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Thread: Yes! I finally made it!:D

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Nice to meet you Celebrian and welcome Smoke Smilie
How ya doin Celebrian! Welcome! I hope you like it here. Big Smile Smilie
Hi Celebrian. Welcome to our site. Hope you enjoy yourself here, and find our chatroom better than wherever you found yourself before.
Welcome Celebrian. Smile Smilie
Hi Celebrian! Welcome to Planet Tolkien. Big Smile Smilie
Hiya Cel. Glad to see you made it. Big Smile Smilie
thanx guys Wink Smilie I have a good feeling about this, I`m really gonna like it here Elf Winking Smilie
Hello Celebrain,
Nice to see you found your way from the other place to us. We have talked in chat and I am glad you made it to the forums. There are lots of great people here and lots of things to read. Have fun. I am looking forward to seeing more of your posts and talking to you more in chat.
Aww..thanks Melliot Wink Smilie
You are very welcome.
WOW! Loads of new members who noticed I was absent and took their chance! Tongue Smilie

Hello there, Celebrian! Welcome to PT, I'd say, enjoy the show and I hope to see you around here again soon. Big Smile Smilie