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Thread: anyone make chainmaille?

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i've been mailling for about 5 years..
i mostly work in sculpture and tapestry, but i do a little jewelry, and i kick around the idea of a hauberk, but never start it.

anyone else on here maille?
i know icarus said that he's making some shirts.
dude at my school has a chainmail bracelet made it himself
i always wanted to make a chainmail shirt
but i'm too dumb
I've got a chainmail glove that butchers sometimes use. It's a really strange feeling when you run a knife across it though, because it still feels as though the knife is cutting you. It's quite amusing when you get someone to wear it and then slash them with a knife, because they generally think the blade has gone through.

Maybe I should have been an Orc in a past life.
Maybe you were.

Wiggle Smilie
Vee? What is chainmaille??
It's interlocking steel rings, joined together in such a way to make armoured shirts and tunics etc. Because of its flexibility, it was widely used by soldiers from the Roman times right through to advent of gun-powder weapons. The high penetrating power of guns, thereafter, made armour obsolete.
Try this community at Live Journal
Chainmail talk
No chain mail is a really long letter or e-mail that you are supposed to pass on to someone. lol Big Laugh Smilie
ive been making chainmail for a few months currently making a shirt i do jewelry and bout to make gloves...very easy
Wow a Newbie.

Nice to see you Lost n Not found.

Can I ask what it means?

That is really cool by the way.
I have a couple of sites about chainmaille and how to make it out there. One of them is Balthasars, this one is crappy i made it in like a day, and my other one is The Best Chainmaille Site in Existance hopefully I can officially publish this one. If anyone would like to help me with that email me at lucifersblind@hotmail. Both sites were made badly but check the second one update list on the home page to see if I added anything new.