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Welcome, FoolOfaTook. I love your nick. I hope you enjoy you visits to PT. If you look in the Help thread you will find information for Newbies to help you navigate your way around. Please join us in the Chatroom sometime too.
Welcome to our forum FoolOfaTook. Smile Smilie I wish I would have thought of using your nickname, it is great. Big Laugh Smilie
Hi there Fool! Very Big Grin Smilie No, kidding. I tend to shorten long nicks, but I better not do that with yours I guess... Big Laugh Smilie

Great nick (honestly), and I hope you enjoy the hospitality (hmmm) of Planet-Tolkien. Hope to meet you in the chat sometime! Big Smile Smilie
Hi Amy. Enjoy the site.
Welcome FoolOfaTook Smile Smilie
Greetings, FoolofaTook. And welcome Big Smile Smilie
Hiya FoolOfa Took! Welcome! Big Smile Smilie
Hi there, Pippin. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy your time here.
Ah! I see Val's found the right way to shorten that nick! Big Laugh Smilie
Welcome to our lovely site. I hope you enjoy your stay here and keeping coming back.

Hiya FoolOfaTook, welcome to Planet Tolkien. Big Smile Smilie
What, another newbie? Oh no, I see now, sorry... Very Big Grin Smilie Been saying hi to zillions of new members in this thread. Big Laugh Smilie
Heyy! Cool Smilie

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Newbie greets newbie? Big Laugh Smilie