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Sorry to hear about your gandmas house Mellie, I'm glad they didn't do more damage then they did..

You might notice me getting quiet for a while. I have my exams now and I need to study other things than PT.. and after that there is no school 'till January. We haven't got internet in our flat, but at Christmas I'll be at my parents house and then I'll be sure to pop in and wish you all a merry Christmas. Christmas Smilie

In Norway we open our gifts on the evening of Christmas eve, and we put our presents under the tree after we decorate it little Christmas eve. So I get to open my presents befor most of you do, but I also have to look at them and wonder which ones are mine longer. Big Laugh Smilie

I'll miss you all, and I promise to be back early in January. Wink Smilie
Very Sad Smilie Why is everyone going? Animated Wink Smilie Everyone: have fun, and come back soon!

Looking forward to Christmas! We're gonna celebrate it the traditional way this year: the whole family gathered on Christmas eve with the presents and stuff. Normally we kept the presents for New Year's eve, because then everyone could be present, and not on Christmas eve, but not this year! Soo looking forward to it, and in a nice Christmas mood already! Merry Christmas Smilie Christmas Smilie Making Out Smilie
Sorry to hear about that Mellie, the thing is you do anything to them you the one who is the wrong even though there comiting the crime. It really sucks!
Put some super glue on some cheese and leave it in the fridge. If they come back and eat it they will suffer from light Cyanide poisoning the wont come back again.

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Sorry to hear that Mellie. When my Granny died, her house got broken into over twenty times in the following years, and the place got so smashed up it became derelict. Hope you get things sorted out and you are able to get back to us as soon as possible.

Rather than the place being stood empty, have you considered renting it out to a family, or even just a room as a bedsit. Once people begin using the place as a squat, it will very quickly deteriate.
Well, I hope you return soon that way we can all listen to your very interestig points of view. I hope that you return with a lighter heart and happier thoughts
What a shame! Return soon, Mellie, we will miss you!
Very Sad Smilie Sorry that had to happen, Mellie. We will miss you, and hope you will soon be able to return to the fold. Smile Smilie
Sorry to hear about this Melly. Hope you get things sorted, and I'd consider Val's advice if I were you. Hope to be speaking with you again soon, in happy times..
Terribly sorry about this, Mellie... Hope you get things sorted out soon, and return to us when all is done. I'll miss you! Very Sad Smilie
Sorry to hear about that Melliot, it is sad when someone dies. Be well and come back soon!
I'm sorry Mellie...come back soon, we'll miss you terribly!
Whatever will we do without you Mellie? Hope things sort themselves out. Keep well and come back soon!
Poor Mellie.. Sad SmilieSad Smilie Hope they catch the people that were in there... Good luck, see you when you get back.. wont be quite the same here with out you...
Come back,come back..... Sad Smilie Waving Hello Smilie
To Mordor we will take you.....

(sorry, really couldn't resist that one)
Thank you my wonderful friends for your well wishes. I really do appreciate everything. We got back Sunday evening, but I was toooooooo tired to get online. We got to my grandmother's house Friday afternoon, the police escorted us through the house. It was really sad. They had stolen so much stuff. but not really broken much. I was very shocked. In fact one room was very very neat. Last time we had been there, we had taken Mama's bed apart so that my cousin could have the frame. The mattress was in one room and the boxsprings in another. The people that were staying in her house they had put the boxsprings and mattress back together put sheets on them and even set up a table in the room that had an ashtray, that my grandmother had made on it.

We found out that it was a gang called the CRIP. They left a couple of notes in that room. One was on the wall that said "Welcome to the party." in blue crayon. The other was on the bed. "No F***ING on this bed" It was also in blue crayon. The only things they broke looked like accidents. Like it fell off of a shelf or table or something. There is no telling how much stuff they stole. They did take the TV's Thursday night

They did not come back while we were there. We think they saw us and knew we had the police watching the house.

We were able to get everything out of the house while we were there, and the back door was fixed too. I just hope that they don't decide to come in and burn it down now. We were very lucky, It could have been a lot worse.
Good to see you back, Mellie. I'm pleased the house had not been damaged too much, but if I were you I would not leave it empty again if you can help it. It's amazing how quickly things can deteriate once the vandals and thieves move in.
you are right. We should not leave the house empty. I would love to live in it. Even though it is kinda small, and needs some work. I love that house. It is really nice. The only problem is Matthew doesn't want to. The area does not have a lot of job opportunites in computers. If he can get a job where he travels alot, then it won't matter as much. It would be nice to buy the house next to it and expand it a bit. I really want the house on one side. It used to belong to my grandparents best friends, and when my gradfather died, Ed became my grandfather to me. I used to crawl between the two houses and go visit Ed and Alley. Both houses hold so many wonderful memories for me. Unfortunately, someone just moved in to that house. I would have more of a chance to buy the one on the other side. If we did I would just have it torn down, so that we could have the land and room to build on to the Mama's house.

My mom and sister would also like to move in to Mama's house. So I am hoping it won't stay empty for long.
Yes, great to see you again 42. Drop by for a chat sometime Big Smile Smilie
And to get back to the original subject line. I'm away for the next week or so cos I'm off work for a week and going to stay with my gf. So I'll see you all in December, have a good week.
Cheers Plastic! I'm sure you will come back, cos you always do and there's just no way of getting rid of you, is there? Animated Wink Smilie You know I'm kidding of course. I will miss you around, pal, so don't stay away too long!

Good to have you back Mellie, and pleased to hear everything turned out not too bad after all. Big Smile Smilie
Were sure you wont work to hard plastic!
Heh, of course not, I'll be off work, I intend to do nothing (except go and see the new Bond film which I've been too busy to see this week) and generally ignore the whole world. Hoorah! See you next week folks.
The Crips would be a gang.. originating from Los Angeles area... They use blue as their color.. hence the blue crayon.. They are very violent here. Into most everything really.. Their rival are Bloods, who's color is red...

I have some very close friends whose grandmother still lives in Inglewood.. Thats in LA... aparently her neighborhood is crip territory.. we didnt realize it, and were wearing Texas A&M hats outside one day.. Red colored.... A car full of crips came by, and told us they were going to come back around in a little while and we better not be wearing those hats anymore... we kindly took them off and put them inside, and sure enough an hour or so later they slowed down as they passed and nodded to us and then took off again....

its good to hear that everything went ok anyways... as good as can be expected... its too bad they stole so much... Sad Smilie
I thought the Cuzz were the rivals of the Bloods?
And great to see you back again as well 42. Where you been hiding?
guess it depends on where you are... normaly, crips and bloods..... cuz usually just refers to a person....
Ahhh! Consider the Lily.
thank you for clarifying this for me Gimli_axe_wielder, for this I promote you to Over Thane of the Lonely Mountain!
Plastic, you will be missed. Have a lot of fun, and enjoy the Bond movie, and seeing your girlfriend.

MicroSoft had a Moral day yesterday and gave everyone a ticket to the Bond movie and a $10 gift certificate. Matthew said it was a good movie, not great, but good. Very fomulaic (sp) Bond. But Halle Barry was great. lol Typical man, goes for the gorgeous Bond girl. That's ok, I like Pierce, even though he is getting old.

Gimli, it seems that a lot of people have heard of the CRIPS. When they left the notes they did not put the S on the end. but I think it is still the samething. THey also had a thing that had an X over the bloods symbol. That was a bit freaky.

I just don't understand why mama's room was so neat. They also had taken an old trash can of Mama's and put a trash bag in it and wrote PLEASE USE in blue paint, and the ashtray on the table they made was clean. There was another ashtray that had a lot of butts in it. The front bedroom was the only room that had anything broken in it. The back bedroom had her paints scattered around but it looked more like they had dropped the box, and not thrown them, like my aunt and uncle had said. When my aunt and uncle went in on Thursday there was a palet on the floor, with sheets and pillows. When we got there Friday the palet was picked up (tossed in the corner) it kinda looked like they were keeping house. It was just so odd, how clean everything was. I never expected a gang to be living in her house, much less to keep it neat.

Ross, we can't leave cheese in the refriderator, because we gave it to a lady that just got a divorce and is starting over, along with some other stuff. She was very grateful and we only charged her $20 for the stereo cabinet. She got a great deal.

I feel very blessed that they took care of the house and that we were able to help someone in need at the same time. It could have been so much worse, and if they had just asked we would have given them anything they needed. No need to steal from us. Oh, well. It has all worked out, and there is nothing left in the house to steal. Now we just need to keep it from being empty. Thanks for the information Gimli. Glad nothing bad happend to you while you were wearing your hats.
Great that you're back Mellie, and everything worked out so well Smile Smilie Have fun Plastic Cool Smilie
In my parents house we open the presents, pretend to be a happy family for about two hours. Then someone snaps and we all procede to try and beat each other to a bloody pulp we the christmas tree or whatever the person whos turn it is to cook has incinerated!
Ahhh family's don't you just love them?
I hope you do well in your exams, Amarie, and have a good Christmas too. Look forward to you getting back.

And nice to see you celebrate Christmas in the traditional manner too, Ross. Did you know one in twenty couples split up over Christmas because they don't like the presents they received off each other?
You've got to be joking Val! Super Wow Smilie

Good luck Amarie!
See ya Amarie, have a good Christmas!
Do well on your exams Amari’, have a merry and a happy; and we look forward to seeing you next year. Happy Elf Smilie

Hello again 42. How are your classes going? Has the Spirit been anywhere near the America's Cup prelims so you can see the 12 metre boats? Cool Elf Smilie
Did you know one in twenty couples split up over Christmas because they don't like the presents they received off each other

Brings back such fond memories, like:
- 2 baby turkey chicks for my birthday (Thanksgiving and Christmas). Now who in their right mind gives a gift that you know you are eventually going to behead!
- new hockey sweater so he would look good on the ice and I could hold my head up with pride.
- kitchen stove for Christmas cause the old one broke.
But always with a loving peck and an "I love you".
Ain't love grand! Making Out Smilie

Good luck on your exams everyone who is about to write.
I'm just bitter that my brother Alan was the Favourite for Eight years I asked Father christmas (who coincedentaly didn't deliver the presents untill my parents had been down starirs for about an hour about ten o'clock) for the LEGO black knights castle by the time I got it it had changed from the one that swung open to the one on the prefabricated base. Where my brother asked for a pogo-stick he got one, a scotex he got one the LEGO pirate ship he got one, a macarno set he got one and ever other pressent.
Still at least I turned into the nice one who prefers buying the pressents as opposed to recieving them, I also got a pair of dangermouse pajamas (Penfold was the greatest 'Crumbs chief!')
Good Luck on your exams Amarie. I hope you do well. We will miss you while you are gone.

Well, I guess, I am leaving for a bit too, but only sorta. We are in Alabama. We left at 3 am on Thursday morning, and got to Matthew's Aunts house at 1pm. We have the laptop with us, and I can sorta use his Aunts computer when we are over there. It all depends on what we are doing. The connection at his moms house is just a dial up, and she only has one phone line. So I will really have to limit my self while I am here. So I will be in and out for the rest of the weekend and all next week.

I hope everyone that had Thanksgiving on Thursday had a great day. Ours was wonderful. I love Matthew's family.

I will be back online on regular basis after Dec 8 th or so. Have fun, and I will be thinking about everyone at PT.
Ahhh...The Christman season! I have a rather large family(4 brothers and 3 sisters) so it starts to get crazy around here! Merry Christmas Smilie
Well, every year we go to Matthew's family for Thanksgiving. We only see his mom once or twice a year. We come out here in November/December and if she can she comes out to Texas in May. A year ago, we met 1/2 way, and she took Robbie, for 2 weeks, and then we met 1/2 way again and picked him up. We were going to do that again this past summer, but she could not get off work to do it. So we have not seen her since last Thanksgiving. This trip has been real nice so far.

Christmas is always at my family's house. Depending on my sister's mood it can be a lot of fun. We usually go to my mom's house for Christmas eve, and open a few presents. Sometimes we spend the night, sometimes not. We go home, and open 1 present there, and then send Robbie to bed so that Santa can come. He gets up early on Christmas Morning and gets Santa presents, and then we open the rest of our presents, from each other. Then we go back to my mom's house for Christmas dinner and Robbie usually has one Santa Present there as well.

I have no clue what we are going to do for New Years. We will have to wait on that decision.

What we tend to do on New Year's eve is play Trivial Pursuit with a whole bunch of people. By that time the kids have gone to bed, and my brothers, my parents and me play Trivial, or Monopoly or sth like that. It's a lot of fun! Orc Grinning Smilie

I really don't wanna go anywhere on New Year's eve or Christmas. The only place I wanna be then is at home with my family. It's always nice to see each other again and talk and have a good time. I don't see the point of going anywhere else and partying, when you can party at home just as well... Merry Christmas Smilie
Hi. I had a nice week. Shame to come back really, oh well....
Xmas, 2 days off work. Kids are at their Dads for Xmas day, so we get to go see my Ma and Pa, and have a second Xmas day on Boxing day with them. Not too shabby,
New Years, my home town is in the top ten of places in the UK to be on New years Eve, so i'll be out dressed likea fool and drunk as a skunk, WOOHOO!
I can't wait for Christmas...every Christmas Eve we have a nice dinner with just immediate family, but on Christmas Day the whole family gathers at my grandparents' house...I'm so looking forward to it this year Big Smile Smilie

My suitemates and I decorated our dorm room...we have Christmas lights and a little tree now Cool Smilie
What we tend to do on New Year's eve is play Trivial Pursuit with a whole bunch of people. By that time the kids have gone to bed, and my brothers, my parents and me play Trivial, or Monopoly or sth like that. It's a lot of fun

My sister is sulking at me because I beat her at trivial pursuit the other day and as for monopoly aren't they looking for that in Iraq at the moment, that's one of the most potent weapons of mass destruction known to man. So potent that the Vatican tried to ban it along with crossbows.
Well, we are back in Texas, we got back last night. I am not going to be online much today. I have to start gettig ready for tonight. We have a Microsoft Christmas Formal to attend. I am really looking forward to it. I have borrowed a beautiful seafoam green sequined dress, that shimmers, between the green, blue and purple. But I will be back online, in my normal capacity tomorrow. It is so nice to be home and back online. I was beginning to have PT withdrawal sympoms.
Instead of giving Christmas presents, we have come up with something much more fun (and less expensive Big Smile Smilie ). We have agreed that every year someone else will buy some sort of game you can play with the whole family, and turn it into a present. So every year someone else gets to buy something, and when it's under the Christmas tree, nobody else knows what it's gonna be so it's still going to be a surprise. And then on Christmas or New Year's eve we can all play it. The kids do get a present of their own, of course, because they can't play along with the game. Cool Smilie
Tommie: That sounds better even than drawing names and it is something to look forward to, while making it a family tradition will also be cool. Cool Elf Smilie
We always have an evening or so to play games, especially at the holidays. It is really a lot of fun. In fact, part of the way Robbie learned to read was by playing Monopoly with Matthew and I. He has been playing since he was 4 !!! It is still one of his favorite games. Matthew collects all of the different versions of Monopoly and we now have almost 20 different ones. His newest one that he got for his birthday in September was about America. (Not sure the actuall name. But because of Sept 11, it was at all the stores here.) Anyhow, it is really kinda hard, because the chance and community chest cards send you to another stack that is American trivia. I think that is the way it worked. We only played twice so far. The Trivia questions were pretty hard for the adults, much less for an 8 year old. It was very informative and we all learned a lot. We would start making up our own answers when we didn't know the correct ones. Then we would all sit and giggle and discuss the correct answers, and forget the game for a while and then start playing again. It was a VERY LONG game to say the least. We had a great time. Family games are always a great way to spend time together. You are a very lucky girl Tommy to have a that does that. So many families, these days don't spend enough time togeter. I hope everyone enjoys their holidays Those of you that won't have access to a compter during that time, we will miss you. and look forward to having you back afterwards.