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Never mind if it's irratating you, have read the books yet?
Sheryl which chapter are you currently reading????? Have you read The Fellowship of the Ring yet????? Sheryl??? Have you read it yet?? Smoke Smilie
One moment I`ll check..........*sherly goes and checks*..........I`m back! Right I haven`t been able to read any more since I read up to page 130, I was busy okay? I`m just finishing In the house of Tom Bombadil. Two pages away till I get onto Fog on the Barrow Downs. There I`ve told you!

Bye for now! TTFN Ta ta for now!
Okey sorry Sheryl..... Sad Smilie didn’t mean to bother you....


HAVE YOU READ THE BOOKS YET?!?!?!?! SHERYL!!!!!!!!!! Big Laugh Smilie Tongue Smilie
I`ve been very busy lately so I can`t read the book at the moment. I`ll try to read some today, before I g to bed or get so tired I see double of the same line. Big Smile Smilie
Okey....but when you decide to read it(will probably be after I have finished Sagan om Mallorea) then I can start a thread for us so we can see how far we have come ok???
Deal. Deal Smilie
Aule, sorry to side track from this thread, but can you help us with the fantasy role playing, I want to use that story for my school work. Can you help? Please. It`s in fantasy role playing, Role Playing Guilds. Please.

Back to the topic. Have you finished your book or are you still reading it? How far have you got? How long until you`ve finished? Cool Smilie
Damn you are tricky Sheryl! Now YOU can nag me.....hahahahahah good one Sheryl!

What Roleplaying Guild?
Okey I am coming.....
*Aul’ steps out of the door and you can hear his big footsteps....baroom baromba! And he is cursing to! Oh well he will come back later*
Above the Prancing Pony, you have a thread, the one above the thread that`s above The Prancing Pony. I hope that wasn`t too confusing. Big Smile Smilie
You're telling me you two still haven't read the books yet? Tongue Smilie Shame on you! Big Laugh Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Na-na-na-na-na Smilie
What can I do, I`m only 11 and I`m reading them right now, that`s better than not reading them at all. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Take that! Big Laugh Smilie I CAN NAG AULE!!

Sheryl hypnotises Aule and sends him to sleep, as he seems to have blown his head off after that. Big Laugh Smilie
Your only 11? Come on Aule give her a break! I wasn't reading them at that age. Then again, I didn't know about them. Big Smile Smilie

dont feel bad though. I was 22..... yikes! All those years with no tolkien.. can you believe that!
I was believe that I was approximately 25 or 26 the first time I read the Hobbit, but it was just this last year that I read LOTR. That is not quite a true statement. I read FOTR, TTT and about 1/2 of ROTK but I never finished them. I was interrupted and did not get back to them in a timely manner; therefore, just after the FOTR came out in theaters, I started everything all over again. I had to re-read it to see how close or far off the movie was. (I think that is correct. If I have contradicted myself else where on the site I am sorry.) Since then I have read the Sil, UT, Lost Tales 1 & 2 plus others.....
Wow! Didn't know you were only 11 Sheryl! I was about 15 or 16 when I first read them. Take your time then... Cool Smilie

Sorry Aule, my humblest apologies. I just assumed... Ok I was wrong. Tongue Smilie
Yes, I`m only 11! I`m 141 pages through FOTR. I`ve just witnised you, tommy, rescuing the 4 Hobbits from somewhere, I`m not sure where. I can`t believe that most of you were in your 20`s! I`m only 11! When I took LOTR trilogy into school to read, my mates said it`d take them about 10 years to finish it, it`ll take me about a year. Not too bad. Wink Smilie
Good job Sheryl! I was 11 when I first read LOTR too. I've got two friends who both read LOTR in the 3rd grade!!! I'm almost 21 now and i've read the trilogy 11 times, the Hobbit 5 times (i'm rereading it now), Silmarillion 6 times, and Unfinished Tales twice. It's hard going but just try doing 10 minutes a day for a minimum. You'll find you can get a lot of reading in that way. That's what i always suggest to my friends and it's worked for many of them.
Thanks for the advice. Big Smile Smilie
Hey I was about 11 when I first read them.

You still finding people to bother Aule?? Big Laugh Smilie
Oh he always does, don`t you Aule, j/k. I don`t mind him nagging or bothering me. No stress. It`s encouraging really to have people behind you like that and encouraging you to keep reading the book. Big Smile Smilie

So I`d like to say: Thank you to all the PT members for supporting me! Big Smile Smilie Wink Smilie

I`m on page 147 at the moment of the trilogy. I should read alot more because I`ve got time off school for 2 weeks for easter and I should get quite alot done. Big Smile Smilie

Bye everyone

Sheryl xx
Sheryl, by the end of the Easter holiday, I'm expecting you to have finished FOTR. Smile Smilie
WHAT!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO.............!! Ther`s 398 pages of FOTR!! I`m not going to get all that done!! Look, it took me 3 months to get 147 pages done, I`ve got more than that to go and I`ve got to do it within 2 weeks! You`re mad. I know, you read from page 147 till the end of FOTR and let`s see how long it takes you! Big Smile Smilie Let`s see wether it takes 2 weeks or under, remember I`m only 11. Big Smile Smilie
250 pages would generally take me about 4 days with a book as good as LOTR, and I'm not much older than you (15).
AARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! Oh my God! That`s unbelievable! My brother`s the same age as you and he can`t read that much over 44 days! Big Laugh Smilie
250??? Ha! I read that new Robert Jordan book(700 pages) in five days!!!
I suppose I could do that if I wanted to, but I prefer to really enjoy a book, not whizz through it in the fastest possible time. BTW, that book would be Crossroads, yes?
I hate CROSSROADS!!! Mad Smilie
I don't think it's based on the soap opera of the same name (BENNY!!!) but at this point I'd just like to say that when I was 11 I read Lotr in less than a week, however,I didn't get a lot of sleep that week.
lol!! Big Laugh Smilie !! Now I wouldn`t sacrefise my sleep for a book, sorry... Wink Smilie
And that's where we differ, I've always read at night, and more often than not, I used to be up til about 4:30 am if I got into a book, you just have to know what happened next. Still happens with LOTR, I can go nice and slow through FOtr (3 or 4 days) but then TTT and ROTK go in a night each, cos for some reason I can't stop reading them.
Of course, this has all changed a bit in the last 3 years, as I now have to get up for work at 4:30 am, so it's just not practical.
Yeah, well make sure it keeps that way, because we don`t want you late for work and getting sacked, do we now?

I would read at night but I have to get up early in the morning for school. Sad Smilie Well, look on the bright side, when we`ve retired, we can read all we want, night and day, 24/7!! Big Laugh Smilie

Oh, by the way, I`m on page 177 of the trilogy. Still on FOTR. I`d like to take my time reading it though. Chapter 11! STRIDER! Big Smile Smilie

Aule, have you finished that book you`ve been reading yet? When can you start reading FOTR or the trilogy?

(I hope that`s soon, I can`t wait to start reading with you! It`ll be fun. Do you still want to do that? I understand if you don`t.)

[Edited on 18/4/2003 by Sheryl]
Listen here everybody! This was a thread to give support to Sheryl to read the books.....not to discuss others!!! And by the way Stony....I read The Hobbit when I was 7yrs old and then The Silmarillion at age 10! then I re-read The Sil. and then The Hobbit and then I read LOTR at age Sheryl I am not like saying that you have to read it at a young age....I meant that you SHOULD read them because they are great and I personally do not think that PJ has done them justice!!!
Well Sheryl I am ready now!
I started I am on chapter 3 - Three is a company!(or something like the translated version the chapter is called: Tres faciunt something which might mean Three is a company in Latin!)

So we can start updating where we are in the I am reading it with you now Sheryl...just as I promised...

By the way say that you have little time for reading.....well I know what you are talking about because I feel the same when reading it when I have alot of tests these following weeks.....but I manage to squeeze in some time for me to read....And it hasn’t affected my education...yetTongue Smilie
Sheryl??? Which chapture are you on? I am on chapter something....The House of Tom Bombadill!

Well come on Sheryl....where are you??
I was only 11 when i first read it. That was in one day as well, so now you have no excuse. I want three chapters a week or we will stop water bombing you in grumble grumble whateveer it's called! We also won't accept attacks from you!
Oh yes but unless Plastic, Sheryl and me start saving up pensions we won't be able to retire!
Sorry Aule! Been very busy lately, some children and I are working on a long assembly to do with Ancient Egypt...Including complecated costumes. Very sorry!

Let me just check what chapter I`m on...*Sheryl checks...*...I`m on chapter 11:A knife in the 187, probably a different page to you.

Ty 4 taking the time to read with me! Big Smile Smilie
Make that chapter 12: Flight to ford, pg 192
Okey....haven’t read it in 5days because I had a major test today....but I am at chapter: ?? - In the house of Tom Bombadill

And Ross....I sure can read 3chapters a week.....since I can read 3chapters a DAY I surely can read more then 6chapters a week....Tongue Smilie
That was for Sheryl as I know she will have homework and sociallising to do.
3 chapters a week?!?!

I`ll barely do three pages, make it 2 chapters, I might just be able to do it... Big Smile Smilie
Ok deal!
Okay, I have a prob, I`m sorry, but I can`t ven read that much. Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie The most I can do is a chapter, and that`s if I`m lucky! It`s show term at my theatre school and I`m very busy at the moment. Sorry.

1 chapter? deal? Deal Smilie
Alright Sheryl....time to update!

I am at the chapter The Ring goes south or something like that....the chapter after the Council of Elrond....where are you Sheryl??
You`re kidding right, I`m still on the same chapter! Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Pg, 200
Now I am on The Bridge of Khazad-D’m.....I am sorry Sheryl but I really like the books and can’t stop reading them until it’s like really really late....

Which chapter where you on?
Update!! I am at the chapter: 'Treebeard'

Where are you??
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