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Ask for a rain-check for a year and see how you each feel then. It all depends on your age, maturity, and druthers.

Because you had to ask, I don't think you are really ready for a long engagement with stay at home evenings and weekends. And you will each probably meet another while separated and change your minds, which will only cause one of you heartache or relief.

However, who am I to tell you what to do with the rest of your life, I have a hard enough time just running my own.
Tell him he's having a laugh, it'll never work, and then go through the whole painful process of breaking up now rather than later. Honest, it'll never work, i've been there.
Who am I to tell you how to run the rest of your life? Just a guy who's tried to run long-distance relationships and failed, and a guy who's tried long engagements and failed, so both at once, IMHO is doomed from the start. But remember, you don't have to listen to me, even if I am always right. Wink Smilie
Arwen its up to you at the end of the day. But our you ready do sign your life away. At such a young age.
Your still young live a little and don't get tied down. Long distance relationships don't work. I know this myself. While he's away our going to meet someone else and vica versa.
Theres alot of factors which come into play in this kinda a situation.
But I'm not telling you nothing you don't already know.
Arwen, you can`t really gain advice from me really, seeing as I`m only 11! Big Laugh Smilie But this is serious! I`m not sure whether you should, well look at it this way. But look at it other ways as well! 4 years engagement! Also you`re in different cities! How far away from eachother will you be?
Well I hate to get all ’doom and gloom’ because that’s not really my style, but unfortunately, I have to echo the sentiments that some others here have already stated. I have personal experience in the long distance relationship area, and it only ended in a crushing heartbreak, and misery for me. On the bright side, a lot of positive things happened for me as a result of that relationship ending, but then again I’ve always been the type of person who tries to make as many positives as I can out of a negative situation.

Like everyone else has said, long distance relationships don’t work! Don’t be naive enough to think that you can be that exception to the rule (like I did), because it will only increase your pain and suffering in the end. I think Grondy offered some good advice in terms of taking a ’rain check’ so to speak. Do not get involved with a long distance relationship, but at the same time wait and see how you feel about each other a year or more down the road. If the two of you are really meant to be together it will happen, even though that time may not be now. Life is long, and many things expected and unexpected will inevitably happen. It is possible for the paths that lead us astray to one day come back together again.
Elf Smilie
Its a big thing,good luck!
I would not and could not help you cause I do not know you personally.But,if you can imagine spending the rest of your life with this man,then thats one more step in your desicion.
Do what you think is best. You don't need anyone else to make that decision for you.
I will be in Dc, he'll be in NY, we'll see each other every weekend. it's not that much of a distance. really.. it's just that... form best friend to boyfriend, actually fiance, that's a big jump..... that's al...... i'm just a little bit scared.. he knows so much.......... lol.... too much..........
Good luck, whatever your choice may be, but one word of advice: see him as much as you can, you never know what he might do.

Please don`t let that comment turn you off of him, it`s up to you.

Make sure you both trust eachother and love eachother soooooooooooooooooo much, that words can`t describe how much! Big Smile Smilie

Good luck!
Ok this is my last post about this.... I made up my choice... and I knwo it's the good one. Big Smile Smilie
I'll be really happy.
Thanx y'all!
What was your choice?
What was your choice?

I guess we'll never know? Elf Confused Smilie
I guess so.

Good luck Arwen.