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i heard 'The hitch-hiker's guide to the galaxy' or something or other by someone or other was good, except i can't remember the name...and have been meaning to check that book out for a while now.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a five volume trillogy written by the late Douglas Adams. It is hilarious Sci-Fi, while Terry Pratchett's Diskworld series is hilarious fantasy.
Thanks all
Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series is Quite good.
Terry Pratchet's Discworld series is brilliant and a new one has just come out wahey!
Yeah Discworld is great! It's absolutely hilarious! Big Laugh Smilie

And I don't know if anybody has mentioned them, but from what I've heard, the books from a certain JRR Tolkien must be very good too. Tongue Smilie
Robert Jordan's saga comes to mind. Also, and with a twist, try reading any Star Wars New Republic books. Specially the ones of the New Jedi Order.
I'll be sure to check that out. By the way, how do you put a custom Avatar?
Hi Awedan, Welcome! I think theres a thread somewhere else on the site talking about this. possibly in one of the taverns.
For now I can recommend the Gormenghast trilogy. Dark and very very funny! Its very well written but be prepared! The final book is not as good as the first 2. Fortunately the first 2 can be read alone. The third is probably best left Orc Grinning Smilie
Hi Awedan,
Welcome to PT. All the information you need can be found under Website Talk/Help/ Information for Newbies Thread. In answer to your question, you can have a custom avatar when you reach the rank of Friend. Ranks are achieved by the number of posts you make in the forum. You will reach the rank of Friend after 50 posts. In the meantime, you can choose an avatar by going into your account and change information. Taz has given us several to choose from.
You will also find a thread in the taverns on good books to read.
I hope you enjoy your stay with us. There is lots to explore. Take time to come into the chatroom to meet some of us.

good fantasy books, eh?
i always like Ursula LeGuin and Kurt Vonnegut- but i guess they are more Sci-fi than fantasy. but the line between the two genres have become rather blurred, hasn't it?

ooh Arthur C Clarke is great, especially 'The City and the Stars' or something...
if you are looking for more 'trashy-second-hand-book-store' type sci fi, i suppose Anne McCaffrey is good, but really for extremely light reading- when you don't want to use those little gray cells at all.
i heard 'The hitch-hiker's guide to the galaxy' or something or other by someone or other was good, except i can't remember the name...and have been meaning to check that book out for a while now.
oh and Terry Pratchett seems to be awfully popuplar too. hths!
forgot to add David Eddings- same category as Anne McCaffrey...
i used to be hooked on his books- finished two 'sagas' from his collection- that would be like 10 books, plus other little 'biography' type stuff of each character...ah, good ol' days...
but that was about 3 years ago, and i would like to put that part of my life behind me now, and move on with my new found fascination for D. H. Lawrence. Smoke Smilie
Welcome Awedan, nice to have you with us.

Fantasy books? Hmmm. C.S.Lewis,Stephen Lawhead,David Eddings, and Robert Jordan, I have enjoyed all of these.
have 2 agree w/ Azadhel! SW books rock! ne of em, but i luv the Young Jedi Knight series and Rogue Squadron series
Peter Beagle(he's a bit strange,but he wrote good things about Tolkien-in fact,he was obsessed with ME like us,but in a decent measure)...
Welcome, Awedan! I hope you're enjoying yourself. As to your question, I would recommend Phillip Pulman. He has a trilogy called 'His Dark Materials' which drifts on the line of childrens and adult books. It is sort of science-fictiony, but very good, and contains many interesting ideas regarding Church vs. Science.
RA Salvatore (try his Crimson Shadow Series)

Forgotten Realms has some really great postAuthorIDs right now....

Brooks Shannara books, I'd start with First King, then Sword of...
If you like Tolkien, try printing off some of our own stories from the Fan Writings sections on the left. If you are a fan of Legolas, I particularly recommend the stories by Chathol-linn.

Failing that I recommend Katherine Kerr's Deverry series.
I've been reading through David Eddings' books, and I am really enjoying them. They don't have the depth that LOTR has but they are pretty good.
I've been reading through David Eddings' books
I read the Belgariad and the Mallorian series and the first Sparhawk series, but after a while I found his style becoming very tiring. The Belgariad was an excellant series, and I loved the quest, the history and the characters. The Mallorian was good also, but I found the quest was just too long. Eddings seems to take you every step of the journey, and to be honest, by the end I felt tired. When I was treated to the same with the Sparhawk series, I just couldn't bear to walk another step with him.

His characters are good too. You get very much into the ones within the party, but I found it annoying how he stereotyped the different races so much... they just become extensions of the representative races within the party. I just got annoyed at him telling you so often how all Arends were stupid, and how shrewd all Drasnians were, sensible Sendarins, drunken barbarian Chereks, greedy Tolnedrans, slimy Nyissans etc.

The old wizard Belgarath is excellant... ultra powerful but down to earth and amusing. How he put up with his daughter Polgara's moaning for so long though, I cannot imagine. She is so prissy, she makes my teeth grate.
Yeah some of them do tend to run on. Polgara got on your nerves too? Big Smile Smilie
I would recommend J.R.R. Tolkien, he's a great postAuthorID and can meet all your fantasy needsElf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Terry Pratchett seems to be awfully popuplar too
Errrrr... I don't think so *hate hate hate evil man*
Pratchett is fab!
Um...Who's Terry Pratchett? And who's right? Is he good or bad?
The best selling living fantasy postAuthorID. He wrote the diskworld series and also the truckers series which was shown on childrens tv about eight years ago.
He is most deffinatley good Discworld is a parrody of earth were people are actually portrayed as being stupid or corrupt. They are a extremely funny series of books.

Terry Pratchet's Discworld series is brilliant and a new one has just come out wahey!

I've had it a month, read it about 3 times now, it's great. Listen not to the Tolkien-obssessed-bias-of-Taz. Nice bloke, terrible taste in funny books Wink Smilie
I am with Taz, I cannott find anything really funny in Pratchett's stories!
Eryan. I think you and I must be some of those few people with a taste for the higher brew of humour. There isn't many and in a thread like this we should show compassion to those book worms who are forced to find the works of PRATchet funny Wink Smilie
No it's just that pratchett looks at life so closely it comes out the other side. I think every body knowsd some one like Nobby and Colon!
I saw on that the new Robert Jordan book is coming out on Jan.7 How is it that he can keep writing 1000 page books? I think that 'The Wheel of Time' needs to start coming to an end! Big Smile Smilie
Hear hear! Nicely put Ayslhyn, exactly what I've been trying to say all along, but haven't quite managed to put it quite that well myself. Well said.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a five volume trillogy

Here Grondy shouldn't that be Saga.
Afraid not, in it's own blurb, the HHGTG describes itself as the "increasingly inaccurately named Htchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy". An idea nicked to great effect by Robert Rankin in his Brentford Trilogy (now 5 books, and described in one of them as an octology, so there's a hint)
Hear hear (again) I don't read fantasy as a rule, just Tolkien and Pratchett mainly (unless you count LeGuin, Rankin and Tom Holt as fantasy, which I don't) cos it's all much of a muchness and full of boring elves and dwarves and goblins (not even the good sort) so I agree with you completely again. And must now go find some Gene Wolfe. What book wo9uld you reccommend as a starter Ayslhyn?
Yes please tell as I'm in need of a new bus to read on our crumbling and inefficent public transport(I nearlly wrote pubic transport then just immagine, I catch the number ten Mirkin to manchester)
Heh. Coming to a LotR Forum and ashing for Fantasy books. Tssk, Tssk, Tssk...

Anyway, Robert Jordan's "Wheel Of Time" Saga comes first to mind. Excellent Stuff! Think of it as Action, Adventure, Betrayel, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Mosters, Ect. All Crammed Into A Series. One thing (For me at least) that sets this series apart from others is it's excellent battle scenes! Best I have ever seen done in ANY book. Yes... Maybe Even LotR. Very detailed And very exciting The Wheel Of Time Is An Excellent Choice!

The first book is titled "The Eye Of The World". Look For It. Smoke Smilie
Pratchett Rules!!! Orc Grinning Smilie
Anyway, Robert Jordan's "Wheel Of Time" Saga comes first to mind.

When I started this series, Jordan couldn't write them fast enough for me. I thought there would only be 7 books (don't know where I go that idea) and now he is up to #10, not to mention a prequel series. I have only read up to #5 and have been buying the rest for my retirement for I fear it will be at least that long before I have time to read them. Orimono_Shujin, you may also like to pick up 'The world of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time'. It has great maps and artwork, not to mention, peoples, creatures and history, etc.

I have to say still like Tolkien better. I have never had the desire to read any of Jordan's books a 2nd time but I have read Tolkien's LOTR many times.
Big Smile Smilie
Pratchett Rules!!!
No Tolkien Rules!!! Pratchett is just an hilarious read. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Right on Grondmaster! No one is equal to Tolkien!

I just finished reading The Thousand Orcs today,has anyone else read it and what did you think?
I will also echo Grondmaster's word: No Tolkien Rules!!!

I have just started to read The Thousand Orcs and probably won't get it finished until after Christmas due to my hectic lifestyle this time of year. Merry Christmas Smilie I have never read anything by Salvatore before so I won't be able to compare with any of his other works.
Anyway, I will post in the tavern under just what are you reading now (or whatever it is called) thread my review of the book, Stonehelm, and we can compare notes. Read Smilie
Ok Rednell.

This was my first Salvatore book also! Big Smile Smilie
One of these days I am going to take some of these suggestions and the ones on the other book thread. But for now, I am re-reading the Sil, doing both tolkien classes here, and readin the Lost Tales 1. The suggestions sound really good though. Oh, I think my next tolkien book is going to be Roverdom or however you spell it. That and Lays of Beleriand. I am trying to get through the HoME series.
Yeah Pratchett is really cool, i just love that satirical sense of humour. My favourite characters are Death (I think it's really funny that he's so naive) and The Luggage.
I also like Anne McCaffrey's dragon books.

Tolkien is The Master - just thought i should add that. Big Smile Smilie
Read everything you like but stay away from Marion Bradley. Yuk! Awful! Shaking Head Smilie

*Indeed, Tolkien rules*
try the Alvin Journeyman series by Orson Scott Card
I will also recommend the Wheel of Time series.
I have never had the desire to read any of Jordan's books a 2nd time

I have!
any of Gail Carson Levine books,Stephen Lawhead's, or Brian Jacques'. depends on what you like.
just thought i'd put a bit of a slant to the fantasy thing, Try Steven Kings dark tower series, Peirs Anthony's Incantations of Imortality series, Orson scott Cards Tales of Alvin Maker and David Gemmel's Jon Shannow series, none are the traditional swords and dragons type of Fantasy, all, bar the possable exception of the DT books, it's hard to say with them cause SK keeps you guessing, are set here on earth in various centuries. David Gemmel's is paticulary interesting as he combines Greek myth with Armogedion(sorry, think thats spelt wrong).
Well, besides the obvious...Tolkien...I have come to fancy Sara Douglas' work ( Wayferer Redemption, Enchanter, and Starman...more coming soon...), Kate Elliot ( King of Dragons, Prince of Dogs, The Burning Stone, Child of Flame...more coming), Holly Lisle' trilogy ( Diplomacy of Wolves, Vengeance of Dragons, and Courage of Flacons), and recently Elizabeth Haydon ( Rhapsody, Prophecy, Destiny, and Requiem for the Sun...and I believe more is coming!). Hopefully my novel will become a fan favorite Elf Winking Smilie
Has anybody else here read a book called Elric at the End of Time? Or a book by Nancy Springer called The Silver Sun? Or am I just the sort of person who ends up reading fantasy novels nobody else does?
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