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Thread: Why are balloon's so much fun?

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I've just popped one!
Easy, they're so much fun because you've been drinking Ross.
Uhm...Ross it seams to me maybe you have to much time on your hands Big Laugh Smilie
Well,ok,I think its because when people were once children they played with balloons and had a strong liking to them+My mummy never let me play with balloons only on special occasions so my facination with balloons has never been cured.
Anyways maybe you are still on the long road to maturedy. Na-na-na-na-na Smilie
God be with you.
Ross dont take my reply personal!!!
Ballons are so much fun because they are so useful....I needed some to attack you Ross during the water fight! And then you can scare the good biggies out of people.....then they are so prettyBig Smile Smilie and many more!
Its because you are ALMOST as easily amused as me Orc Grinning Smilie
Balloons are more fun with dogs or cats. I love watching my dog try and catch a helium filled balloon, and when it floats to the ceiling, watching her bark at it like it was dangerous. Even more fun is playing with it and your cat!!! Until they pop it, then it's hilarious to see their faces!!!
Ross you was drunk when you posted that post wasn`t you? You can tell. Ross got merry. Big Laugh Smilie Please don`t take that personally as you should know that I don`t mean to affend.
It is because it is your birthday, Ross. Balloons are definitely more fancinating on our birthday. Tomorrow, that balloon will not hold the same entertainment value. Birthday Smile Smilie Wiggle Smilie
nope.. I still say he's just another easily amused person!

course.. I guess that is true.. they do mean more on a birthday!

er.. unless its that "Over the Hill" one.. then I suspect you might not want the damn balloon!
Uhm I think some of you have fallien of the sane bridge into insane-o lake!
That was a stupid thing to say...
Also balloons are fun because of the squeaks they make when you are twisting the long thin ones into sculptures of animals, replicas of famous architectural landmarks, etc., such as Helm's Deep, Old Man Willow, and Lobelia Sackville-Baggins' left nostril. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Ooooh, Grondy,will you do me one of Rivendel? Wink Smilie Big Laugh Smilie

I think that balloons bursting at the end of a birthday party have metaphorical significance. Wink Smilie

I used to have a dog that was terrified of balloons, even if they were not breaking at the time. Is something about balloons inherently offensive to our canine friends?

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Think about it Allyssa....put yourself in the dogs see this floating orb that is not natural.....and it floats around with evil smiles....They are not sure what the **** a balloon is!
Poor canines. I like rubbing them on people`s heads and making their hair go static. Ross where are you, you`re just the person to do it to.

Oh and happy birthday if it was your birthday. I can`t believe you didn`t tell me. Mad Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Poor canines. I like rubbing them on people`s heads and making their hair go static. Ross where are you, you`re just the person to do it to.

Hur hur, I did this!

I think that balloons bursting at the end of a birthday party have metaphorical significance.

What, you mean because I got roudy and decided to pop them with a pencil, I've regretted it alll weekend. I want my ballon back! Juggling Smilie
Silly Ross, I`ll get you a new one as long as I get to rub it on your head!! Big Laugh Smilie How long is your hair? Will it stand up on end if it goes static? Big Smile Smilie
I'm easily amused too! Big Smile Smilie
This is the qutest thread ever. Especially since it was started by Ross, who were the angriest, grumpiest thing I've seen when he entered here and look at him now! Almost... human! No offense Ross, but I like the you better now. Wink Smilie

And this smiley here ---> Cow Sleeping Smilie I find it very amusing. But that has nothing to do with either Ross or ballons.

Ballons are nice, but they were never strong enough to make a good ballonride for even the smallest lego-man.. Wanted to tie a little basket to it so they could fly (safely secured with another sting so I didn't loose them). I never had more than one helium balloon at the time I think. *lol*
It's ok, no offence taken, I admit to being the resident grump! Wink Smilie

How long is your hair? Will it stand up on end if it goes static?

About three inches long at the moment, but it will still stand on end, please can I have a balloon now? Tongue Smilie
Well you can try do it on me....rub the balloon on my head but no hair will stand up because there isn’t any!! HAHAHAHAHA Big Laugh Smilie
Ross when I finish reading LOTR, I`ll get you a new balloon. Okay? I like making people wait. Big Smile Smilie
Have you read it yet Sheryl?
What about now? Wink Smilie
Please only ask,
Have you read it yet Sheryl?
in the thread Sheryl have you read the books yet??? found under The Lord of the Rings thread.

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Which I created Grond Smoke Smilie !
Yes, we know. But I know what`s in it and I know for a fact that every post in there will either be a question or nag! Big Smile Smilie
I`m right, but behold! I`ve found a way to nag Aule haven`t I Aule? Your plan backfired!! Very Evil Smilie
Answer : They are not!!! Someone gotcha!!! hehehe

Take that back evil one!
Balloons are great. I like them you can do nearly anyting or everything with them. One time I sailed around the world in 67 and a half days. 5 balloons stuck to my head if I had, had 7 it would have been 67 but what can I do...Try again oh yes I will. Look out for me in the sky and if any indian princess's want to join me they can.
Ross, the reason you have such a grand time with balloons is because you are the emperor of Geeksylvania.

I don't like em myself, not phobic or anything but it makes me nervous that they could just POP at any second and scare the bejeezus out of me.
Ok for what is I believe the first time I think I'll agree with you here Ross. Balloons are fun! Especially when there's two of you, you can toss em over, try to score, without breaking anything. And playing with your cat sure is fun as well. Gotta see their faces when the balloon bangs. Big Laugh Smilie
I feel sorry for cats now and I don`t even like cats!! Teasers!! Big Smile Smilie
YOU EVIL PERSON! Big Laugh Smilie

Poor Darcy! I feel soooooooooooooooo sorry for her! Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie I won`t to get a kitten, a really small one that fits onto your palm... The ones that are sooooooooooo sweet, the ones that don`t get frightened bc their owner treats them increadibly nice...unlike some people I know! Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
So where did this water-fight take place? I wish i'd known! I would have joined in! Big Smile Smilie Tongue Smilie
In 'The Prancing Pony, Grumble Mumble Gergle Hi
Moderator Smilie If you want to advertise for team members, please do it in the above G M G Hi thread or in our advertisements section. I am removing the ad and the comments following it because I wish to keep the collateral damage from your water, mud and slime fight relegated to just the one thread.

Thank you! Moderator Smilie

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I cannot pop a baloon. I have a phobia of loud pops. My class made balloon cars out of styraphome balloons tape and toothpicks. It was fun. We all named them. Mine was the Tapemobile.
I like jumping on those large air filled plastic bubbles for wrapping - the large ones need stamping on but the small bubblewrap is ideal for those tension relieving moments.

Bubble wrap is also brilliant. When I worked for my dad we used to buy 30m x 2m rolls for wrapping prints. Although it's not as good as balloons. Hey it's not my birthday and I still think they are great. I am under the influence of alcohol however. I'm not drunk though so that proves that balloons are ace. I'm going to blow one up.
Ah the wonders of bubble wrap, I preferred the bigger bubbles in the wrap, much fun to be had!! Helium balloons are even better especially after downing a few glasses of home brew

Wiggle Smilie
Bubbles, Balloons, Bubble Wrap....people can be so easily amused. Myself included. They're so much fun because they don't require batteries, electricity, too much money, or someone else to play with (although that makes it that much more enjoyable!)
I like jumping on those large air filled plastic bubbles for wrapping - the large ones need stamping on but the small bubblewrap is ideal for those tension relieving moments.

Yeah, the best thing to do with bubble wrap is get a really big sheet of it, lay it out over the floor and then sit on a typing chair (with wheels) and roll all over it. It's the best fun you can have during a boring day working in a factory.
Do you remember that scene in Red Dwarf where Rimmer(after going back in time) was to paint a piece of bubble wrap red and call it a Tension Sheet haha, Im surprised nobody has even bothered doing it now cause I know of some suckers who would probably buy into it

Smile Smilie
Heck, I know I would! My grandpa Dennis owns a trophy store, and in the back, there's a giant spool of bubble wrap! I never had so much fun in a store, untill he found me in his back room.
Ooh, I luv bubble wrap! ^_^ My mum used to work in an office that had something to do with deliveries. They had a big workshop out back, piled hugh to the ceiling with huuuuuuge cardboard boxes and big ol' rolls of bubble wrap. The guys in the workshop thought I was just the cutest little tot ever (I wuz only 4) and would let me climb up all of the boxes. More importantly, those rolls of bubblewrap became my own personal bouncy castle.
I'd also create havoc by climbing into the packed boxes after the bubblewrap in there.
when i was a little'un i tried to fight someone with bubblewrap,he strangled me and now im dead.weird aint it?
Take a balloon, stretch it out and quickly put it against your lips and it'll be warm. Let it go back unstretched, hold it against your lips again and it'll feel really cold. Try it - hours of amusement, I promise. Big Smile Smilie
Balloons are fun when you blow them up (or inflate for the pedants) but don't seal the end and just let it RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP!!!

I get the same fun from whoopey cushions.
Balloons are certainly fun. me and my sister had so much fun in the fields chasin' and blowing them up the letting air go out and your voice would go funny.
I so love BUBBLEWRAP!!!!!

When I was a little kid, my dad had a giant roll of it, and I spread it out like a red carpet, and get at one end. Then would somersault over-and-over, till I got to the end, or until I collided with a wall, or television, human, or some other object.

I love balloons, too, but I just saw how most recently I think it was bubblewrap, anywho, I'm off to have more fun with air-filled objects!!!!

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