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Well let me be the first to welcome you to PT. Have a wonderful time here, join the many different guilds, and chat and we are looking forward to meeting you and getting to know more about you.

Welcome to the boards. Wink Smilie
Welcome Orimono Elf Smilie
Hi Orimono
find here as much pleasure as I found!
Thanks Everyone I Surely Will! Wink Smilie

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Saesa omentien lle Orimono_Shujin!

Sut naa lle umien sina re? Hope you`ll enjoy your stay here, I know I will! Tongue Smilie

Tenna’ ento lye omenta,namaari’! Elf Winking Smilie
Welcome to PT Orimono. Hope you enjoy your time here.
Don't forget about the chat room.
Where Is The Chat Room??? Dead Smilie

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Welcome to the forum, Orimono Shujin. Smile Smilie

I'd tell you how to get to the chat link but your previous post says you have found it.
yes, Orimono_Shujin found the chat room.
And Guess Who I Found In There... Mellie! Wink Smilie

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lol of course. heheehhehehee
who else? Smoke Smilie

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I am there most of the time.
hello hello.. ah.. the chat room.. You might find me in there as well.. usually amusing myself with barli! Big Laugh Smilie
Barli is not there today Gimli.
Shocked Smilie
Shocked Smilie
Shocked Smilie
Shocked Smilie
Shocked Smilie
Shocked Smilie
Shocked Smilie
Shocked Smilie

Hi there, Orimono! It's me, jolly old (well, relatively young actually) Tom. *wavie*
Hope to meet you in the chat sometime, and meanwhile enjoy the site! Cool Smilie
I Love Being Welcomed!!! Big Smile Smilie
So do I! Isn't it wonderful to see people care about you, and that they missed you while you were gone? *sniff* Cool Smilie
Welcome to PT Orimono_Shujin. Now that I am back, I hope to meet up with you in the chatroom too. Big Smile Smilie
Well This Is A Welcoming Party! I Almost Feel Like A Hobbit Agian! Big Smile Smilie
I keep telling the Newbie, that the people on PT are great. So nice and friendly. The longer you are around the more fun it gets.
*Sigh* Home Sweet Home... Smoke Smilie
That is the best description of this place Orimono.
Home Sweet Home...
Oh yeah. Feels even better when you're away all week and come in again in the weekends. Slike coming home...

Thank you Taz!! Big Smile Smilie