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Has anyone ever heard of a Trilogy called His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman? There is The Golden Compass, THe Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass. They are really good books I am ready right now, and I thought I should share it.
I haven't read the books but have listened to the unabridged tapes. It is the story of how a young girl with a weird power grows up in a weird world that is in a dimension slightly different from ours.

Not a bad story, though Plastic Squirrel has said somewhere on this message board, that he gave up on them, in words slightly harsher.

To me the story is a little dark and it isn't a fa’rie tale, more a pseudo-sci-fi adventure, with a bit of fantasy thrown in.

I read within the last week, that someone is planning on making a three part movie of this, Pullman's trilogy. And no, it wasn't PJ. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I didn't think they were dark at all. I want to explain that the title: "His Dark Materials", does not imply darkness in any way. It is talking about the main focus of the story, which is Dust, or Dark Matter, which is sort of an elemental partical.

I don't know, when I read them, I did not get the impression that they were dark, it was about a happy girl who ran around Oxford with her daemon Pantalaimon. Soon, they were thrust into an adveture that includes Armored Bears and Witches, and in which they have to travel through other "dimensions".

You are right, I agree that it is kind of more Science Fiction than Fantasy, even though it is under the Fantasy section.

The only thing that I kind of dislike about it is the introduction of Angels and the Authority. The angels are just other creaturs that fight and stuff, but the Authority is kind of like the creator that an ambitious general starts a war against. Many say this is blasfemous and just a way Pullman attacks christianity.
I personally am very christian, and don't see it that way. It is just an author creating his own unique world, in which he decides he wanted to include Angels and Authorities, who's personalities and roles are very different from what we know.

Anyways, the books are kind of a strange topic to talk about, since there seems to be so much controversy about them.

I just know that I found myself falling in love with the characters, and wishing to have a daemon of my own!! Smile Smilie

Oh, and New Line Cinema is making the movies, and PJ turned down the offer to be the director. They are done with the script of The Golden Compass and are looking for a good director.
My son reckons they are better than Harry Potter!

But a moth!!!!
I liked the Potty series more better than the Dark, but neither are as good as Tolkien's work.
Stating the obvious.
I had to read 'Northern Lights' as a set text when I was in university (I'm a primary school teacher) and I couldn't put it down. I got very impatient waiting for the next two and loved them. I cried at the end - I hadn't expected it to turn out like that. I think they're in a different mood from Harry Potter and much better written but less accessible to younger readers. Last year I converted 2 children in my class to loving them too. I would recommend them to anyone although I know some people have difficulty getting into them. For example, my mother (who usually likes reading what I like) gave up because she didn't like Lyra.

Didn't like Lyra!!! She's my favourite character!!!

Anyway, I have the Amber Spyglass on hold, I am almost done but got to busy with school to finish it. I am kind of reluctant to read the part where the Authority is killed...I am kind of against that, but my 'openminded' side says give it a chance. Well, when I do get around to it, i bet it would be ok.
far from lotr obviously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Read few chapters better than harry potter
quit after around the tenth chapter.
Never read Harry Potter and the ORder of the Phoenix. It sux. THe rest are kind of cool, but she's getting a bit destyructive, killing Sirius and Cedric and all the others. Injuring, okay, but killing? And the whole osul being sucked out thing in the 3rd book? She's getitng over the top.
This is not the Harry Potter thread, find that one and we'll talk there.
Why not go to "frikkin" HarryJK"notalentplagiarist" if you want that twee public school garbage??? *rages*

So Angry Smilie

OK sorry about that, just venting!
Don't worry Aelric. Just try and save some of that anger til the next HP book comes out. And don't forget, if we're lucky they might kill the specky little brat off! Smile Smilie Ah, happy thoughts!
Have you read any of the Barry Trotter books? Find 'em if you can, their well worth the look. Barry's the ultimate Anti-Potter.