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Man, have you got a couple of hours?
The easiest way to find out would be to go to where many things are explained.
However, short version, I moved house a couple more times, I found a decent woman at last (very decent indeed) and am gonna move yet again soon. I got made a council member here and now have *shock horror* responsibilities! Also, i made a vague attempt to get back into professional musicianship, and am about halfway there now, making about half my income from playing guitar in dodgy covers bands. I did a shiny new demo CD of my own stuff (whiny angsty **** but it got it all out of my system) and did some other stuff. So how about you mate? Spill it, tell me all, why did you leave me? *sniff*
Ok, i quit veterinary, i am starting now studying arquitechture. I dunno, i am getting old, and i didnt have a goal in my life, think this change in my lige really gets me high and happy. I am up to a year and a half with my girlfriend, not the same i used to talk u about. I am still a beer drinker, hurray for Corona mexican beer!!! hahahahaha so now you are a member of the council!! can y ou find out how to activate my old account? i loved my old name, miss it!!!! and i left this place, coz i had a lot of trouble in my life, it was sooo chaotic!!! but i am still alive, and that is what counts, isnt it?
Well mate, I think the whole site has been overhauled since you were last here, so I think your old account has died horibly and someone else has stolen you name (but you're still the one and only Earendil that I think of mate!) so sorry about that. Though you may be here, you'd have to log in with your other usename, and try the forgotten password functions.
Glad to hear you got a new woman as well. We're all getting old, and drinking too much. And I'm glad to hear you changed to architecture, I always had a feeling all that beer wouldn't go too well with operating on poor little animals!
And if you can come out of the end of a troubling time, and you can say "I'm still alive" without slurring your speech, or having to think too hard about it, then you're doing alright I reckon.
Man, do i missed your supportative words!!! Yeah, I think that poor little french poodle suffered a lot coz of my alcohol!!! hehehehe, he woke up with a Warhole paint on his arse!!! hahahahaha But you are right, while there is still life in my old bones, i shall not surrender. I have to keep on going on my life. There is no use to cry. or to live in the past. But tell me pal, how have you been? how bout your lovers? still single? And yes pal, we are getting sooo damn old. But we are still alive, dont we? i thnk that is important.
Very much not single mate, gonna move in with my girlfriend (her two kids, three cats and rabbit as well) as soon as we find a place we can afford which is big enough.
I don't drink no more either (well not properly) very responsible clean-living guy these days. And less of the old, I'm only 25 still.
well, for being 25 you have lived a lot, dontyou? But tell me pal, what do you studied? and what you do for living? Is it common the other side of the pacific to go living with the couple without marriage? is she older than you? I mean, in my opinion, you are too young for doing such things. But at least for me, i was educated so that living with the couple can only be if i married her. but we are such different cultures. I am 22, and compared with my friends, that are my age, i have lived A LOT!! and i dont drink any more, i received new year aboslutely drunk and partying out, but it was more than 6 months i hadnt tried a drink. and i hadnt drhink none since then, _I think i can enjoy more my life, the love, my friends, and the parties without drinking.
Yeah mate i've done way too much, I'm ready to stop now! And it's very very common to live with your gf without being married over here. As an atheist I have absolutely no qualms about it (done it twice before anyway). She's 10 years older than me though, yeah. But I'm stupidly old for my age, and she still seems very young (and looks it, woohoo!) so we kind of meet in the middle somewhere.
And I totally agree with you about the drinking. I spent the last 2 years trying to totally kick it (never gonna happen) but when I woke up in a nightclub toilet on my 25th birthday, i decided to make even more effort than I was before. heh heh... very funny in retrospect.
ha!! it happened to me once, that night i was so drunk, ihave been drinking with my pals at my place, when we deicded to go to the a caffee three blocks away, i enter the bathroom, and i slept there a quarter hour, but the worst, i wnt to this night club, and i told a pal to go with me to the bathroom, as i knw i was too drunk, so i fell asleep right there, half an hour later, my pal woke up, he has fallen asleep with his back on the door of my toilet, then he had to woke me up. "Carlos? CArlos, wake up stupid, you are in a toiilet"!!! hahahaha pretty funny, but pretty sad at the same time, i went so low
Well, at least you had a mate with you, I'd lost all mine (or so I thought, apparently they were all searching high and low for me) it was terribly sad. Of course, had I known that just a week later my life would suddenly have turned peachy and rosy, i wouldn't have minded as much.
why? what happened a week later?
I met my girlfriend, well I say met her, I'd already known her for 3 years as one of my mate's girlfriends.... met is a polite word for what i did, if you know what I mean. Wink Smilie
Well, pal, i think i haven’t answered this, coz i claimed victory too soon, i think i am breaking up with my lady for once and for all, and that makes me sooo depressed, i haven’t eat in 2 whole days, and i dont even want to drink anything, now that is crap you know.....

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Dude, not drinking is a GOOD thing, trust me. And I'm sure it'll all be cool, there's more to life than women you know, once you know you're totally happy on your own, THEN you can be happy with somebody else cos you know you don't need them, see what I mean? Try it, don't worry about it, go watch movies, read books, all solitary stuff and you'll forget who the hell she ever was mate.
You got it pal!!! It is over at all. i am soo darn sad. I even have thought of doing something reallystupid, but i better stay up, try to improve myself, so i can claim her love once again. You see, before this, i told everybody that i was loyal 100% to this girl, and the fact that the very first night that i broke up with this girl, with no strings attached anymore, i would go find a ***, and have a good time, and the next night, same recipee...... you know.........But hell!!! tonight is my second night without her, and guess how many ***** i have had fun with? NONE!!! i That sad i am........... i cannot think in noone that is not her...... but i have to go on.Thanx for your support pal, pass me the darn bottle!!!

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*passes the bottle*
Forget her, move on, have fun, do not bother staying faithful to somebody you're not with mate, it's just daft and a waste of time!
And I think you may have to watch your language, if Nell has to edit you.
This is the first thread I found about/ by Plastic, so I figured it work for what I;m about to say...

My fencing club started up again, and I've been going up against this guy named Steve. I never got to see Steve because being me, I'm late and he's already masked, and I leave early because I'm lazy, so I don't see him take it off either.
The other day at school a friend of mine walked up to me and we began chatting. He had his friend with him, but this friend didn't say much, so I didn't really say much to him either. The 5 minute bell rang, and this mystery guy asked if he could walk me to class. I was a little creeped out, but I agreed.
He looked vaguely familiar to me, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it... so I asked him if I had ever met him before. Now tell me if this isn't ironic...
It was Steve from fencing, and I swear to you we have now learned to clone humans, because he is our very own Plastic Squirrel's mini-me! And...
his last name is Scurl, like squirrel minus the extra syllable.
As soon as I can I'm going to take my camera to fencing and get a picture of him and put it on my website for all to see.
haven't seen this b4. deem this act as reading their email, dontcyathink? anywayzz i sure miss those days of scrolling down the msg boards and clicking 1st on squirrel's new entry, a guaranteed laugh, 4 sure. COME BACK COME BACK plastic!!

where's this fencing squirrel?
What the heck do you mean by PLASTIC? (Isn't plastic the stuff that icecream comes in?)
Psst! *whispers* Your keyboard is broken. The Caps-lock is stuck.

Yepp. Plastic is missed. We must clone him. (or is simply melting a new one possible?!?)
He was very, very good at writing posts that made people want to write a reply. That is really what we miss here now. Here be many that can write good posts, even really good posts, but they might be hard to write replies to. We tend to "cover all bases" while Plastic left his posts wide open with lots of handles to grab at and elaborate on/joke about. And Funny, FUNNY posts. (I know, no caps. The rules, blablalba. Tongue Smilie
Sadly there can be only one Plastic Squirrel, and he ain't here, but I hope he is happy. I guess even Plastic Squirrels have to grow up some day, no matter how unnatural that might sound. Smile Smilie
Here's to you Plastic! I hope you enjoy your retirement! Alcoholic Smilie
His posts were good and he didn't need to post all in capitals to make them interesting.

Grev - you can post odd words in capitals for emphasis. I used capitals in one of the RPG for the Big Bad's loud booming voice. But we do draw the line at post after post in complete capitals just for attention seeking.
But we do draw the line at post after post in complete capitals just for attention seeking.

Or for just pure spite with the only intention being to irritate CM and members.

Using capital letters on PT now is a capital crime. We must protect the auditive senses of our PT members, now and in the future!

It seems we have selected a legal pecking-victim! Yay! Let the flame war commense! *goes to study up on the recent election campaint to get tips on character attacs and low punches*

Using capital letters on PT now is a capital crime. We must protect the auditive senses of our PT members, now and in the future!

Virumor - you are guilty on 6 counts of capitalism!

Wiggle Smilie
actually my nick was/is "virumor" to avoid any punishment by the council. discrimination of letters is a bad thing.
HAHAHAHA!! Very Big Grin Smilie


Wiggle Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Funny funny funny!

Bad squirrel... Baad baad squirrel...
Oh the capitals aren't so bad, they just sometimes become victims of abuse.
Some capitals are bad. Oslo, to name one.
Bad joke... Baad baad Joke...
Oxlo is the holy capital of India.
Bad Virumor... Baad, baad Virumor...

What do you think your cow-orkers will react to that? Those cowards! Tongue Smilie
Grev: Was "cow-orkers" a Freudian slip, on purpose, or just a typing error? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Capital oh India is Delhi
Not to mention cow-ards, Grondy. Ah, the fine art of punning.
The "fine art" is looking a little tarnished as I can see it. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Puntastic punning from a punning fellow who is as punning as a weasel, weasel's being stoatily renowned and weasily spotted by their punful love of punning. Oh happy day when a pun appears right where one needs a pun to cheer up one's otherwise pun-free day.
Thank you, that is all.....
Mmh my dear old mate.... long long time we see now those things happened huh? so long ago.... and it is only 2 years... hahahahahaha if we could only chat a while and come to date on both our histories.. would be great... i miss you man.. it was quite odd to see all those postings... after the one when you passed me the bottle and never posted here again, not me, not you... but still i remember you.. and i remember being the Earendill..... good old times.. i am checking your site... quite weird... muahahahahahaha

:::: passes back the bottle.. it falls down, coz there is noone to receive it:::
i'm lost on what this thread is about... what's happening in our lives? in that case..

my computer is making a weird ticking sound... has been for the past 6, or so, months but it's still keeps on ticking! Alas it sounds like it's getting worst, i'm stilling waiting for the inevitable, then y'all probably wont' see me for a very long time.

I've been working for Uhaul/gas station for past couple years, but now i'm going to get my apprenticeship for Electrician, it's a 5 year deal, but it'll sure be a hell of a lot better than working for Uhaul!

I have cut back on drinking, i've quit smoking cigs, and 'pipe weed' So i've notice i my cash flow rising, which is a good thing.... It's kinda hard to quit all the stuff at once because i have an addictive personality, which means anything i enjoy immensly i go over board. I have been enjoying other naughty substances but this is a family site, so i won't go there...

All i need now is a nice lady friend so i can become addicted with her. I'm still deciding who i should go for, i have a few different options.
then y'all probably wont' see me for a very long time.

Doesn't sound good!

All i need now is a nice lady friend so i can become addicted with her. I'm still deciding who i should go for, i have a few different options.

You are far luckier than me with the girls, then.

I came here thinking that Plastic had come back with one more of his "puntastic" posts, but then....

Oxlo is the holy capital of India.

Some enlightening for an Indian like me, there!
PICK ME!!!! I've got a speech to write by Monday for an assessment that's worth something!!!
I am twelve pages into my new story, which, for once, is actually based on real life, not a fantasy-world, and I find I'm much better at real life. I LOVE the bit when he makes a deck of cards by scratching the numbers and symbols into Otto's shells!!!! And Otto's like rrrrr. But he can't do anything.
I am quite a wayl into my calligraphy project. I'm handlettering Tolkien's 'Mythopoeia' in Carolingian Italic. English styles, not American. I don't like the American style of Carolingian. For a start it's wrong. The whatsisname dude based it on Roman arches, not gothic ones!!! So don't put pointy bits in it!!!!
I am way way into learning Moonlight Sonata. I"m up to that point in the really fast section where you do that great big repeat. Mr Parr says if I learn it good by the end of the year, no probs, Excellence, top marks, pass with flying colours. Usually you have to play four pieces, but he says there's variety enough for four in that one piece.
I'm pressing forward in my guitar lessons. It actually sounds really cool. I just may be able to be assessed on it this year as my second instrument and get some extra marks.
Well, I've decided to rename the little baby rabbits. They were Pinky and POnky. Temporary names. Yes, I know they're stupid. But they were funny. Well, they're Finrod and Voronwe. I had to find names Henry could pronounce and actually use. Mum and Dad dont' have a say. Dad doesn't use any of the animal's proper names anyway, and Mum's just like "Another tolkien name...." I'd laugh if they turned out to be both girls.
I still need to save up $12.25 to buy the double CD collector's edition of Phantom of the Opera. I'm over halfway there. I could just get money out of the bank (I have no lack) but whenever I contemplate doing that I think about WHY I have no lack. Because I never take anythign out. So I'm saving up. And I'm desperate for the CD but geting money out the bank is just not an option.
And I've just found out my friend has a crush on Gerard Butler.
Cut it out, people. As the thread topic reads, this thread is where Plastic posts his comments. And if you really want us to know what's going on in your life (like we really care to know), there's a thread in Prancing Pony known as "Pour out your heart and soul here". Search for it and do the pouring there!
sorry lord, i didn't know this was for plastic only.
actually.... when Squirrel and I created this thread.. we were aware that this would be deleted soon.. this thread was for him and me to have a place to post to each other.. i know there were personal messages... but we decided to do it this way.. then we disappeared from here and ceased posting... then lots of people came here, and posted bout their own everyday stuff.. and it is ok... but the mainthing bout this thread is that was the place i could contact him without creating trouble...I am sorry if it was misunderstood.. but now that this thread is available for everyone to post.. it is fine with me...
sorry if this sounds too egocentric or sthg.. i really apollogize