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Dear god! I won with the Hobbit review? But that one was rubbish compared to the Lotr one! Ah well, do not question the ways of Mr T. He knows what he's doing, apparently!
Congratulations *Plastic, You deserve it.

I on the otherhand am flabbergasted. My stupid article came in fourth, maybe there were only four entries? I never found it posted, so I assumed it was so bad that Taz threw it out and didn't even think it was worth a blue rejection slip. I guess the laugh's on me. To conclude this acceptance speech, I would like to thank all the trees that died that I might have a subject for my article. Big Smile Smilie
Why Plastic, that's awfully kind of you. Glamorous eh? . You forgot Earendil, btw, I wonder what happened to him? He stole my Simarils.

Well, congratulations to everyone! And I liked the Hobbit review best - it was very professional & funny at the same time. You da squirrel.
yeah you go *Plastic
that hobbit review was great! i've seen the movie and i totally agree! *Plastic

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oops forgot a few. Thanks to Chika for not getting to this forum yet, so I forgot her, and to Halo_black and Spoondivy for returning here after the other one died. And hugely huge thanks to Earendil who was so supportive last year when I was all ****ed up and I miss terribly, he was a great mexican nutter! Any more takers?
I assume you omited Bible Banging Karen on purpose. Big Smile Smilie
He he! Now we all remember her....
ah man, Plast, I was all set to start yelling obscenities...oh well. Another time, maybe...haha.
Whenever you like Chika! And I'd managed to forget about Karen for a bit then! I could thank her for annoying the hell out of me, but I'm not going to!
oops forgot a few. Thanks to Chika for not getting to this forum yet, so I forgot her, and to Halo_black and Spoondivy for returning here after the other one died.

Awwww, thanx. Smile Smilie
You also forgot your second grade teacher, Miss wozzits name, she of the low decolletage, you know, the one you fell in love with; or was that in a different story?
How did you know about Mrs Ritzen from my second year at Primary School who used to stick her more than ample cleavage in my face? Was I really hammered in the chatroom one night?
Nope, just a good guess. Its a 'guy' thing. Fantacies about our teachers was the norm for almost all guys when we were in the second grade. I think this was learned from a humorous newspaper columnist name of Dave Barry. Big Smile Smilie
I never fantasised about her, frankly those things just scared the hell out of me!
Didn't smack your lips and cry, "Dinner!" then?
Nope, too busy trying to breathe!
smack lips and cry "dinner"???

I'm sorry I'm not accustomed with that.. errr... custom? so pls enlighten me in this one
Trust me, you don't want to know....
Don't we?
Great speech, btw, *Plastic! LOL! Big Smile Smilie
Suppose strue what you said about me. By this I apologize... Wink Smilie Smile Smilie
*stupid no need, no need at all....Wink Smilie
University from which I earned my degree; my alma mater.
Just think that I always mean well... Wink Smilie
rofl! Yeah, and so do I!!!! (chortle chortle)
Haha... Cool Smilie
Gee, I must miss a lot around here....I hardly ever see you criticise Plastic, Tommy! Either I've a very thick skin or my eyesight is getting as bad as Arsene Wenger's.

Boring: An adult male would look at a pair of boobs and think of sex, a male toddler would think dinner - assuming he's breastfed, geddit?
You know, I thought I could make it through today without having to ask what anyone means by anything. Thanks, Ungoliant...(haha)

So, who's Arsene Wenger?
Now I don't have to say that anymore, thankx Chika!
You must get yourself a pair of glasses then, Ungoliant. Though I am rather friendly to our *Plastic these days.
Big Smile Smilie
We're actually in the chat room now, without insulting each other.. How about that? :P (won't last long though... Smile Smilie )
Didn't did it? Wink Smilie
And Arsene Wenger Or Arseh*le W**ker as I like to call him, is the Arsenal manager.
Oh, as in the head coach of a particular European soccer team, to put it in americaneeze
No. A BRITISH soccer team (to save offending us peculiarly british people)

[Edited on 2/1/2002 by Grondmaster]
My almond mutter won their bowl game Monday. Which one of the way too many bowl games was that, the Tidy Bowl or the Toilet Bowl? Neither, it was the (sponsers name withheld by popular demand) Sun Bowl and they squeaked past Purdue by six points.
Luckily Grondy came in just in time, otherwise God may know what would have happened... Wink Smilie
Does Arsenal actually have a manager? Big Smile Smilie
Quite. On offence intended, suppose they haven't got any defense either. Big Smile Smilie
Let's attack them then, shall we. Big Smile Smilie
Arsenal used to have the most legendary defence in the premiership. Best back four in the business. But they suck now, which is good.
You have an Almond Mutter? Is that like a nutty german mother then?
Arsenal used to have the most legendary defence in the premiership. Best back four in the business. But they suck now, which is good.

Indeed we did. Then they got old, we became exciting (ptui) and French fairies le our attacks. Damn that Henry/Wiltord/Pires! What bloody ponces!
You'll still always be Boring Boring Arsenal to Me!
Whats wrong with being boring? It's very handy... You can count on boring stuff... itsalways the same

See Plastic? You've gone & upset him now....

[Edited on 3/1/2002 by Ungoliant]
There's nowt wrong with being Boring, it's being Arsenal that i have a problem with! Big Smile Smilie
The way things are going, I wish we were our boring old selves. Sad Smilie
Let's drink to that! *drink
Who's we? Arsenal. Then cancel that drink.. Big Smile Smilie
Borring, you remind me of poor old eyore! cheer up! get some life into you my friend!
hey I know that sig from somewhere... didn't it had to do with errr.. a writer called .... rrr... Tolkien?
:o You surprise me with your wit, Boring! :o
Big Smile Smilie
Eyore rules! Smile Smilie