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I have moved this post from General Discussions under JRR Tolkien because it has absolutely nothing to do with our dear professor Tolkien. Moderator Smilie

Ar-edain37 Posted Wednesday 7th April 2004 (10:02pm)

This thread is about mine and other peoples journal entries,id like to ask any1 admirable or insane enough to have tried my strange hobbie #1 to please admit it so i may congradulate u on ur latest step towards the looney bin

please also feel free to talk about ur own odd journal entries and looney hobbies

(I once scarred 3 people fer life in under 10min.)

Tuesday Posted Wednesday 7th April 2004 (10:42pm)

errrrrr test test testing 1 2 3

i can't scare people in quite the same way you did but , i can be scary believe me mwhahahahaha

anywayz if any1 out there knows about where i can get info on the Battle of the Field of Celebrant, be much obliged. thankies

edain37 Posted Wednesday 7th April 2004 (10:51pm)

i didnt scare them i scarred them

now whenever those 3 hear an odd laugh or see an agenda theyll twich alot and start muttering things about me and my laugh (i altered my laugh just so it could supplement my insane actions properly and it was an odd laugh to begin with)

and there are few who can be as strange as me (yes joey i no i stole some of ur scarring material and im sry,and ill admit ur more insane than anyone else i no of,but me,shane,and, Darkicewarrior run some close races to u every now and then)

In fact this thread is such complete and utter nonsense I don't know why I bothered to move it all before deleting it. Moderator Smilie
i have succeeded in creating the most pure unaltered inanity in the world!HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! INSANE PEOPLE PLEASE JOIN IN THIS WONDERFUL STRANGENESS!HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Disturbed Smilie Disturbed Smilie Disturbed Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie Alcoholic Smilie
i seem to be the only 1 doing anything strange lately, if u do please tell me i need to know new ways to scar people before spring break is over,people might get used to me by then and my old material is dead or being copied by others