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I just bought a shortwave radio receiver and I was wondering if there is anyone else here that is as interested in radio as I am. I find it fasinating that I can flip a switch and hear people thousands of miles away in other countries. It is also cool to hear HAM radio broadcasts.
No, I have a computer........

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Boy...this is what is called 'dead air'. Ha Ha Ha Smilie


No,sorry I don't have one. Maybe I'll buy one soon. Smile Smilie
I've used radio's on the boats for years, first when fishing, and now in my current job. I think I'm the opposite to you though, in that I hate to think when I'm transmitting a message to someone, everyone tuned into that channel in range can hear me. I try to avoid using them whenever possible.

We have our own private channels where I work, but every other fishing boat that we board seems to be tuned into them. We are tending to use mobile phones a lot more now, but I know for a fact that at least one boat has equipment on board capable of scanning those too.
i like hillbilly music and i am proud!
I have a shortwave radio too, and I have attempted to listen to Radio Moscow, but that didn't work. Not that I couldn't receive it, I couldn't understand what they were talking about. (After two years of studying Russian, you would expect differently, but apparently not)

Anyway, I sometimes use it to listen to BBC radio, but not much else. It's fun though, yeah. Big Smile Smilie
Ahhh! Another listerer! Yes it is fun, I can't get Radio Moscow clearly in my area. But the BBC sure blares across the Atlantic clearly. 5975 mHz right?

I can get CRI, Radio Japan, Radio South Korea, and that filth from Radio Havanna Cuba very clearly. If there are any stations that you want the frequencies for just let me know!