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Well I do not understand....I see them and I compare them to real life....I think that Cate Blanchett and Miranda Otto are foxy ladies in REAL life though not in the movies.... But they were still good looking in the movies...GrrrrrWink Smilie
I know what you mean Sheryl, and I don't quite know why it is. Maybe it's just the surroundings that make them look slightly different, aside from makeup and all that. I don't know though.
I don`t like it really, because then you don`t know what person it really is and it annoys me. Mad Smilie Mad Smilie
They probaly got plastic surgery Big Smile Smilie !
I think it's make-up and airbrushing, sometimes men have to grow beards and women have to grow their hair out or cut, and it makes their faces look longer or high cheeked.
Who knows? Hollywood is all screwed up like that! Tongue Smilie Wink Smilie
Check out that site, it has some funny pics of actresses with and without make-up on! That person next to them, that's really them! Big Laugh Smilie Big Smile Smilie Tongue Smilie Wink Smilie Smoke Smilie
Lighting and makeup can really do amazing things...even to the point of making someone look like someone completely different. Now, if we all could carry around a lighting crew with us all the time, we look however we wanted the same way actors and things do. Cool Smilie
Big Smile Smilie I guess ur all right, I never thought of that oh well, I`ll try and use my brain next time and think a little harder...
Lighting and makeup can really do amazing things...even to the point of making someone look like someone completely different

Yea, I can look like a Gothic with a little make up on Tongue Smilie
guess ur all right, I never thought of that oh well, I`ll try and use my brain next time and think a little harder...

Good idea,Sis Wink Smilie
Big Smile Smilie dont worry, i will. Smile Smilie
As everyone else has already rightly pointed out, it’s all make-up, lighting, and airbrushing. You would be amazed at how much of a factor lighting is. Plus you have to keep in mind that by the time you see an actor or actress in a film, he or she has already done like three of four projects since that film, so actors, and actresses hardly ever resemble what they look like in a certain role as compared to real life. Plus actors, and actresses are always putting on weight, or losing weight, or growing out hair, or cutting off hair, or growing facial hair, etc., a lot of which hides true life facial features, its just part of the biz for them to constantly keep changing their images. They are real life chameleons, and acting in full-length feature films is the ultimate game of make believe played at the highest level.
Elf Smilie
OMG!!!!!!!!! Pixie Smilie Now that`s gonna give me nightmares! Wink Smilie
Holy macaroni! That aint exactly what I call "foxy chicks".... Super Scared Smilie
I sort of agree with you Aule, but I don`t look at girls the way you do. Big Smile Smilie
Wow,my mom looks like a model without her makeup compared to them. Tongue Smilie I hope she dont see that post... looks like they fell down the ugly tree and hit every branch, twig and little leaves on the way down....not to mention hitting the trunk of the tree a doussin timesTongue Smilie

Somebody probably went out of their way to come up with the least flattering pictures possible of these people. I shudder to think of what people would think of how terrible some pictures of me have come out. Tongue Smilie
OMG, those pics were horrible. That is why I don't allow my picture to be taken until I am COMPLETELY ready. Even Matthew has learned, not to even attempt it. He took one once with out me knowing and later said I looked stoned. I was perfectly sober. It was pretty sad really. But even I don't look as bad as some of those pic do. Kinda scary
LOL! well, I don`t look good in any pic! whether I`m ready or not...I`m just not very photogenic. I h8 having pictures taken, I hardly even let my mum buy skool photos coz I h8 them! There`s always sumfin wrong with them! It gets on my nerves...
Yay I found one who has the same none photogenic syndrom!! Don't worry sheryl, you're not that bad in pics, I'm sure (we had a deal remember, you can't say anything...) But maybe you should still accept taking pictures because I always said I didn't want to be on this picture or on this one.
Result : I have very few pics of myself and now I regret it because pictures are a way to immortailze instants you liked and you're happy when looking at them 20 years later... Sad Smilie
Usually Flo,Sheryl people are overly critical about the way they look in pictures,I'm not shy about having my picture taken because I don't expect people to just notice my messy hair or lack of eyebrows,but my smile. My mom use to not want her picture taken when she was young,now she regrets it! Wink Smilie
Well, I have photos of myself on which I look very well, and others on which I am simply horrible! And I never have any make-up - in my case it's the question of light, haircut, and the perspective from which the photo has been taken!
In My case , it depends on if I hide under the couch, if I put my hand in front of the camera or if I put a hat on my face...each has his ways huh?? Smoke Smilie
I don’t hate having my picture taken if I’m in the right mood....but usually I do not like the results when I do not take the pics myself and those pics I fear to show to other people...
Well I, for one, don't like to have my picture taken; unfortunately, my mother wants to have as many photos with me as she can, so I usually send her all of them!

right, well, I HATE my picture being taken! That`s why you`ll never see a picture of me! Tongue Smilie on a serious note, I don`t let my mum put up many pictures of me becoz I hate the results after they have been taken...*sigh* maybe there will b one day when we all like the results of our pictures, but the way life looks, maybe that won`t happen, but wot`s the point thinkin that...we should like the way we look in pictures...oh God, i`m waffling again, not sure I even make sense... Very Sad Smilie
hehe but you don't mind that someone sees you through a webcam sheryl, cuse I have!! But it is also true that I have ever seen a pic of you...
I hate pictures like I said, but in another hand, I guess I'll take loads of them when Ae will come in the alps... I want lots of souvenirs from it... Btw she bought her plane ticket for here!!! So happy!!! Big Smile Smilie
Flo, I no, I don`t mind as much thru web cam coz it`s aren`t coz usually u get ready to have them done, the more natural the better...usually Tongue Smilie
but Sheryl, if you want them to look natural then just be yourself and don’t get ready before you take the pics, since I have also seen you on the webcam and you are really pretty, I don’t see how you could look so horrible on a regular pic!
I agree with the last point Smile Smilie