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Trailer looks good, any input? Johnny Depp is a really good actor, and this looks Steven Kingish, so I'm gonna love it anywho.
I think it sound's okay. The trailer gives very little information on it. But I like Depp's acting so when it come's out I might give it a try. Smile Smilie
Johnny Depp is overrated, a decent actor - but omg what a nonsense "From Hell" was, what accent was that???

I liked him in "Ed Wood" and "Donny Brascoe" but the Pirates of the Carib, an oscar winning performance? Gimme a break... but what the hell do they count for nowadays aside from fifty dorrar in a china-town pawnshop!

Cool Smilie

(i just know i'm gonna get beasted by a bunch of hormone frenzied females - Depp's gorgeous...blah your just jealous...blah......... yes i am and so what)
Boring Smilie
I won't rip you, Aelric, I'll just say my two cents: Johnny is gorgeous. Now, why in the world would you be jealous of him??? Don't girls fall all over themselves when you walk in the room??? Very Big Grin Smilie
To keep up with the subject of this thread, I want to see Secret Window. Thought it looked like tons of fun (and, seriously, not b/c of Johnny Depp). I've only seen him act in PotC, so I don't have anything else to go off of.
My girlfriend won't stop bleating on about Colin Farrell and other Lady-boys like Johnny Depp & Co, (lady-boys/pretty boys - NOT real MEN!)

Nah really, i dont give a SH*TE, cos she mentions them divvies, i mention my undying love for Liv Tyler, Cate Blanchette (of the LOTR hunnies), Charlize Theron, Beyonce, Halle Berry etc etc etc... Man i do spread myself so thinly, all d'em lurvely ladies only one ME!

Tongue Smilie
Guess the ladies will just have to fight it out among themselves. Very Big Grin Smilie
I wanna see the movie to scare the living crud out of myself, but the fact that Johnny Depp's in it don't hurt. I saw From Hell. That was a wierd movie. It had some wonderful acting, and an awesome cast, but the movie is wierd.
Guess the ladies will just have to fight it out among themselves

You`d like that,wouldn't you? :P
Yeah? Well, some won't, for fear their fingernails might get shattered. (Not me, of course)
ummm...i was just a wondering...what does this have to do about tolkien?
Nothing this is just one of those threads that has nothing to do with Tolkien accutualy I don't know why CC made this thread!
So why did you CC????
This is a tavern, it doesn't have to be about Tolkien here. Obviously this thread is about a movie which is not out yet, starring Johnny Depp. Smile Smilie
No not really just about hot actors hee hee heee............. and I can think of a few but most are jerks.
I'm just shairing with the general public my thoughts, and fishing for feedback.
Yub yub! How are you doing CC??
Not bad! Let's not chat here. Last time, people got mad.
Okay then where??
Uhm, I donno. Wanna start a new thread for it?
Yeah. Let's start a thread called 'Chat.' I don't like going on chat. Probably because if I go on at school that means no internet for the next four years at school. That's the rest of my school life before uni. So let's start a thread for it! (It's probably not allowed, though)

Sounds good to me!!! Should I start it??
What about me? Remember me? Or rather, remmeber H.R.Boulter?

I remember that private message you sent to me..
Who me??? I don't think I sent you one. Good Morning Smilie sorry my brain isn't working right.
Doo de doo de doo. Secret window's gonna be a good one.
Hee hee I've missed you CC!!! So this thread isn't hopin no more whats going on?
its because that movie was just weird
Any of youz Americans folks seen the Dawn of the Dead yet?

Wondering if its any good, and if its anything like the original... probably end up seeing it as its horror, and i simply love the Genre!

Very Evil Smilie Pumpkin Smilie Wary Smilie

Dead Smilie Dead Smilie Dead Smilie Dead Smilie
I want to see Shaun of the Dead. Gotta be better than Dawn. It has Simon Pegg and other funny people in it including Dylan Moran from Black Books.

Cat Smilie
Haven't heard of that one yet. No haven't seen Dawn Of the Dead but I don't think I will be *shivers* LOTRs gave me enough nightmares and very nice nice dreams lol!
Dawn of the Dead is just a remake of the origonal, only funnier. The happyending is that 7people survive. If you've seen the first version, you'd realize how much comic releaf they've inserted. Every time it gets exiting, they crack a joke, and you let out a shrill, nervous gigle.
HAHA!!! I got a funny story to tell

My friends and I went to the movie theatre for a 7:30 show. We hung out there and then it was fnally time for our movie. WHen we got to the head of the line, the guy told us to go to theatre 8 so and of course we went in there.

When we got in there, we were talking quite a bit. The movie had just started. Rude people told us to shut up. Whne the movie was done, we realized that we were a half hour early then we expected.

Then it came to us, we went in to the 7:00 show! Not the 7:30!!!!! We were pretty furious and I still laugh at how stupid we were. lol

You stole my story!
Ummmmm okay........yup your insane! (no offense!)
I like movies.
ummmmm.........DUH!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..............................okay ppl talk to me talk to me talk to me hunny!
anybody seen goin to see Troy when comes out that looks like a good movie,and if u liked Pirates of the Carribbean the same people are making a King Arthur movie,about that CHAT thread,it sounds like a good idea,but u no how many other people will start talking on it and annoying u right,like me,darkicewarrior(were are u anyway?)and alot of other strange people.
Me and Buzby( Moonstarluvr10) went to Ella Enchanted. They compleatly Disneyfied it! We were all dressed up like Renesaunce geeks, and our thrown-together-in-5-minout outfits were soooo much better! They broke into a song every umteen mins, and they made the prince into some prittyboy moviestar type! It was almost nothing like the book. Not a bad flick, but there was a lot of differences.
Yeah there are but I thought it was great for
filming it in such short time!
Has anyone seen the trailer (or the movie) of?
Sorry ! Didnt name the Van Helsing.
Looks like a real good one. Haven't seen it yet, though.
tell me if its any good,BRAVEHEART RULES!sorry im just like the Irish guy,just no beard,MY ISLAND!seriously Ireland,its mine!Troy is a good movie,could be better,but a good bloody movie,RENNAISANCE GEEKS RULE! i would have worn a kilt with my claymore and scottish dirk(type of dagger)but they probably would just have me arrested or sent to the looney bin.everywhere oi walk is declared the looney bin,including my bathroom i enslaved the dust bunnies

king arthur looks like its gonna be an awesome movie,the Scottish RUle,yes i know king arthurs a brit,BRITS MADE MONTY PYTHON!yall r genius'