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Did you know that the sticking up of two fingers comes from the battle of Agincourt, during the hundred year's war. It was a salute that came from the English longbow men towards the French, to show them that they could still fire their bows. As the French would cut of the first two digits off the hand in order to make the archer redundant. What is even more intersting is that my boss actually won a game of trivial pursuit by me telling him this fact, a day before he played!

The Egyptians reverred cats so much that they surrendered at the battle of Pelusium, because the Persians they were fighting all carried cats in front of them so that the Egyptians risked harming the felines! This lead to mass executions!

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Megalodon (meaning giant tootht) was an ancient shark that may have been 40 feet (12 m) long or even more. (There are a few scientists who estimate that it could have been up to 50 or 100 feet (15.5 or 31 m) long!) This is at least two or three as long as the Great White Shark, but this is only an estimate made from many fossilized teeth.These giant teeth are the size of a person's hand! Since Megalodon's teeth are very similar to the teeth of the Great White Shark (but bigger and thicker), it is thought that Megalodon may have looked like a huge, streamlined version of the Great White Shark.
Did you know that;

A sheep, a duck, and a rooster were the first passengers in a hot air balloon?

All of the Peking ducks in the United States are descendents from three ducks and one drake imported to Long Island, New York in 1873?

Each day, anywhere from 35-150 species of life go extinct? Shocked Smilie

From all the states, Montana has the most different species of animals?

Gorilla's have unique nose prints just as humans have unique fingerprints. They are considered apes, not monkeys. The way to distinguish between an ape and a monkey is that apes do not have tails. Gorillas can catch human colds and other illnesses?

Sorry if this is boring stuff guys! I find it vey interesting, so you'll see a lot of me in the future on this thread
Smile Smilie

Are you in this thread alone, Celeb? Sad Smilie
OK, i have something to add!
You can tell a male duck from a female duck by looking at the color of their beaks. If it is a lighter orange, its female, and if it is dark-orange, it is male! I had ducks, so I would know!
A sheep, a duck, and a rooster were the first passengers in a hot air balloon?

Kool! Really? awesome...
This is not bothering me at all, I find this very interesting I never did know the difference between a monkey and an ape. I feel as so I don’t have anything interesting to say tough, but here it goes any way.

Did you know that the kangeroo was named that because there were men that went to Australia and asked a man of a tribe what those creatures were called and the tribe member simply sayd ,,kangeroo" wich means I don’t understand you.

And the rest is history

Source: Somebody I know, at least acouple a years ago so I can’t remember who.

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Tardigradia, or water bears, are small (1.2mm) creatures that live in moss. Because moss often dries out in hot weather, the tardigradia have to cope with this condition.

When moss dries out, therefore, they retract their eight legs and desiccate themselves. In this cryptobiotic state they are able to withstand many extreme conditions, such as immersion in liquid helium (-272 C), Brine, Ether, Absolute Alcohol and many other substances. Once water is again present, they swell up once more and within a few hours are active again. There are records of tardigrada surviving over seven years in this cryptobiotic state with no apparent harm.
Delidia; I thought I was gonna be alone on this one but then you showed up and supported me! Big Smile Smilie Everything in this thread is supposed to be true, my sources are different animal books, so the sheep thingy is true yes Wink Smilie
Pesi; If it is interesting to you, it is interesting for us Smile Smilie
Good work folks! Thumbs Up Smilie
Guinea worms are a type of parasitic worm found in certain hot countries that grow just beneath your skin. Though the males are quite small, the female can be over a foot long and look like a vein beneath your skin.

Even with modern surgical tecniques, the recommended method of removing them is still to wait until the female is ready to lay her eggs. At this point, she creates an ulcer in the skin (really painful apparently) through which she lays them. She can then be very slowly drawn out by winding her out on a matchstick. Care must be taken, however, not to do this too fast unless she breaks in half. If this happens, she will withdraw quickly back into your flesh, die, and then cause gangrene.

Have you ever had a worm like that under your skin? That is just grose to think about.

I was wondering if it is ok to write about something else than animals? Well, if it is’nt ok just let me know.

At the 30th of june 1908 there was a horiffic explosion near the lakes of Tunguska in the middle of Siberia. Thousands of animals were killed in the explosion. Nobody can explain what acctually happend on that faithful night, but people who saw it said that it was like a giant ball of fire was flying across the sky when it hit the earth. People aren’t sure if it was an metior, an asteroid or even aliens, but one thing is for sure, the case still remains a mistery Very Evil Smilie .


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Hi again! Just popped in to say that we will stick to the subject "Nature" in this thread, so you can write anything you like as long as it is related to this subject. Volcanos, Earthquakes, Deep Seas etc. is highly approved Smoke Smilie

Val; A guy here in Norway actually drank guinea infested water protesting against the Norwegian goverment for not doing enough for the ppl drinking this water everyday. He will be expecting a worm growing out of his body in November(think it was nov). I saw these worms on a documentary some time ago, it was awful! Those poor people! Sad Smilie
Hmm...all worms have five hearts. Wink Smilie
At the 30th of june 1908 there was a horiffic explosion near the lakes of Tunguska in the middle of Siberia.
We probably better get a few more facts on this so the 'X-Files' type myths don't get in the way. Happy Elf Smilie

What was the 1908 Tunguska explosion? - by William K. Hartmann

Because the meteorite did not strike the ground or make a crater, early researchers thought the object might be a weak, icy fragment of a comet, which vaporized explosively in the air, and left no residue on the ground. However, modern planetary scientists have much better tools for understanding meteorite explosion in the atmosphere. As a meteorite slams into the atmosphere at speeds around 12 to 20 km/sec or more, it experiences a strong mechanical shock, like a diver bellyflopping into water. This can break apart stones of a certain size range, which explode instead of hitting the ground. Some of them drop brick-sized fragments on the ground, but others, such as the one that hit Siberia, may produce primarily a fireball and cloud of fine dust and tiny fragments. In 1993 researchers Chris Chyba, Paul Thomas, and Kevin Zahnle studied the Siberian explosion and concluded it was of this type -- a stone meteorite that exploded in the atmosphere. This conclusion was supported when Russian researchers found tiny stoney particles embedded in the trees at the collision site, matching the composition of common stone meteorites. The original asteroid fragment may have been roughly 50-60 meters (50-60 yards) in diameter.
For more info on this interesting subject visit his website at Teacher Smilie
Thanks for the link Grondy! A lot of interesting facts Thumbs Up Smilie
Did you know;

Studies have shown that classical music helps cows produce more milk.

A cow averages 40,000 jaw movements a day.

February 17th, 1930, was the first flight by a cow in an airplane. The milk that was produced by the cow during the flight was put into containers and parachuted over the city of St. Louis

Source: Check out this site for more information
Thanks for correcting me back there, my facts might be a wee bit old. Celebrian I was wondering if we shouldn’t state were we got the facts from?

Did you know: That the kolibri can flap his wings 8o times per second.

Source: ’slenska Alfr’’i Or’ab’kin

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That was a good idea Pesi, I didn't think of that... I just figured that ppl in here only used facts from reliable sources and therefore it wouldn't be necessary Look Around Smilie
But I'm with you on this! Okies ppl, please tell where you found the information.

Did you know;

Tornados travel at an average speed of 30 mph, but speeds up to 70 mph have occurred. Tornados usually move from the southwest to the northeast, but have been observed to move toward the east or southeast on occasion and can move very erratically at times.

Source; Have no idea, computer shut down just to be mean! *hate this machine*
The Cowbird is about the laziest bird of all! How lazy is the cowbird? So lazy that the female cowbird does not raise her own young! That's right, cowbirds refuse to build their own nests, incubate their own eggs or even raise their own young.

Instead, they remove the eggs of other birds from a nest of a different bird and replace the eggs with their own. About 144 bird species are known to have raised baby cowbirds in their nests.

The only bird that never falls for this trick is the American Goldfinch. But this is not because it is so smart, it's because Goldfinch parents feed thistle seed to their young and since this does not provide enough protein in the form of insects to the young cowbirds, they starve to death.

How did cowbirds become this way? Cowbirds learned to follow herds of bison for many miles over the prairies and plains during the summer. By following the herds of bison the cowbirds were able to catch and eat insects that were stirred up by the movement of the bison's feet.

Since the cowbirds became dependent on following the bison around for their daily food requirements, they did not have time to stay in one place long enough to build nests and care for their young. So the cowbirds simply deposited their eggs in the nests of other birds. A form of adoption?

Kinda interesting useless fact that you should know if your going on Jeopardy or something. Wink Smilie
Hey wow I just remembered a fact about 10 seconds too late! Did you know Man is the only animal that sleeps on its back.
Guinea Pigs have three toes on there hind feet and four on there fore feet!

Rabbits are Leporidae and not Rodents and as such are nearer to Felines, than any other animal.

Here's the weired fact of all. People in the midlands of England live on the flood plains and built on marsh land, yet they still wonder why every year they get flooded! Big Laugh Smilie

I sleep with my eye's open!
Scientist now think that Dinosaur's weren't wiped out by a comet but a methane bubble popping from under the sea causing instent green house gasses at dangerous level's

Dingoes don't run away from bush fires, instead they lie on the ground conserving energy and wait for the bush fire to come towards them when all of a sudden they will spring up and jump over the fire causing singhed fur but on the side where the fuel is mainly burnt up!
Pigs aren't as stupid and filthy as we think. Pigs are actually quite clean animal, they poop in a corner and leaves it alone. And if they are let outdoors in natural surroundings even the fattest indoor farm-pig starts to build a nest of grass and leaves.

Source: My dear Grandma and a documentary on tv some years ago.
Did ya all know that;

A bloodhound can follow a track that is more than 2 weeks old?

Camels can see where they are going with closed eyes? Their eyelids are lucid. This allows them to see even when there is a sandstorm outside.

To make the camouflage complete, the ice-bear hides its' black snout with his paw, when hunting on animals in the snow.

In 1800, the mummys of 300 000 dead cats where dug out from an ancient egypthian temple and shipped to Liverpool. There it was sold as fertilizer.

And thank you Ringfacwen Happy Elf Smilie

Source: One of my own books.

A cat has over 100 vocal sounds.
-A cat flea can jump 13.4 inches in the air.
-A sparrow has more vertebrae than a giraffe.
-Owls can't be heard when they fly.
-The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards.
-Cats only perspire through the pads of their paws.
-The whiptail lizard of the Southwest U.S. are all female.
-Bumblebees are deaf.
-Polar bears can smell their prey from up to 20 miles away.
-Houseflies have 8000 eyes.
-Dragonflies can reach speeds of 60mph when pursuing smaller insects.
-Only female mosquitoes drink blood. Males eat nectar.
-The beluga whale does not have a dorsal fin.
-Penguins only live below the equator.
-When cornered, the horned toad shoots blood from it's eyes.
-When diving down on prey, the peregrine falcon can reach speeds of nearly 200mph.
-Each gorilla has a unique nose print.
-If damaged, a spider can shed a leg and grow a new one.
It has recently been discovered that research causes cancer in rats. Big Laugh Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Tongue Smilie

You are in a room with no windows or other openings, and the light is on. You turn of the light. Where did the light go? Are there any left-over light lying in the corners? On the floor? And where did all the darkness come from?!!

Most people would find these questions silly, and not take them seriously. But if you replace the light source with a source emitting radioactive radiation, people suddenly of some reason starts worrying there might be left-over radiation in the room, even after the radioactive source has been removed...
50% of the worlds population have an IQ below average.

96% of all drivers feel they are above-average drivers..

In the Norwegian national lottery the probability of winning first prize is about 1:5 700 000. The probability of getting struck by lightening (pr. year) is 1: 5 000 000.....
All you need to make a radio is a long piece of insulated wire, one tin can split in two, and an empty toilet roll. Oh, and an ear plug to listen with! No need for amplifyers, or even a battery.
Astronomers recently discovered one sugar molecule in a stellar nebula many light years away. They detected it by a radio-telescope!


-Owls can't be heard when they fly.

-Bumblebees are deaf.

-Polar bears can smell their prey from up to 20 miles away.

-Houseflies have 8000 eyes.

-Dragonflies can reach speeds of 60mph when pursuing smaller insects.

-When cornered, the horned toad shoots blood from it's eyes.

-When diving down on prey, the peregrine falcon can reach speeds of nearly 200mph.

WOW Andrea!!! I never knew this!!! Incredible!!!
And GrevBukMcJern I didn’t know that either...I am gonna try that!
And by the way, Welcome to PT GrevBukMcJern! I hope you will enjoy this wonderful Tolkien site as much as I am!!
Woaw!! Celebrian, can I tell you how much I LOVE this thread? In Love Smilie
I can't contribute to anything, though, but I love reading it!!
The Voyager space probe is currently the man-made object furthest away from us. It is twice (or three times?) as far away as the distance between the Sun and Pluto. Until a couple of months ago, it still transmitted a faint radio signal back to earth. By measuring the Doppler-redshift, it was discovered that it was moving with a higher velocity than what was expected. No one have completely solved the mystery, but one of the theories, if correct, have major implications on Einsteins general theory of relativity!!!

Basically acording to Einstein, calculations using Einsteins equations and calculations using Newtons equations should yield the same results on such "small" distances as the solar system. But if the new theory is correct, Einsteins theory also applies in local systems..

Thanks for the warm welcome, Aul’. I'm enjoying this place alot!!

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No problem GrevBukMcJern! Hey by the way where you from?
Oh and I agree Aire this is a magnificient thread!!!
If put in a tub filled with mercury, a solid iron cannon ball would float! Bobbing gently at the surface..

Im from Norway. I live in a tiny place called Her’y, not far from a small place called ’lesund(which Celeb HATES). About 350 km south-west of Trondheim, which should be the only of the above mentioned places you have ever heard about!
Pluto is not actually a planet but a rogue moon orbited by another moon!

Jupiter is a failed star!

Saturn will eventually loose it's rings!

Uranus will eventually have rings as one of it's moon's is on a decaying orbit!

At the moment Neptune is the furthestplanet from the sun due to it's orbit tking it outside of Pluto's orbit!
hahahaha I can’t belive you guys can come up with this stuff!!!!
Acording to M-theory, a branch of string-theory with 11 dimensions instead of 10, it would be possible (and safe) to make your own Universe! In membrane(M)-theory we live in only one of many Universes, and any time we make(or not make) a decision, a new parallell Universe is created...

For those of you that have never heard of string- or membrane-theory, it is basically a theory that says: There are no particles and no forces. Only oscillating strings(or membranes). The swinging mode decides whether it is a electron, quark, meson or a photon..
When Alexander the Great was on his great campaign, he stopped at the banks of the Red sea to take a leak. (Even military commanders must obey natures calling)

Assuming (falsely) that his pee has by now mixed thoroughly with all the water in the world, every thime you drink a glass of water you would drink about 7 molecules of that pee...
Ha you'll have me argueing for the speed of darkness again. But my physics teacher had to wrong even his poster backed me up, wellsort of. For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. I argued the speed of darkness is equal to the speed of light, when their is no light there is darkness. He argued that darkenss was just the absence of light. I called him a fool and asked him why I had to teach the class the difernec between Nuclear fussion and Fission then! He droped his arguement!
True story.
I like this guy he's smart! Cool Smilie
Hey this is a cool thread! I'l have to come back when I can think of something smart to say! Big Laugh Smilie
Thanks to all of you for so many wonderful replies! I was afraid I had to delete this thread since no one seemed to respond, but luckily I didn't have to Smile Smilie

Aire and Stonehelm; I'm sure you will find something to post, just take a look around on the web and you will find many interesting and eye-opening facts. Or you can, as GrevBukMcJern, just be smart 24-7! Winking Smilie
Don't want to get in a discussion with him unless I know what I'm talking about Big Smile Smilie
If you had seen my grades, you would know Celeb is talking rubbish. I only seem to know things that I (or anyone else) have absolutely no use for...

She is somewhat right though, I'm just smart 24-7. Too bad I do not have any exams on the 24 of July..
Cold has many similar properties to dark, but it is ever so much slower.

In the summer of 1966 my workgroup invented De-Rigid-Ball ’ by threading the edges of two very large, ultra thin aluminum hemispheres, screwing them together, and adding a few cubic hectares of vacuum. Everything went well, except we forgot to accommodate any tie-downs and De-Rigid-Ball ’ floated off into space. On a clear night you can still see it an hour before sunrise, if you look to the southeast just above the horizon.
Im from Norway. I live in a tiny place called Her’y, not far from a small place called ’lesund(which Celeb HATES). About 350 km south-west of Trondheim, which should be the only of the above mentioned places you have ever heard about!

GASP! GrevBukMcJern is from Her’y and nobody told me??? I'm really insulted and disapointed! Or... nah... I probably don't know you anyway. And if you are from the so-called city on the other side of the bridge, then I don't really care *thihi* Wink Smilie

And ’lesund... if you take away the hidious dialect they speak it could be an ok place. Wink Smilie Oh well, back to school-work and projects... *sigh*

Another fun fact: Amari’ always writes piont in stead of point when typing and finds it really annoying. Wink Smilie
I'm from the other side of the bridge, yes, but not from the so-called city. Heaven forbid! But if you drive really, really fast through that bloated village, you come to another bridge with me on the other side. Big Smile Smilie

No, you don't know me, but thanks for the popcorn!
Soon I'll be known as Grev Buk McJern den Tyngre...
(To any non-Scandinavians out there, the name is from Don Rosa and directly translates into something like Count Belly McIron the Heavier) I

Me agreeing with your description of Eelstrait! Big Smile Smilie

What are you studying, by the way?

About cold; In neutron stars, a temperature of 10 000 000 000 degrees K is actually bone cold when wieving cold as the level of electron exitation. You find no exitation at all even at this kind of temperature, due to the extreme density of matter. The only way we can have non-exited matter on Earth, is by cooling to 0 degrees K,(ca -273 degrees C) absolute zero..

Source: A.C.Phillips, "The Physics of Stars", Wiley 2001.
I know now, Celeb (finally) told me. Wink Smilie

I'm in my first year of becoming an constructional engineer. Smoke Smilie

Fun fact: ............ (haven't got any right now)
Amari’ is in her first year of becombing a constructional engineer! Big Laugh Smilie

Oooh! An engineer? The three year variant or the five year? So you'll be fighting with Celeb then, when you want to build something that doesn't fit with her plans! Big Laugh Smilie

Constantly being falsely accused of being an engineer myself, I have a lot of jokes to throw your way.. Tongue Smilie

If only I could remember them..

Are you also studying in Eelstrait, or have you moved futher? I'm at NUTS (Norwegian University of Technology and Science) The acronym says it all! Wink Smilie

Gravity pulling on the atmosphere causes the air density to be thicker near the Earths surface than higher up. Not surprising..
The speed of light is slightly lower in air than in vacuum, and the denser the air, the slower the speed of light. Of some reason light will always choose the path that is the quickest, causing the rays to bend in the atmosphere. Therefore, when we see the first glimpse of the sun in the morning, it is not really above the horizon and will not be for two minutes! It's just the light rays from the Sun that has curved along the curvature of the Earth, and reaches our eyes. Likewise in the evening, we can still see the Sun two minutes after it has set..
Thats neat.

Whats is it, 11 minutes for light to reach earth from the sun?

I heard that the human brain is designed to never wear out. Don't know if that is really true or not though.
8 minutes.. 8.3 actually..
Teacher Smilie
1 Astronomical Unit(AE)=average distance between Earth and Sun=150 000 000 km.

c=speed of light=300 000 km/s

Time used: 1AE/c, = 150 000 000/300 000 =500 s
In minutes: 500/6o =8.33333... Boring Smilie
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