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Silly me, I created a thread, and even forgot to write the content. ^^

Anyway, I had a tonsil surgery today, and now it feels a bit dry, and I cannot really spit that much, not now at least. So, I'm now recovering from it, and I'll be off from school for over a week at least. They wrote a recovering holiday of fourteen days at the hospital, and well, now I just have to rest a lot, and then I can go back to school, and more importantly, when two weeks has passed, I can finally sing and play drums again, so, there's some light at the end of this tunnel. But now, to creation of this thread - I've been a fan of Dark Cloud for a very long time, it's a RPG-game which was one of the first RPG-games that were released on PS2, and I've played it since it was released in february, 2002. It's a legendary game, and just two weeks ago, I bought myself an european version of it (mine was just a copy, and I lost it), and today I finished it, and now I want to write something to honor Dark Cloud and one of my favorite soundtracks of that game, 'Departure'.

I recommend you to listen to that song, and try to figure out how I wrote this short lyric, 'cause it's based on that song, and on some of the events of Dark Cloud.

Toan, The Hero of Nolun Village


'Wake up, and open you eyes..'

What you now see, is real, but do not lose your heart

'cause you're the only one.. who can save this world

and it's people, and all of the kingdoms..

even birds, trees and flowers are calling for your help


It's a great burden to carry on

but in the end, all of your worries will be gone

You're the one, who'll restore the kingdoms of this world..


It's a great burden to carry on

but in the end, you'll see the one you loved

'Take this stone, and save the people of this world.. Toan, now it is your turn.'


'It is your turn, and even if we cannot use the powers of that ancient urn

we'll still defeat him, and banish him from the surface of our world.'


Our world..

Our world..

This is our world..

And we won't ever give it to hands of anyone.


And as long as there's hope

we've to carry on

'cause in the end, that boy will change the past

Toan is his name, and he's the hero from Nolun Village..


Written by. Otto 'Oerath' Timonen


So, if you've played the game, you know what I'm talking about, but still, it should tell something.

Listen to this song, Dark Cloud - Departure, it is a song that you don't want to miss.

- Oerath.

take care of yourself dear Oerath. Get plenty of sleep and liquids as you can.

Those words are very interesting, A lot to think about.

It's quite funny, everytime when I think about liquids and say it a loud, I feel immediate need for strong alcoholics. Big Smile Smilie - Maybe I've to do something about it, though this month has been dry enough for me. I haven't drank any alcoholics for over three weeks, and I'll keep that line throughout this recovering time. And when it's finally over, I'll go and celebrate it with my best friends, and well, I shouldn't say this, but I'll probably drink without any limits, like I use to do at times.

Also, it's good to see you, Leelee, I've also been wondering that where Odette could be. I haven't seen her around for a very long time, and it's starting to bother me. But, thanks for your words, and yeah, it was a short and basic lyric, but it felt good to write it. Like many other people, when I write lyrics to songs, which I'm planning to sing or anything like that, I put that song on repeat and try to figure out best possible lines throughout the whole song. Smile Smilie

But now, I'll go off and to sleep.