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Just a site I came over, kinda funny. Don't know if you find it interesting, but the ones who did this did a really good job. Take a peek and let me know. And if you have any links to similar sites Ctrl+V them here.

Ugly Zoo
I've seen it and it is great! Scorpion-mosquito! Mommy help me! Super Scared Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie
They were all great and I best liked the horned anteater and the elephaunt bird.
that one with the indian lady and the bulldog morphed together just freaked me out!!! I have a english bulldog so that could have added to that!!
Most of you have probably come across this one before.

I'll give it a shot though - funny stuff.

Lord of the Peeps
i've never seen that!! pretty creative I might say!! I read the Proluge!! I love the dead peeps!!!
ROFLMAO! Both are great! Dead funny! Big Laugh Smilie
how about it is extremely stupid but in a strange way funny Animated Wink Smilie

(Grondy only fixed the link.)
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Bugging you Happy Elf Smilie
I just came across this thread-the "Lord of the Peeps" is the funniest thing I have ever seen literally!
What does that say about my sense of humor? If you guys haven't seen it, please go check it out for some light-hearted comic relief!
I hadn't viewed the later chapters of 'Lord of the Peeps'. Good clean fun, though a little sticky after a rainfall. Especially as Peeps wear neither boots nor have hair on their feet. Come to think of it, what feet?
Silly Peeps.
Funniest Tolkien site in the world: Tolkien crackpot theories is really funny. Another funny LOTR thing is on, I can't remember exactly where.

HAHAHA!! Check it out! It's so funny Big Smile Smilie
By popular demand:

Warning! Animated streaming gif.
I liked the bears, too bad they didn't sing The Teddy Bears' Picnic.
You might want to check these out too:
Fraud of the Rings
This made me laugh - I tried the Tolkien webpage in Cockney and Elmer Fudd dialect.

OK then, what the heck :


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