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A few of us are having fun in the Writer's Guild with our story - Another Story - The Quest for the Straight Road. We want more involvement from other PT members - you don't have to write anything if you don't want to but you can make suggestions, constructive criticism, ideas, opinions etc in the sister thread to the story - Notes for The Quest for the Straight Road. In this thread we exchange possible plot ideas and other nonsense. Anyone can post there with something relevant to the threads. Anyone wanting to join in and write in the main story is also welcome although we have a problem at the moment with not being able to bring in any new characters (unless someone wants to be an Orc) and although we are each partial to our own 'character' it is not necessary to have a character. You could write for any of the characters as long as you keep to the bio and the story line - it is not a role playing game and we write as a team. Bios are found on the first page of The Notes, and every so often we post an update on the story so far. The latest one is...

Having found out where Aelric is and that Aragorn is the only one who can kill Thuringwethil, Drogba, Aragorn, Vaeltira and Etharion travel to the cliff and fight Thuringwethil. Aragorn kills her mortal body with the aid of Vaeltira's pendant and Aelric is released but very badly hurt.

Meanwhile, back at the cave........ Nilgaerien is blind and a bit mad. The ships surgeon, Urdon and a few mariners arrive. Dwarves want to look for Aragorn. Suddenly, thanks to Allyssa, a volcano erupts. Roland, Arkantos and the dwarves go to look for Aragorn and the others intend to go back to the Meneltauros for safety. Boats come for them. Amarie, Urdon and Daria go to the boats. Nilgaerien is with Valruin and she doesn't want to leave. Roth/Melvorion appears and kills a couple of mariners. The others row away from the island. Amarie is not happy. Valruin and Nil stumble down a gully and Nil knows Roth is after her so they run away from him and the others.

Some quotes from the thread - Another Story - The Quest for the Straight Road...

He raised Anduril high above his head and the stars above shone brighter, their light drawn to Anduril and a great radiance emanated from its blade. Those beast flying through the rays twisted and fell swiftly, their bodies consumed by the bright light. A great cry came from the depths of the caverns and Thuringwethil, feeling her children's death cries, gouged her hideous claws through the rocks. She gathered her great form together, and swaddling Aelric's puny body to herself she burst from her lair.

In her dreamstate Nilgaerien saw and felt Thuringwethil, the piece of her lifeforce that the vampire had taken, made her a part of the creature. As the vampire fought and died, Nilgaeriens body convulsed and she screamed in fear and agony, not knowing were she was.

He looked at the pendant still clasped in his hand. It was twisted and the metal around the edge had melted to form a smooth rounded lip. Was it mere accident that their paths had met and brought them together here or was this fated? Whatever roads this pendant had travelled, and whatever trivial use it had been put to, here had been its greatest feat. For something lost so long in the depths of Sauron's lands had , by whatever means, returned to its original allegiance. Aragorn murmured a prayer of thanks to Aule.

Something in the back of her mind bothered her. She stretched out her senses to the Gem, let its power rejuvenate her battered mind. As she connected to it, something else flowed in...she buried her head in her hands as Roth's cry seared its way through her mind.


She lowered her hands and reached out, feeling another hand grasp hers. "He is searching for me, Amarie. Melvorion. Even with the death of Thuringwethil, his will drives him on. I can feel his is all-consuming, it drives itself into me with every step he takes...and it's killing Roth."


"There was a young man, he had a scar on his left cheek, he gave me this befor he died." Amari’ reached into her pocket and pulled out a gold medallion. "He talked about his sister and mother, if I give this to you, can you make it so that they get it and let them know he is at peace?" The surgeon looked surprised but took the medallion. "Yes, I know who you speak about, I will see what I can do."

So come on, we are doing this as a writing exercise as well as fun. Join in! All you have to do is post your interest in the Notes thread.