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OH PLZ HELP! I`ve got to go to get off the comp in 5 minutes... Very Sad Smilie
When walking, I like to eat even Fwench fwies, while warily wondering whether white wabbits wear weskits; weally I do’to be read using to voice of Elmer Fudd.
I tossed this off in about ten minutes, but you better not turn it in as your original work or your grade will be knocked down as it required spelling errors to work and your teacher will know it isn't yours. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
lol Grondy, don`t worry, I made one up, but I`m not saying it in here coz it`sstupid and I was hyper when I said it and I shouldn`t have said it, well, it`s not that bad...but still...
What is this thread about???
What is this thread about???
It is about helping Sheryl with her home work, which we all ignored long enough that she had to turn it in without our help. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Still if you want play, make up some sentences about yourself or someone else using alliteration. Cool Elf Smilie

Awesome Aul’ always assumes our answers are assinine or absolutely attrocious. No not really, but it readily resulted in fabulously fulfilling my rediculous requirement. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Happy Elf Smilie

Of course I don't actually know if the above was alliterative, but it was fun to figure out. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
That was good Grondy! Grondy the great guy... I'm not good at stuff like this, but if I think of something for someone I'll post it! Big Smile Smilie
well done Grondy...and yes, u cruel lot had not even tried to help me... Wink Smilie nah, it`s k...I usually come up with a plan in the end.
i think that ill post here

red robbins running through rotting roses remind me of ranglers.
Here's some advice : save your incoherent drivel for the "lets play" thread only.

Sheryl hasn't been here for 36 years, by Jove.
Oh really? This site existed in 1970, did it?
If anyone wishes to play 'alliterative drivel' here we will just have to someday move this tread to the Ivy Bush Tavern, but it ain't worth doing for only a couple posts at the present time.
This was fun...

Sally, who was scared of slobbering swamp rats, screamed as they scampered sideways down the steep stairs to stare at her simmering sustenance sputtering on the smoking stove. She sat silently still as the scoundrels squeaked and squealed with scandalous satisfaction squelching their stupendous search for slop.
lol at Eruwen's alliteration.

Many mangy Dwarves delved deeply below behemoth boulders, grimy gravel, rotten rock, and solid stone, secretly searching for glorious gold, glittering gems, and marvelous mithril, with which to greedily generate their huge hoard.

After Arwen acknowledged Aragorn's amorous ambitions, Elrond expressed extremely exuberant expletives, salient sadness, prodigal profanities and ardent agony to admonish any additional amative aspirations, insipid infatuations and picayune passions from Rivendell's rambling Ranger.
The Rohirrim rowdily rode to a remote ranch to rehearse the Riders ritual romp, relaying to run through rivals, rallying with rebels resembling Ring-wraiths, replicating rollicking Reapers rigged out in rented raven robes rippling at the rear of their robust Racers. Smile Smilie