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I don't know how to pronounce the runic alphabet. I use the following website when I have need to translate the written word, but you sound as though you are far beyond that stage in your learning. Smile Smilie
What do you think of this Grondmaster, after you mentioned that site I thought it might be a good idea if PT has it's own alphabet section, please let me know your opinion on what I have done so far.
Help has arrived!
The futhark is old norse and is pronounced just like Quenya! Good luck! Animated Wink Smilie
It is great Taz. Cool Smilie You may wish to add the last six (dipthongs I think they are called) listed on the URL that I posted above.

Ok well I have put it up on the navigation bar under "J.R.R. Tolkien" anyway. I will add more of the different languages later this evening. I would be grateful for people to let me know if they like this new section or not? Especially you Grondmaster and if it is as useful as the other mentioned. Orc Smiling Smilie
Done I think... Big Smile Smilie Please let me know... And if anything else you would like added.
For pronunciations, see ROTK Appendix E.

For a more simplified version, see the 'Note on Pronunciation' in The Silmarillion, which can be found between the geneological charts and the 'Index of Names' near the back of the book.

Doubt if this will help with the rune names though; however, one never knows, because the Dwarves borrowed the letters from the Elves, so maybe they also used the Elven names for them. Cool Elf Smilie
Thank you guys so much! Taz, that link is wonderful! Unfortunately, Amarie, I do not really know how to pronounce Quenya...
This alphabet is really cool, Taz! Great job. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Wow, I love the Alphebet link you made Taz, it is great.

PT just keeps getting better and better. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Thanks!!! A nice little addition to PT me thinks Happy Elf Smilie
I agree, that is a nice addition to this site
A big thumbs up on the runes, Taz.

I am embarking on a self-imposed study of the Elder Futhark, the set of runes used in Scandanavia.
I've got a set of stone runes of this type, Samwisegamgee. I don't really know how to pronounce them, but I occasionally use them to help me make decisions when I'm unsure on a course of action to take. Most people will scoff at such soothesaying etc, but in the past I have found them to be uncannyly accurate with what they had predicted.
Serching Smilie
I've got a set of stone runes of this type, Samwisegamgee. ... I occasionally use them to help me make decisions when I'm unsure on a course of action to take. Most people will scoff at such soothsaying etc, but in the past I have found them to be uncannily accurate with what they had predicted.
Now the question is, was this fate or merely self-fulfilling prophesy? Wary Smilie Big Smile Smilie
They actually work, Grondy....

Now Val suddenly seems like a crank...

The reason they work is because the book that comes with them has about two pages of text for each stone. Much of it is gobblygook unless it actually applies to you, but if it does apply, you suddenly sit up and pay attention. Deep down you generally know your course of action anyway, but need a bit of reassurance. When you see your situation in print, even though its buried in meaninless gobblygook, it does the trick. The nice thing about this book and the runes, is that everything is positive. It always looks on the bright side, even if only to say what you are going through is character building etc.

Saying that, however, it has come up with some uncanny descriptions of things that have later come to pass (it once described my current job as being something wonderful, but said everythng I had done previously was like a path leading up a hill to a gateway at the top. It said once I passed through that door and took the plunge, I would totally change and never be able to go back to my old life, but I would always be able to look back through the door and draw strength from my memories. When I became a fishery officer my life did radically change. I went from being a long-haired hippy fisherman to a "straight" law enforcement type person. I changed town, found new friends and a totally new life. I still look back on my old days though, and still see my old friends. I can even look back and tell my workmates what sort of tricks I used to get away with when I was on the other side of the fence.)

Funny enough the runes were something that appealed to the hippy side of me, and that was the last time I actually used them. They are still well cared for though, like old friends, rather than stuffed in the bottom of some dusty cupboard.
My runes work for me too sometimes and it is sort of strange. What is the title of your book, Val, because from your description we might have the same book.
The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum.
It's a really nice book with pages that feel like vellum, and smell as though they're a hundred years old.
Nope, definately not the same book. But I will have to look into it.
very cool, I do much prefer the Dwarf Runes Big Laugh Smilie