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Tomorrow morning is the day I've been dreading... my SAT day. 14 year olds usually don't get offered this honor. The only other person I know of who's below 17 and is taking this test is Kanan Miller, the geneus on the Jr. High. I know I should be proud of this, but I'm scared to death. I find it hard to type, my hand are shaking so badly.
Good luck with them Crystle. And try not to worry too much. By doing them, however well you do, you will be doing better than if you didn't do them. By taking them this early, even if you don't do well, you will get another opportunity next year.

Best Wishes with them Read Smilie
Oh! SAT was a piece of cake for me. I got 1620 on the first attempt. Maths is easy. Its the verbal that kills. Don't get scared. U'll get thru. U're only 14 btw. Dunno y r u taking it so early.
I took the SAT and survived to tell the tail. I thought I was going to die when I walked in that room, but afret the first segment, I was fine. Actually, I found the parts I did understand sinchable( thats not a real word, but I use it anyway). Vocab wasn't as brutal as I expected. I'm rather linguistic for my age. But I survived the dreaded SAT.
Got my test scores back(proud) did very well. I'm still lad I get to take it again in three years. I got a packett thingie from Johns Hopkins University. I really want to go to the summer schools, (at actual colledes!) but I'm never going to afford it. The courses are 3000 dollars each. I'm a little disapointed ( Very Sad Smilie Orc Sad Smilie ) but hey, If I save my pennies for the next twenty years I may be able to get through half a corse.
Congradulations on your test Crystal Caves! Guess what? i am 13 years old and in 8th grade. Ill be 14 in July 19. Im in 8th grade. ITs nice to see another teen!
If you happen to see Hobbit Hommie5, she's 12. Unfortunatly, I haven't seen many other lower teens. It's my birthday! 14 at last! Big Smile Smilie
Pleased to meet you too. So Im guessing you are in 8th grade right? Cool! Most of there people are like more middle aged lol. Im glad that im not the only young person in hur!
I like old people! Old people are cool! Look at Grondy for example, He may be a plumber in Washington, but he still has an awesome sence of humor.
lol! He knows everything about LOTR there is to know! Ask him anythihng!
Him and Val both! Between the Council members, you have a Tolkieneese Dictionary!
Ask me, ask me, ask me, ask me! I want to see how I measure up to Grondy.
OOO_KAY.... What about, umm. Hm. Oh yeah, now I remember! What was the second line of the song that Legolas sang before they were found by the Luthloren Elvs?
Look at Grondy for example, He may be a plumber in Washington,

I think what Grondy actually said was, he was from Washington and had got a bit plumper. Wink Smilie
Orc Grinning Smilie Actually I'm a lot plumper and though technically not a plumber, I have done plumbing repairs around my home and have designed shipboard piping systems for hydraulic, potable, storm, and waste water. And I know the two most important rules of plumbing: 1) Unpressurized fluid won't flow up hill, and 2) Don't lick your fingers. Orc Grinning Smilie
I'm sorry if I offend. I didn't mean it that way, honney.
Now I'm asking for your help. My fund raising for my Summer School Program. are about 1 grand short. We've managed to raise $2,000 to send me to U S Santa Cruz to studdy during summer, and to better one of our own little twisted kin, because we are all family. I'm really looking forward to going to a college this summer, but I may not make it! Any ideas for a fund raiser are appreciated. thanks.

Fornit some fornus