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hey does any one here like ff or kh ? i love 'em both 2 bits!
I've got a FF VII campaign going, but it will have to wait a bit, for I'm worlking on Hordes of the Underdark at the moment. I had been stuck in FF VII trying to keep the train from wipping out Mt. Corel, but figured it out last month with the help of my grandson. I found Yuffie, but couldn't get into the safe so didn't find Vincent. From all I've heard, FF VII is the best in the lot, though I haven't played any of the others and my 700 Mhz PC is probably too slow for the modern ones.
Yes Grondmaster. Final Fantasy VII is the best of them all. I have played all of them.
Except the first 5.
But Vincent is a good character. You shuld go back and get him. His second limit is awsom. And his final one as well.
But I play it on PlayStation, not computer. I just hope they make it in X-box.
Auf wiedersehen!
Hi Evthianehtmire, I'm agree with u I love them both!!! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
yes my brother is right FFVII is the best of the FF range I recently found the came again in local shop and have started to play it again but with my time bein stretched I find it hard to get the time but stay with FFVII by far a superior game
I am a huge fan of the FF-series! *looove*