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Man, I'd say that the Orcs listened to that god-awful New -Metal sh*te personally, cos it suits them so well Big Smile Smilie
And the Hobbits, sitting around smoking all day would be listening to Orbital, or Tangerine Dream, or p'raps Hawkwind. Though they are quite folksy, so Maybe some Incredible String Band and Nick Drake in there as well.
And down in Rohan, they're kicking in the AC/DC cos they need the adrenalin. WHile Sauron sits in Barad-Dur listening to King Crimson cos he is prog rock personified Big Smile Smilie
And if the movie had this soundtrack it would be great! (Should have closed with Floyd's Shine On You Crazy Diamond instead of Enya, would go better with the scene).
Orcs would be listening to stuff like you make, Pman! :P
But you've never heard it cos you're too lazy to install a jukebox. So you wouldn't know :P
Providing none of them listen to Enya *shudder* Sad Smilie
I recone Saruman listens to ABBA Big Smile Smilie I can imagine it now....Saruman singing alond to Waterloo *grins* scary thought!
I like that picture best with Christopher Lee's Saruman ROFL!!!!!
D*amn! Got me there, P. Mad Smilie Smile Smilie
Good one, Halo! lol :o

What stuff would Gandalf be listening to in his walkwizard? Big Smile Smilie
Something from Pink Floyd's Ummagumma maybe, or perhaps Hawkwind's Warrior on the Edge of Time.
I agree, Plastic, Shine on you crazy diamond would have been a lot better at the end than Enya ( but there again, I am a Pink Floyd freak)
*decided to put in 2c worth*

I picture the orcs listening to heavy mettle, with appropriate "elf hating and mutilating" lyrics. Heavy mettle lends itself to evil, satanic prose so well!

I think the elves would listen to soft, Englebert Humperdink (spelling?) "Longer" type of stuff and classical.

The dwarves would listen to rock; the heavier the beat the better. Thump thump.

The Hobbits would listen to "country music station, easy listening"

The Humans would listen to all or any of the above. Lets face it - they are us!

(none of the above comments necessarily reflect my own tastes, of course)Smile Smilie
Hooray! Another Floyd Head! We need them to put Astronomy Domine somewhere in a LOTR movie, any suggestions where?
It's got to be the part where Gandalf rides Shadowfax full speed to Minas Tirith with Pippin. Astronomy's got that kind of galloping rythem about it.
I like that Idea, definitely need to tell PJ about that...
Also, i think that Sauron put barry White on, when the Orc's were mating, just to make as a little initiative.

Do you think anyone would have U2 playing a their tavern? I can see them rocking out at Green Dragon in Hobbiton. Or maybe they would play at some tavern in Edoras or Minas Tirith. Smile Smilie Smile Smilie
I think everyone's music preferences would be:

Aragorn: He listens to that pump up music like Rocky's theme and Eye of the Tiger, Man in Motion. "I'm the man" music. Secretly listens to Vanilla Ice during his workout.

Gandalf: ProgRock....brainy, grand, majestic music. He has a closet KISS fetish because once he went to a concert and loved the pyrotechnics on stage.

Elves: New age, Bach, Mozart, their music would need to be complicated and beautiful, harmonious.

Dwarves: they like metal or industrial with a pop twist....Nails? When they get on a soapbox (which is often, for they are a proud people and also very short and selfconscious about it) they pull out the Marilyn Manson. "THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE..uh-ahhh!"

Hobbits: They probably like country music or Irish folk music, also 59th St Bridge Song (feelin groovy). They headbang at Irish Rover concerts. They particularly enjoyed it when "Don't Worry Be Happy" came out, but when Belladonna Took (the adventurous one) bought Bobby McFerrin's next CD she found it just wasn't the same and gave it to Gandalf to place under the next round of fireworks.

Rohan: Mr. Ed theme song....hahaha. Cowboy songs like Sweet Baby James or Marty Robbins tunes.

The Roharrim: They like the Doors songs where Jim doesn't scream, it spooks the horses when that happens. Their theme song is "Riders on the Storm".

Gondor: Pop country like Garth Brooks and 80's pop metal. They also might like the Blues. Blue collar music, they work HARD. The rebels in Gondor like Metallica.

Boromir: I think this guy likes Bob Seger...he may be honorable but he likes the part about "points all her own sittin way up high." Also has been known to get ready for battle by listening to college fight songs. Liked Milli Vanilli at first (never told anyone about it) but when he found out that they had to give back their Grammy he secretly burned THAT cassette, because Boromir does not like liars.

Ents: ENYA in memory of Trees. And since they lost their "wimmen" they might like the blues and some of the old country songs about heartbreak.

Tom Bombadil: writes his own songs and sing em!

Sam: Folk music...hippy songs. Maybe Billy Joel and Elton John, John Denver. He's not as dumpy as he may appear.

Sauron: dark dark metal or stravinskyish classical. Listens to Yanni, but only before bed and no one else knows. May have liked beatnik jazz before he became a bad guy.

Elrond: This guy rocks out to Wagner and meditation music. When he's feeling nostalgic he gets out his old Motown records.

Frodo: he digs stuff like Hootie and the Blowfish and Dave Matthews, Sarah McLachlan. Pop, easily accessible but a little smarter, after all, he knows his letters!

Bree: these folks are a mixed bag of men and hobbits, coexisting in harmony. I would say they enjoy John Lennon and protest songs. When they party up, they like both Sly and the Family Stone AND the Rolling Stones.

Bilbo: Also writes his own songs and he is frontman for an elf music tribute band. REALLY likes that extremely long song about the shipwreck that Gordon Lightfoot did.

Arwen: DUH?? AEROSMITH! hahaha. she LOOVES her daddy. Can you picture Elrond doin the Steven Tyler strut and twirling his mike stand around with a scarf tied to it? Yet, he doesn't have Stevie's lips.

Gollum: He thinks Michael Jackson is just (can I say it?) precious! He can definitely relate to all those changes in MJ's appearance. Didn't like the song Man in the Mirror though.

Galadriel: Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins, Carole King, definitely the female powerhouse songwriters... also Annie Lennox, and Aretha Franklin...R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Legolas: YEP Dan Fogelburg it is, James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkel and Jim Croce too. All that sensitive storytelling stuff from the 70s. Also known to listen to U2 and RATM when he is particularly fired up. Went through a George Michael phase but it didn't last very long.

Merry and Pippen: TV theme songs. "Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful ship." as well as a great number of cartoon themes. "If nautical mayhem be something you wish (SPONGE! BOB! SQUARE! PANTS!) then hop on the deck and flop like a fish!" Jane's Addiction "Been Caught Stealing". After their coming of age, they discovered Weird Al.

The Black Riders: these guys are tough. They are former Kings after all, their music would not be stuff that commoners enjoy. And yet they are let's just make them listen to Whitney Houston, Will Smith, and Celine Dion, even if only because we know they will hate it.

Several people mentioned the orcs. Um. It could be argued that they don't listen to music at all because their hearts are so FULL OF HATE that there is NO ROOM for beauty no matter how you define it and all music has a quality of beauty to it... If they listen to anything it's got to be death metal or gansta rap, the really mean stuff. During mating, they bring it down a few notches. I agree that Barry White is appropriate, also Prince and Madonna, and that new Nelly song "It's gettin hot in here, so take off all your clothes...!" After a particularly detrimental battle where they have lost a lot of troops, such as their little run in with the Riders of Rohan, they may make up for their losses with a little Marvin Gaye...."wooooooo! Let's get it ON"

Cool Elf Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
I have to say, because I know for a fact; having been at a lot of their parties, that the dwarves love their salsa. Man, if its Latin and kicking, they are moving. How do you think they move so much earth? They got their booty shaking all day. It's crazy because sometimes when you're approaching the mines it looks like the dragons are back. The mountain is smoking and shaking like its going to pop. And when you get in they're partying away, no time to shave or shower. It's just work and right to the party. You should see them dance. They dance hard bacause they don't care about sweating, I mean its like the more you sweat, the more you're respected. And you have to give them credit for their sound systems. Piping music to all those areas in the mines. Well, i'd talk more, but my sweat's starting to dry.. Smoke Smilie
To add to the Orcs listening to something, I would say............... 'Beautiful' by Christina Agulara. I don`t know how to spell her last name.

I don`t know if anyone`s asked already but what do you think Legolas would be listening to?
I don`t think he`d listen to something while he`s busy in Lego land. Big Laugh Smilie We all love him really.

Girls most of them, boys, no comment. Big Laugh Smilie
One funny thing that I must point out is that it would be cool if when Aragorn came to Minas Tirith to help them in the battle they would start the music Rock you like a Hurricane by Scorpions..... Big Laugh Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Yes Aule! Rock You Like a Hurricane would do nicely in a situation like that. Anything by the Scorps, really. Or something like We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions by Queen.
Heh, can you say CHEESE? Wink Smilie
Hey people about music please go to the prancing pony and to Orc song? and write your opinion please....I want to know what you think about it....

I mean that about Scorpion - Rock you like a hurricane would be a very good thing if you were going for some comic in LOTR....but I do not think that would be so very good in the serious thing they did.....well it would’ve been cool to see Aragorn in his full armor accompanied by Legolas, Elrohir, Elladan and Gimli with that background someone looks from the battle and says: Look and the BOOM HERE I AM TO ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE!!!! Big Laugh Smilie
I`ll ask again, I`d like to know what you think Legolas would think of listening to. Well what do you think?
I`ll ask again, I`d like to know what you think Legolas would think of listening to. Well what do you think?
Undoubedly Lego-lass would be listening to anything by Enya. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
HAHAHAHAHAHA Big Laugh Smilie Good one Grondy! hahahaha He would definately listen to some faggy music(I am not badtalking Enyas' performance in LOTR)
He is such a sindar! hahahaha But Orlando played him tough and cool!
So he has many different faces the little Legolass, Legolamb or whatever you will call him!Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
The Village People, Sylvester, erm.... Culture Club, and lots of Disco.... see my point yet?
Very Sad Smilie No I don`t see your point. I don`t think I want to know.
Macho macho man! I want to be a macho man! hahahhahahha Legolamb sings that ALL the time!
Orcs definitely listen to the c***ppy new metal stuff.
Men listen to the good 80s rock 'n roll or just Hard Rock.
Nazguls and Sauron gotta be Death or Black metal fans.
And Elves... Maybe power metal.
I hold In my hand, two tickets for the 28 March 2004 METALLICA concert at the Key Arena in Seattle, of course they are for my daughter, their her belated Christmas present. Cool Elf Smilie

I should have her get me a CD so I could know what all the fuss was about. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Metallica is not the big deal, if you had tickets for iron maiden, hammerfall, or helloween, I'd be excited, Metallica was good, but is turning to comercial.
I saw Metallica back in '91 at the Monsters of Rock festival, just before they released the totally sucky Black album. They still had hair, they still ruled, to be fair I was just in time. Oh and I saw Maiden there a year after as well Namo.
I was literally born listening to pink floyd, and I can't live a day without some good old black sabbath.
Good on you, Crystle. Two of my favourite bands there.... although I'm one of the minority of members here who pre-dates Pink Floyd..... (although not nearly as old as Grondy, who perhaps bopped along to Beethoven concerts when he was a nipper.) Big Laugh Smilie
I listen to various styles of music (except Country), but out of all the differents styles and bands out there my favourite are The Bee Gees - especially their earlier work (Dad keeps telling me I was born 20 years too late :elfwinkSmile Smilie
Everyone in Middle Earth listens to Blind Guardians 'Nightfall in Middle Earth' concept album.
Do you?
Well I do, and I think that is the greatest album ever been made
Sauron and the Nazgul listen to Mayhem, Emperor and Darkthrone.
Hmmm maybe. But i got this image of the legions Uruk-hai marching and singing along to "Pantera's F****** Hostile!!!"

Or Biohazard's "wrong-side of the tracks", for frodo and sam in mordor, morgul vale!

The Elves of Rivendell listening to "Air" or singing along to Neil Tennants (Pet Shop Boys) "west end girls" Big Laugh Smilie or Sauron beasting out the most camp version ever of "Erasure's" little respect! (or Wheatus cover version if your young n that)
Do you think Sauron and the Ringwraiths would make a good band?
no not a chance Cool Smilie
hey lord aelric are u still there,you are my type so can u help me