concerns philosophy of one's life and must not be judged, discussed or anyway commented. My idea is more like "poll", where each voter is free to choose his/hers own option.
Rules of PT must not be broken! Please do not put any religious, political, racial or any discriminative or forbidden by the Common rules of the forums posts.
People, dear to me, are my "perpetuum mobile". I am trying to do all possible to make their lives better. I believe, that if each one of us makes good for those around, world and life will be better.
My wife and 3 boys.
Cody's 13 and my stepson, a typical teenager(it's 10.30am and he's still asleep)
Connagh is my oldest, he's 2.8 yrs old and a constant source of amazement for me.(we have a few worries at the moment though, we think he may have Aspergers syndrome, he's currently going through tests)
And my youngest is Shea 3.5 months, his life at the moment pretty much revolves around mummy and boobie.
Siran and I got married a couple months ago.
So that's all the reason I need to get up and earn bacon, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
My reason to live is to log on to PT and see what kind of crazy stuff ammornil has posted. Smile Smilie
My reason to live: It surely beats the alternative!

I count each day I wake up a winner. Happy Elf Smilie
Hands down, the Trinity and my love for and relatiohsip with God. I view walking with God as a journey fraught with peril, lonliness, being mocked and belittled, walking alone and facing a million orcs and few elves or good dwarves or good men along the way.
That is why I deeply respect and love JRR Tolkien's works. He said once in his letter to someone that being a Christian, indeed a Catholic he viewed life as one long series of defeats with only the occasional victory to give you hope or something like that. And he portrayed it magnificently in LOTR.
"Faith is the last castle of mind, when all reasons fail. The last ground that makes the difference between human and monster." (me, "Of what mind can't understand or accept", 1999)

I was 18 when I wrote this in an essay. LeeLee's post reminded me of how faith and religion were a major force to lead my life for some time. And to be honest- it was not that bad.
I think deep inside faith is my reason too, but most days I think I am made by Timex - I just keep on ticking..

I'd like to give back to my parents what they have been giving to me.

They renounced to 80% of their life to let me always do what I wanted to do, with no limitations.

That is my primary goal.

I feel like Frodo after casting the Ring into the chasm: I always see my Sam telling me "don't let go".

No limitations is amazing. I like the love you have for your parents Laura.

In all honesty, what keeps me going the most is simply wanting to know what's next...

I have way too many plans to contemplate giving up on life(though been tempted a lot)..writing a lot of poems,cracking more sums,watching my cousins and family and friends laugh and love and grow,bunjee jump,fall in love(someday),meet my favorite singers,travel,scuba-dive and so much more.I'm always hopeful

I love what Grondy said.

My reason for living is that in this brief lifespan of mine, I am able to catch a glimpse of, and to understand but a little of this Universe, this planet of ours, and the vast knowledge and potential of mankind.

And Grondy's reason too. Big Smile Smilie