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Sorry to hear that Raptor.. I guess you won't be able to see this untill your doktor says it's ok (unless you disobey him/her, which makes you a naughty Raptor..) My best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery.
Amen to the above Raptor, we will miss you and look forward to your healthy return, as your input is important to us. Get well soon. Happy Elf Smilie
Sorry to hear that, Raptor. I hope it turns out to be nothing serious, and you are able to come back to us soon.
Oh Raptor, I am very sorry to hear that, I hope it all works out for you. I will keep you in my prayers. Since I am basicly home bound not being about to be in front of my computer or able to read I would go nuts. I have only a handful of activities, PT & chat, reading, teaching Robbie, cleaning house and taking care of my menagerie of animals. I hope you can find something to keep you occupied. We will miss you a lot around here. Get better soon, and come back to us.
We will certainly miss you too Raptor. Sad Smilie
Take care, friend and get well soon.
We'll miss you Raptor! Sad Smilie Come back soon...I hope everything works out ok for you.
Sorry your not feeling well Sad Smilie I hope you get well and come back soon!
Good to have you back Raptor! Glad everything turned out fine. Not that I missed you, I didn't even know you had gone and then you came back! Tongue Smilie
I really hope that you will come back soon... and in the meantime, I hope that you will to be able to do some pleasant daydreaming about walking in ME! Big Smile Smilie
Take care mate, whenever I get a moment free I will be thinking of you Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Raptor you could get your doctor to check if you have the same problem as me. I get headaches so I went to the opticsions I have been diagnosed as both long and short sighted but I'm niether, It turns out that from alll my reading and model making that my eyes are constantly focused, which is why I was diagnosed as both long and short sighted!
There's nowt you can do about it but at least it means that the medical proffesion stop prodding you at every opertunety
Sounds like your doctors thinking eye-strain, Raptor. That'll certainly make ya dizzy Wary Smilie I'm sure you'll be back with us in short order, perhaps with a snazzy new pair of eyeglasses or contacts. Good luck to you, friend Wink Smilie
No reading and no computers? That doesn't leave much, does it?

Hang in there, Raptor. See you soon!
Tadaaaaaa!!!!!I'm back!Actually,i just dropped bye to say everything's allright,just some eye problems-wow,Prog,how did you know that?-it's nothing really serious though,not even glasses matter-my sight's good,some minor deviation to the left of my....rats!I don't know how's that in english,but i'll check out.I'm not allowed too much at the cpu,so for now this is all....thanks for your postBodys!!!!

ps LOTR DVD and tape is released here on Sunday!!!YPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
Big Smile Smilie
Glad to hear it Raptor!
good to have you back, Raptor. Big Smile Smilie

wow,Prog,how did you know that?-

Back in my book-aholic days, when I actually had time to read, I had the same problem. Light-headedness, dizziness.... even nausea... all from eyestrain. I ended up with reading glasses because of it... not that I use them as often as I should Big Laugh Smilie

good to hear that your doin' okay Wink Smilie
I'm glad you're feeling better raptor! My sister got eyestrain and had to get glasses this year. Lucky for me I already have glasses so nothing will keep me away from PT for awhile!
Good to hear it's nothing too serious, Raptor. I thought it was possibly altitude sickness because you're so tall Smile Smilie
I left you another post yesterday, Raptor, but apparently it is lost in cyberspace with several of my others.

I am glad to hear that it was nothing too serious. I told my hubby about your problems, and he said that it could be a couple of things. Visual, as in eyestrain or something, or maybe something with the optical nerve (I think that is what he said. I had taken 3 pain pills at that point and not really sure anymore.) Whatever it was that he said, it was a bit more serious. I am glad that it was not that.
Okay, missed all of this, so nothing to say really, except that I would have wished you well had it been neccessary, but I wasn't here, okay?
Glad it was less serious than you thought Raptor. In the meantime take it easy on the old eyeballs. In the future, cut your continuous computer sessions down to less than an hour each with maybe a half hours rest between them. Find a Playboy magazine in which I'm sure you can find a picture or two that will be easy on the eyes, then you can close them and daydream: most restful. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

(Sadly, this is a case of: Do what I say, not do what I do.) Elf Winking Smilie
Buy some Optrex and soak your eyeballs
Buy some Optrex and soak your eyeballs
Do you have to take them out to do that, like dentures? Super Wow Smilie
Glad you're feeling better raptor! Big Smile Smilie
Do you have to take them out to do that, like dentures?

Could do say if you're Hannibal Lecture
ok, I am about to do a no no, but the only comment that I have to that is EWWWWW!!!
I'd like to eat his Liver with some faver beans and a nice bottle of ciantti, phphphphphphp, Blucjksaf (sound of ross being sick as the vile vin crosses his lips, wine bad beer good)
Again EWWWWWW!!!!! Are you trying to make me ill Ross?
Not particularilly but if it makes you feel better!