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[img] [/img] I've seen screenshots of the game for PS2.It does look good though i aint quite sure what type of game it is.
I think it's a third person perspective sort of adventure game.I'm not sure if there's any roleplay involved or not.
Does anybody when it's due for release?

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Welcome to our forum Wizrdzmagik13. Smile Smilie Welcome back under the new improved nick, Saruman. Big Smile Smilie

Look for recent articles on the status of these games on our main page.

Yer I thought we had posted a few articles on it, I know the PS2 and PC games have been mentioned. I'm hoping the PC version of the LotR will be released for Christmas Merry Christmas Smilie but no dates mentioned yet Sad Smilie
I do wish that they would spead more time on the Two Towers, the Cave Troll loked kind of crummy Very Sad Smilie
Excuse me on my quick spelling Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Frankly,I think it will suc*.