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just wondering if any1 was interested in acting as much as i am. and if any1 knows anything about the musical called Pippin (no relation to LOTR). but if u love to act or do drama, shout it out!!!!!!
I'm very interested in acting and drama (not rpg!!)
I used to dream about being an actress when I got older, but my location and amount of money in the bank cannot get me there...they say that nothing can stop you from getting what you want, but in my case there's a lot holding me back..and besides, I didn't want to get known only in Norway, but worldwide Tongue Smilie Being known here doesn't's a boring and uninteresting place and the A-list is really the F-list..but we do have great natureWink Smilie A bit off topic now I see!

Both Amari’ and I do some acting, but only on a amature basis, althoug we like to think of ourselves as the real professionals.. Very Big Grin Smilie
I've never heard of "Pippin", but maybe someone else has?
When i get kicked up in the air whilst demonstrating the silky and sublime skills that the God of football bestowed upon me, then writhe in agony upon the pitch clutching the offended body-part... get my freekick/penalty, then skip away like a care-free gazelle as if nothing as happened!

Thats about as close to acting as i get i'm afraid, but i do it so well... I believe they now call it simulation, in my day they called it cheating!

Big Smile Smilie
Well, im in high school, so i of course am doind amatuer acting, but i used to think about wanting to be famous 2.but of course every1 knows that the chances of that happening r near 0, but its not bad if u do acting as a "hobby".
I use to act out scenes in books with my sister and brother. Not to mention countless hours of acting like some famous heroine with my friends. Does that count? Wink Smilie
yeah sure, y not? as long as its something u love to do! i like doing it, but not lead parts, too nervous, thats how i screwed up my audition for the musical, i wanted a semi-lead part and froze during the song i was suppossed to be singing! eeek! horrible memory! i just wanted to die!
Dead Smilie
Only amatuer acting....and lots of stuff like you, Lady Fea!!!! Hours and hours spent "trekking the alien forest" only to hear Mom calling us in for dinner and realize the spiffy robes we were wearing were only old sheets. Wink Smilie A few plays here and there with loads of singing until my voice became so raw from so much practice that I would temporarily change from alto to tenor. That was always interesting (and still is), trying to figure out how to sing that high note with a tenor's voice.
Put on a couple "plays" for family members with my cousins and since we were all girls, I somehow always got stuck playing the hero's part...always wonder why I had to be a guy...... Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie
I used to do acting, I get alot of compliments when i do acting inschool too now. I went to a drama school for 2 years, this was the same drama school as Niki Dimarco from Eastenders was in, Emma Bunton from the Spice Girls and...i can`t remember the other one lol

It was fun. I performed at several theatres and did about 12 shows. I once performed down in the West End (London, England) at her Royal majesty`s Theatre. this was where Tommy Cooper died on stage, It was weird knowing that i had danced across where he had dropped on his knees and died, but it was a wonderful experience, i had fun and i would do it again.

ever since I was little, up until a few months ago, i have wanted to be an actress, but now, my dreams have totally changed hehe. Maybe some day i will be able to return to the drama part of things, i`m not sure yet. i`ll have to wait and see. Smile Smilie
I love drama. I am in all the community( i cannot spell) plays!
Hello. Yes actually I am an actress. I occasionally do stage management as well. What area of acting do you prefer? Stage, television, film, street? I prefer films but i mainly work in theatre. Oh i also do a lot of work in the dance arena, i recently worked with a friend of mine on her film about a dancer and created all the routines and that. That was fun.
Has anyone done anything we might have seen?
I did a great deal of acting in college, mostly musical theater.

Pippin was a great musical! It was a lot of fun, and I actually performed in some of the musical numbers!
I like the stage. Have u heard of Les Miserables (for short, Le Mis)??? our school did that last year and we have 2 weeks now till our first preformance. Its alot of fun!
What do you think about Andrew Lloyd Webber Creating a musical 'Lord of the Rings' that will go for roughly three hours? Would you see it?
I think it depends really. I might see it just to see if it is really different from the movies and books. i would hope it follows the books. but it might be wierd. what do u think Fox?
What do you think about Andrew Lloyd Webber Creating a musical 'Lord of the Rings' that will go for roughly three hours? Would you see it?
To do Tolkien's story in three hours would have to be done from Sauron's point of view, else there would be only time for a few of song and dances leaving most of the story untold. As Sauron was out of the loop for most of the story, it might work.

Then again, maybe this musical is about Richard Wagner and his 'Ring Cycle'. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I think it would be interesting. Watching little orcs prancing around and singing, you would go just for that. But personally i think that they are just riding the hype from the movies and it wont be that good. I would be eager to see the costumes and that (those types of things facinate me) because peter jackson and his peers did a fantastic job, and that will be hard to follow.
I wouldn't mind seeing it. It would be really different but who's to say that it wouldn't be interesting? Andrew Lloyd Weber doesn't do anything unless it's sure to be good. I'm into theatre and acting too. I'm thinking about studying at a tech school for media tech for film and tv sets. That way I could be involved in the business and who knows what could happen while working in the field? Big Smile Smilie
I love theater, but I can't act for anything, so I've always just been involved with pit orchestras. Pits are a lot of fun because you get to be part of the show, but only have to go to about half the rehearsals, don't have to dress up, and can mess around without getting in too much trouble. Smile Smilie
I can act! I played the cave-troll in FOTR. I made him die so melodramatically that everyone felt sorry for him and was in tears.... 'evil Legolamb!!! leave him alone!!! he can't be minded for killing that annoying, eye-rolling frito!'

P.S. : Elanamirkad, please change your avatar picture. It makes me puke everytime i see it.
Wow, a celebrity. You were really good in that film, the bit where you get shot with the final arrow, oh that was sad.
P.S. : Elanamirkad, please change your avatar picture. It makes me puke everytime i see it.

Virumor!! Be nice Wink Smilie Her avatar is very pretty and cute.. and you know it.
Elanamirkad: Please don't change your avatar picture. It's fun watching Virumor become anorexic.
Typical drama people, you start a thred and don't continue on with it. I bet your all out on a cigarette break (smoking is bad, and i don't wan't to get sued for endorsing it) So has anyone been apart of any productions lately? Anything at all? As i said in my first post I am a drama student at La Trobe University and I recently played Ophelia in a edited productoin of Hamlet Machine. It was really wierd and abstract.
I'm in a communtiy theater and the last play I did was Roger and Hammersteins' Oklahoma!. I was just an ensemble member but I got to act, sing and dance. It was SO much fun. The actual play is kind of retarded (so don't see it if you are thinking about it! just kidding! Big Smile Smilie ) but our choreography was awesome. In one dance number I got to be lifted up on one of the guy's shoulders! (YAY!!! Elk Grinning Smilie ) I didn't get a lead role or anything because my singing voice isn't quite there yet. I still have a couple more years till I might get a lead depressing! Very Sad Smilie So far I've been in the plays The King and I, Les Miserables, The Sound of Music, and Oklahoma! and in the spring I'm going to be in Les MIserables again.
Congratulations, I hope all goes well for you in your acting career. By the looks of it you have had a bit of experience and that will work out well for you. Don't worry too much about not having a lead role yet, you will. All good things come to those who wait, and train every single day.

Im currently preparing for an audition next week, if by some sort of miracle i get in i will be heading off to Japan for a year doing stage shows at Universal studios. However I dont think i will get it because there are thousands of people auditioning and only a handful of places. So im not getting my hopes up too high.
Awww well that's not the knd of attitude yoy want Fox! But that's SO COOL that you're gonna be going to Japan! I've been wanting to go there for SO long! I love all the anime art and scenery that Japan has to offer. It looks so diverse! And I've always wanted to learn Japanese. Well I like the music too...... I like everything about Japan! Tell us all about it when you get back! But hopefully you'll get the role and be writing to PT from there! Break a leg (as we actors say it!) Big Laugh Smilie
Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie I didn't even make it to the audition. The Sunday before my audition i dislocated my knee, and sprained my wrist in the fall, which if it was an acting audition i could have delt with but it was a dance audition. . Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Oh well there will be other auditions so im just going to keep on smiling. Big Smile Smilie
Awww, Fox, I am so sorry. Sad Smilie
But, as you have said, there will be other auditions and opportunities. With grit and determination, you will make it big time. Big Smile Smilie
Thankyou Rednell. It's nice to see support for fellow actors, everyone thinks that it is such a bitchy industry but i like to think otherwise, and if anyone has any auditions coming up let us know, it's great to hear what you're all up to. Oh and if any of you are looking for a female actress, 5ft 10, long black hair with an Aussie accent for a film just say the word!.................. Ahh, no, i didn't think so. Sad Smilie
Oh well until next time.
Umm, I'm an actress! Yay me! I have a major part in a play at my school, have to memorize all those lines... could someone give me a tip to help with my memorization?


No seriously, I don't think that there are any trinks that work. I think that the best thing is just to read the lines over and over, recite them aloud, keep the script in your pocket so you can review it.

In a sence just keep doing that until the lines invade your dreams. Wink Smilie
And when you can, practice standing in front of a full length mirror; watching yourself saying the words. Start adding a body language as you memorize them: else that which you memorize will become lifeless when presented before your public. In other words, be and feel the part as you are memorizing the words. Teacher Smilie
Hmmmm......memmorizing???? Exploding Head Smilie Me not so good at that!
Actually I've heard that the easist way to memmorize lines is when the lines rhyme or if they are sung. You wouldn't happen to be doing a musical would you? Well if you aren't just remain as calm as you can and improvise if you mess up. If you seem calm and get off the topic a little bit, that's WAY better than a giant pause in the script. Even if you make something up that's slightly random, chances are that someone on stage will remember one of the lines and save you from almost certain death by embarassment (It's happened to me before......). But yeah just read your lines over and over and put some thought into what the character is trying to say so that you know how to say it. Other than that, you should do muy muy bien Ice!!!! Orc Grinning Smilie
yep, I love acting. I've been doing it since I was a little kid and got a part as an orphan in Oliver.
Wow thats cool! I started when I was about 11 or 12 so I actually haven't been acting for a long long time. But the one's I've done have been pretty fun and I've learned quite a bit about the drama business. Though I seem to always land the kind of no emotion parts....Oh well. Ha Ha Ha Smilie What's the biggest role you've ever gotten Kilian?
Acting's one of my favourite activities. I go to theatre camp every summer. This summer, the camp put on a great musical "into the woods" as our final performance. We actually performed on stage in a real theatre with all the lightings and curtains and stuff! I played the part of the witch. They all say I was good at it. I loved doing it. The theatre makes my blood rise, you could say....