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So, everyone just wants to eat my new puppy? I will just have to protect her from PT. lol Btw. We finally named her. No'L instead of Noelle.

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A good move CrystalBolger! Dogs should not be discriminated! Wink Smilie
thank u, Eryan! Wink Smilie
Cat Smilie Cat Smilie Cat Smilie
Cat Smilie Dog Smilie Cat Smilie
Cat Smilie Cat Smilie Cat Smilie
MIAOU! Smoke Smilie Cool Smilie
I agree, I have several cats, as you noticed in the other thread, but I also have 2 dogs.
Jett is my lillte boy and is part dachshund and part beagle. Nala is my big girl, she is part chow and part lab. She stays outside most of the time, unless it is raining. She hates rain. They are both wonderful and sweet and get along with the cats most of the time.
When Nala was a bit smaller she and Dew Drop would play tag. (Dew is one of my stupid cats.) My neighbours would come over to the fence and just watch these two play. It was really kinda funny. You see those shows where people are standing around a fence chit-chatting while their kids play in the back yard. Well this was kinda like that, except we were watching animals play. Robbie could not join in becaue the cat was even bigger that he was at the time. lol

Nala now likes to play with my 15 month old kitten, named Patches. It is still funny to watch this big dog and this little kitten chase each other around the coffee table. Patches is not allowed outside, even though she wants to go out. Neither Nala nor Jett will let her. When she tries, they chase her back inside.

Jett is a little chicken, he is scared of the cats. When he is sitting next to me and a cat jumps on my lap, he runs away. I think the cats must be mean to him, when we are not watching. He will tolerate 4 of them, but only one at a time. If more than one go near him he hides. The 4 he likes are Dew (the Dumb one ), Patches (the kitten) Schmoo and Lucky. (These last 2 are my oldest cats) He hates the other 6, so he just avoids them, and they avoid him.

I am lucky, because you never see all of my cats at the same time. Most people only think I have 2 or 3, because they all look so much alike, and they are never together.
/me has dog.
/me thinks everyone here already knows enough about Rambo as /me goes on about him enough
/me will shut up now.
I like Hot Dogs, particularly with ketchup and onions.
I don't have room for a dog, but I kinda have a share in my parent's dog, Comet. Comet is a golden Labrador with all the traits usually attributed to his breed amplified to the extreme.

Even at 6 years old, he still behaves like a puppy. He loves to eat, and is quite fat, although he has been on a diet recently. He now only has one double chin instead of three. He loves walks, but is so strong that he has to wear a halter-leash. Without it, the walker would soon be flapping in the breeze behind him like a kite.

Comet tollerates my parent's cat, but seems quite dismayed when Casey (the cat) gets into his bed and won't get out. Stands there and barks until one of his humans removes the offending feline for him.

He is also petrified of fireworks, and highly offended by thunder. It is really pitiful to see a full grown lab try to get on his owner's lap.

Someone once suggested that Comet could be a guide dog. Not likely!
I miss my dad said the dog moped for a week after I left...I hope she remembers me when I come home again... Sad Smilie
im sure she'll remember u! dogs have very good memories.
my dog is still sleepin in my lil bro's room. we take turns lettin him sleep in our beds w/ us. he's my lil baby! Big Smile Smilie
I like Hot Dogs, particularly with ketchup and onions.

Heh! Way to go Val!

Dogs smell! *hides* Animated Wink Smilie

Cat Smilie Cat Smilie Cat Smilie Cat Smilie Cat Smilie

No, ok. I kinda like dogs, but only the bigger ones. I don't trust that little stuff somehow. At least you can rely on big dogs, you know what you got on them. With smaller dogs, you never know. They can let you tickle their tummy one moment, and bite your fingers off the next. So Angry Smilie
Well I have been looking for this thread all day!!!!!!!!! I am glad I finally found it. Yesterday, we got another dog. She is 9 weeks old, a dachshund/chihuahua mix. We named her yesterday but, Robbie and I have decided to change it today. So we are not real sure yet. Like i need another pet. Anyhow, my hubby is more of a push over than I am. He picked her out, and made me go in the store to approve. Of course when I saw her, I could not resist.

The pet store we got her from was doing an adoption thing from a local no kill shelter, and she had been rescued. Matthew felt sorry for the little thing, and decided that Jett needed a play mate.

Jett has sever seperation anxioty and freaks out when ever we leave the house. He was negleted a lot before we got him, and has never forgotten it. Whom ever said dogs have good memories, was speaking the truth. We can not even go to the grocery store with coming home and finding that he has gotten into the laundry and grabbed an article of clothing from each of us and cuddling it. He does not chew it up or mess it up in any way. It is just like a security blanket for him. We thought a dachshund mix might help. Nala is really to big for him to play with her and he is afraid of the cats, so we thought this little girl might help situations, as long as he does not get jealous of her. So, far it is working. He seems to like her. Only time will tell for sure thought.

Well, I just had to let everyone know that we have a new addition to our family of ......ever how many we are now. lol
I like Hot Dogs, particularly with ketchup and onions.

and mustard...don't forget the mustard *drools* dogs....
No, no... Has to be the works- ketchup, mustard, onions and relish with sour cream and onion potato chips (or crisps, depending on where you are) on the side. Oooo...
/me 's tummy growls...
Very funny, I reckon Swampy will like that name...
Actually, that is where i got the name, swampfaye's site. I thought it was a beautiful name and was going to change it to Noel, since we got her so close to Christmas. Matthew came up with the spelling
Okay, we need sympathy here. Rambo fell down the stairs this morning, and has mashed his leg up. Nothings broken, but his leg keeps going from under him, so I have to keep helping him up and down the stairs all the time (no joke, he's a big dog) until he gets his leggy confidence back. Plus he has to go downstairs to do, well you know, and he doesn't want to (man does it smell here!) so we need a bit of sympathy please?
My sympathies to both you and Rambo then, Plastic. Until he gets better, you'll have to train him to lift the seat. Smile Smilie
Ahhhh, poor Rambo. (Poor Plastic, too).
Get well soon, Rambo. Big Smile Smilie
I have 1 cat but I also have 1 dog and am thinking of getting another one and I don't like one of them more than I like the other (so as not to discriminate, as many have pointed out).
At my house, we have three dogs. One is part chow and part golden retriever. She's pretty big, and she's pretty old, about 12 or so. She's black, but we named her Goldie, don't ask, we were little. We kept one of her puppies once, she's named Shadow. She's also black, but a little smaller and around 1-2 years old. I can't remember. We also have a spitz of some type. She's white and named Ice-Cream, again don't ask. She has serious self-esteem issues, I think it's cause Goldie's so domineering. Goldie is like the alpha female in our backyard.
No, no... Has to be the works- ketchup, mustard, onions and relish with sour cream and onion potato chips (or crisps, depending on where you are) on the side. Oooo...
/me 's tummy growls...

True, true...but they also go great with a Jacket Potato and Salsa! Very Evil Smilie
Most popular christmas gifts for dogs: santa suit, santa hat, bowl, bed, doggie stocking, frizby set.

So what are you guys getting your dogs for christmas? (aside from the dinner left overs, that is) Wink Smilie
Got him the coolest thing in the world (and gave it to him early yesterday, as he's so poorly) it's called a funky gibbon, and its a green and pink monkey with ropey arms (like them tugger things). I liked it, but he hasn't gone near it. Mind you, he's on superstrength painkillers from the vet now, so he's out for the count. Maybe he'll like it when he comes round.
Ohhh, Plastic, I am so sorry to hear that Rambo is hurt. I hope heals soon. How our you holing up? Are you tired of carryiing him up and down the stairs, yet? If we lived closer, I would come clean your house for you so, it wouldn't smell so bad. (Actually, I would have Jennie do it, since I am to suppose to be doing that stuff anymore.)

Jen and I make a great team, she does the hard stuff and I do the easy things. lol. Give Rambo extra hugs from us here at PT. We are thinking about him.
Thanks Melly. He's just decided to stay downstairs in the kitchen now (it's the only downstairs room I have) and whimper now and then. But he enjoyed the weekend at my gfs cos she has a real house with a downstairs and everything, where he isn't so left out. Didn't want to come home, the big girly doggy...
We have been to the vets though (nearly broke his front paw trying to get him out of the car) and got painkillers to help him a bit, and we have to go back on friday, apparently they can't examine him when he's in this much pain, so he has to have a weeks worth of pills inside him. Yikes!
Very Sad Smilie Poor puppy Puppy Smilie and poorer Plastic. Sad Smilie Probably cost you a pretty penny keeping Rambo in pain pills. Shaking Head Smilie Might make for many months of missed movies. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Well, you'll be pleased to know that he's back to his old doddery self, and can get up and down the stairs again. So he gets to come to Mother's with me tommorrow for Christmas, hooray!
Though I', probably gonna have to see a lot less movies you're right, not missing Nemesis for anything though, not even my Dog.
I would like a dog, but have no place to keep one.... I babysat a puppy for one of my friends once (poor thing, it was living in a laundry basket in a townhouse for most of its life, and when I let it out into the side yard (don't have a back yard) it demolished heaps of mum's garden (mum wasn't happy) so I don't think that I'll be having one any time soon...) I used to have a pet chicken.... it got attacked by a dog because the enclosure wasn't shut properly... Sad Smilie I'm not blaming the dog - it was designed for hunting and my chicken just happened to be there Sad Smilie

But I still like dogs.. my piano teacher's got a huge black one - no idea what type it is, but he's really sweet Wink Smilie
Plastic, I am glad Rambo is better, and he gets to go to your mum's house with you. Have fun tomorrow.

Do NOT miss Nemesis it is excellent!!! I got to see it opening night!

Gilvala, I hope you can eventually get a dog. They are wonderful companions to have. They can be so loving, and it is so nice watching them become not just dogs, but memebers of your family. If your mom won't let you get a puppy, (they are a lot of work) then see about rescuing one from a shelter that is full grown. They are not usually as much work and love having someone take GOOD care of them, that they usually become the best pets. But if you do that, make sure you find out as much about the poor things background as possible.

That is how we got our Jett, and he is sooo sweet.
Good to hear Rambo's better, Plastic, he seems to get into quite a bit of trouble!

I have one dog who I left to live with my parents, a 10 year old German Shepherd name of MacKenzie, Mac for short Smile Smilie He got some chewy things from the vets that should help his teeth for Christmas....

Smiling Santa Smilie
Might as well tell you what I have. I have got a two year old yellow lab named Olive, she is a really great dog, there is one strange thing about her though, when she is happy...she smiles. I am serious, her mouth is closed but her lips go up in this happy little grin, quite strange. Big Smile Smilie
Does anybody have any experience with dobermans? My boyfriend and i wants to buy one when we get enough time and room to raise him/her.
My siters dad has experiance with Dobermans, one used to attack him every night as he used to walk home from work. One day when he was walking home he saw it running at him so he turned round to face it and kicked right in the mouth. Unfortunatly he's a carpenter so he was wearing steel toe capped boots and killed it.
My grandad when he was a postman Koshed a German Sheppard as well, he didn't kill that though he just stunned it!
I however have never killed or stuned a dog. I havent even killed a fly in six years(though I'm not a vegitarian).
My neighbours have always had doberman dogs. If raised as a family pet, they are wonderful. These dogs did not cause any problems around their children or mine. Dobermen get a bad reputation because people often raise them as guard dogs which makes them too aggressive for most. I think, much like German Shepherds, they are more predictable than pit bulls.
Get a sheep much friendlier and you can get both wool and milk out of them. just give a dogs name like Rocky and say it's an Hebbridian wool hound!
The first dog I remember having was a Doberman named Baron. He was a very friendly dog, not the least bit threatening other than in looks.

The most ferocious dog I've ever seen happened to be a Chow Chow that belonged to my cousin. The animal became so vicous they had to shoot him. I didn't personally approve of that method but, then again, he wasn't chained up in my back yard either. I still blame my cousin though, because the dog never would have ended up that way if he hadn't been neglected.

I'm not so sure Pit Bulls are innately vicous dogs because I've known some that were simply pussycats. There are other breeds that are far more apt to become mean.

There's the infamous Tosa Inu which, I hear, are the dog of choice if one wants to take a Pit Bull apart in a fighting ring.

And then the irredeemable Perro de Presa Canario, or Canary Dog, which made national news here in the States a while back when a pair of them (a wealthy neighbors "pets") ripped a grown womans throat out. Apparently, this sort of behavior is bred into them and is innate in all specimens... something that cannot be said about Pit Bulls.
I agree, friend's got a pit bull and it's the sweetest dog ever...

The craziest dog I ever met was half basset hound, half rottweiler...cuddly and lazy one second, the meanest thing you ever met the next. Paranoid Smilie
Dear Ross
As my boyfriend is planning to take over his grandfathers little sheepfarm, we'll have lots of sheep right out side our frontdoor and I can name yhem whatever I want. And the ram makes such a good guard-dog we won't need our doberman to do that job. Our dobie will be a nice family doggie. Big Smile Smilie
You could get some geese to help with the guard ram duties.
I spent some time looking at Norwegian sites with dobie pics. They are so cute! Especially since it is forbidden to cut the tale and ears here. They don't look as 'scary' with hanging ears which I guess is why they are cut. (Don't know the english word). But dogs are suppose to have tails! Don't you agree?
Docked is the word and hell yeh, I'm against all forms of cruelty!
Ross, your comment about your cousins Chow, is true. It had to be because your cousin negleted the poor thing. I have a Chow, and she is the sweetest thing in the world. Granted my chow is part lab, and not a full blood, but still. The meanest dog I ever met was a full blood Lhasa Apsa. (I think that is how you spell it.) She would be just as sweet as can be and bite you in a second. We got her when she was 3 or 4 years old, and she had been really mistreated. She never really trusted anyone except my mom. One time, a friend of mine came over, Lady came bouncing up to her, wagging her tail and all excited to see Kelly. Kelly reached down to pet her and Lady nearly took her hand off. It was not deep enough for stitches, but it did leave a scar. Lady was also a great jumper. We had a wooden door and a glass storm door. We would leave the wooden one open most of the time to let in the sunlight. Lady loved to sleep in pools of sunlight in the afternoon. When someone would come to the door. she would go from laying down and then attack the person through the door. She would hit the door at their face on the other side. It did not matter how tall or short a person was. She at one point jumped to about 6'7" from a laying down position, with NO running. She was viscious.

I'm against all forms of cruelty!

But your not against drawing and quartering Peter Jackson? Interesting set of priorities you've got there, Ross. Good and Evil Smilie

Ross, your comment about your cousins Chow...

That was me, BTW, Mellie Good Morning Smilie Wink Smilie

When I was younger my aunt and unckle had a chow named Oscar. We used to say: Oscar? Do.. you.. want.. (tail wagging) a slice of bread.... (more wagging) with... livepaste? And he exploded in happiness and ran around himselfe and barked in pure joy 'cause he knew he would get his favorite snack. Such a cute dog. Smile Smilie

I've been told that my cat used to tease him. She'd sit at the end of the road leading up to their house juuuust out of reach of the leash, and Oscar would come running at full speed and... well, you get the picture. Poor doggie. But they actually got along fine. Anothe unckle had a dog named Minnie, she was terrified of the cat hardly even bothered to look at her. Big Laugh Smilie Ahh.. the memories..
But your not against drawing and quartering Peter Jackson? Interesting set of priorities you've got there, Ross

Ah, you see thats because he's abit of excrement on the bottom of my shoe! Very Evil Smilie Very Mad Smilie
Oh, Prog, I am sooo sorry. Will you ever forgive me. You are correct of course it was you. I am soooooooo embarrassed.

No big deal Mell, don't worry 'bout it. Wink Smilie
My sister and I each have a German Shepard; her's is 5yrs old and is named Storm and mine is 3yrs old and her name is Zoey. I think they are the most beautiful dogs in the world (I also like Huskies - anything that looks wolf-like really). I just have to look at my dog and her tail starts thumping on the ground, she's sooo sweet.
They can 'look' very ferocious though and are excellent gaurd dogs, but they're actually real sissies. Wolf Smilie
since we got our puppy, one of my other dogs, Jett, has started getting on top of the couch like the cats do, to get away from No'l The top cushion where you put your head. he is so big and takes up half the top, the cats get mad and then the fights start
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