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I thought it would be nice to learn about other PT member’s towns.

Here’s mine

Chelmsford, Essex in the UK. About 30 miles southeast from London (about 40 mins on the train to Liverpool Street).

We have a Cathedral but we are not a city although we have all the points. The council are trying for city status.

Writtle Agriculture College has a worldwide population of students (my youngest daughter will be going in October to do a degree in Environmental Conservation)

The other Uni also has a worldwide population of students.

There was a TV comedy show called Chelmsford 123 shown on BBC. It depicted the Romans and Chelmsfordian interaction and starred Rory McGrath. It was quite funny.

Chelmsford was originally a Roman Town called Caesaromagus. Ruins have been found and apparently it would have taken about 5 min to walk from one end of the town to the other ’ we are a bit bigger now!!!

We are about 30 miles from Colchester another major Roman town.

The two rivers we have are called River Chelmer and River Blackwater. The Blackwater runs to Maldon-on-the-Mud, which is famous for its salt.

It’s a nice town but definitely not a holiday resort, but it's my home

Famous people around Essex
Boudica (Queen of the Iceni), Thomas Hooker (puritan who went to the US), Matthew Hopkin (witchfinder general), William Penn (Quaker went to US), Dick Turpin (Highwayman), to name a few.

If you would like to know more go to

Looking forward to reading about your town
Waving Hello Smilie
San Francisco...where do I begin? We are on the coast of the US, right on the Pacific Ocean (which is freezing!). We have two beautiful bridges leading into the city -- The Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge. I have to cross the Bay Bridge everyday to get into the city, pay $3, and it takes FOREVER! Traffic in our town is horrible. Sometimes I will take the train into the city, known as BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), which travels beneath the water, and for this I have to pay $4.85 each way...but I get tons of reading done this way.

San Francisco is a place that embraces diversity and culture like no place I have ever been. If I take public transport in the city, I can find myself surrounded by 15 different ethnic groups or more, or people who embrace all aspects of their sexuality, and everyone walks around like all of this is normal. I love it! The people I work with may have 20 different piercings, tattoos on every part of their body, and be embraced as genuises by those around them without judgment. Just to give you an idea of the diversity here -- my immediate colleagues are from the Philippines, Vietnam, Chile, China and Japan.

As for the weather in San Francisco, it's very strange. The fog settles right into the city, especially during the summer, so our summers feel like winter. The best time to visit SF is in September...beautiful weather! I live across the bridge where the temperature can reach upwards of 100 degrees, but I have to dress for 60 degree weather before I head off to work. You can walk one city block and have a 20 degree difference just within the city itself.

If you want to visit SF, you will have plenty to see and do -- check out places like Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf, Golden Gate Park, North Beach, Napa Valley. And we are close to natural wonders such as Yosemite, Muir Woods, King's Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Big Sur...oh, too much to name!
Awwwwww Maydmarion, you have made me feel homesick for my native Essex... I love Chelmsford and the surrounding areas although I hail from Rochford on the Southend side of Essex. My daughter did an Environmental Conservation and something-or-other as her Master's Degree at Bristol and she loved it so much she is now an Environmental Officer somewhere in North Somerset.

I shall be back in Essex tomorrow for the day but Southend, not Chelmsford.

I could tell you all about my current hometown of Bracknell but I'll wait until I have something positive to say about it. Hehehehehe.... (actually, it is not as bad as you might think but I miss the sea.)

Well..let's see...I was born in the San Francisco/Bay Area...but have since moved up to the foothills in Northern California to a small town called Diamond Springs. It is very green and was once peaceful here...but now it is becoming very busy. Population here is about 1500...but I am very close to a town called Placerville (Old Hangtown) and it is a tourist town. We have many antique shops and many bead shops also (I make beads and jewelry - my hobby).

Gold was discovered nearby here (Coloma) way back in the 1850's by a fellow named James Marshall. So we have tons of tourists. On top of that, I am only about 40 miles from Lake is a beautiful lake and resort area. Mainly it is know for it's skiing and snowboarding in the winter months and boating in the summertime. I suppose it's mostly known by all as a gambling town. It is right on the border of California and Nevada. Gambling is allowed in many Californias end up in Lake Tahoe for the weekend.

I have been here about 15 years...but I dearly miss the Bay Area and visit it frequently as I have family and friends still there (about 140 miles away). Plus I am a BIG baseball fan and we have 2 great teams there.

My desire is to travel in my future. I have only been to a few states here in the U.S. (Oregon, Nevada, Washington and Idaho)...and this summer I'm heading down to the soutwest (Arizona, Colorado & New Mexico)...but my hearts desire is to buy a motorhome and go everywhere!

What can I say about Sutton Bridge, apart from I've lived here for a year and a half and our boats are moored here? I haven't even been out in the place yet, it's so dead....

So I'll say something about Boston, which is the town I've spent most of my life in. It's 24 miles from Sutton Bridge, and like most places in Lincolnshire, surrounded by cabbage fields. It's close to the coast, but rather than being a seaside resort with sandy beaches, it backs onto the marshes of the Wash (where I work).

In the middle ages, Boston was the second largest port on the East coast after London, most of its trade being wool. Prior to this the Romans used Boston as a port to carry grain as far as Yorkshire. It was the Romans who initiated the draining of the Fens upon which Boston is built. From the riches the wool trade brought to Boston, the town was able to build the tallest church in England, Boston Stump. I believe that only Liverpool cathedral is taller. As well as financing the building of the church, thousands of bales of wool also acted as foundations for the church, preventing them sinking into the marsh.

We've a special relationship with our cousins across the Atlantic too. The Mayflower sailed from Boston carrying the Pilgrim Fathers, after they were imprisoned in the local Guildhall dungeons. I think, to be honest, the town possibly went downhill from there on as there's not a lot going on there now days.
Anneli said:
but I am very close to a town called Placerville (Old Hangtown) and it is a tourist town.

I love the area you live in, Anneli. It's a very beautiful place. I love to go river-rafting up there! Amazing! Oh, and welcome to PT Smile Smilie.
Catskill, NY...the home to Rip Van Winkle and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. This is a wonderful community, and much better than many I have seen (I don't travel much, though.). The nearby mountains are a spectacle many come and see from the city. Lucky Catskillians (native name), we see that spectacular sight 24/7.
Catskill is located about 40 miles south of Albany, and is a great community to visit.
I love the area you live in, Anneli. It's a very beautiful place. I love to go river-rafting up there! Amazing! is a nice area...small world! Oh, and thanks for the welcome Smile Smilie

(Grondy merely enabled the quote.)
Please - I'd like to hear about other towns as I know I'll probably never visit them. It was great to read about the towns above. Would love to hear and know a bit about Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India oh the list is never ending. You all live in such cool places Cool Smilie

Looking forward to some more reads. Read Smilie
I live in Tbilisi. It is the capital of Georgia, I don't think you know about it...
I think there is nothing interesting about it... only the most amazing thing is that it is very very old _ it was founded in the fifth century...
Im from Europe, Croatia ( the country next to Italy). I reside in a small village near the port city of Rijeka ( a city famous because our carnevals that are right behind Rio de Janeiro). We croatians are simple people ( some are too simple in my opinion).

I live in Jezero ( which means lake), it has a little marshy ground in the area. The tiny village of Jezero has some 40 houses (of which most are newly built). The village itself is in a big plain (field) with huge mountains on one side, and on the other some small hills that separate us from the coastlands and the sea. Their is a river some few kilometers away whih is very nice in the spring and summer. The mountains in the winter look like the White mountains from LOTR, so its beautiful to just look at them, or even better, go have fun in the snow up there.

I am also a Australian ( from my mothers side). I was born in Croatia, and we moved to Sydney when i was 1. We stayed in Sydney until i was 5, then we returned to Croatia. Its a pity i dont remember more of Sydney, but im planing to go back there( or to New Zealand), and your all invited to come with me!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Well there you are. Thats more of my life story than just a description of my home town but there...
its here now and i guess not many people will read it anyway.
guess not many people will read it anyway.

You'd be surprised Etharion Read Smilie

It sounds like a beautiful place.
I noticed that the current google ads were for trips to Croatia so maybe you'll have a few visitors.

guess not many people will read it anyway

Of course people will read it.

I want to find out about other countries. Thank you for giving me some information about your town. I have been to Dubrovnik but that was when I was 18, quite a few years ago.

Keep threading Big Smile Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Town... that's lovely. I'm not sure if the village I live in has got more than 300 inhabitants. It's a really very very tiny village called Stang and located in Lower Austria, about 100 kilometres south of Vienna. It's somehow like a place out of a children's story, maybe a tiny little bit like Hobbiton. Most people who live here are farmers, there are many fields and woods and a tiny church in front of which elderly women chat and talk about the latest rumours before and after every mass. As everybody knows everyone else round here, there are these clich’-like chatterboxes who always tell every tiny little piece of information they can get to everyone and that can be rather annoying.
In Stang we haven't got one single shop or an inn, for shopping you have to go to Kirchschlag, which is 7 kilometres from Stang and is called a town, although it's only got about 3000 inhabitants. (People living in towns like San Francisco or London or something that size are smiling now, am I right? Animated Wink Smilie ) But it's very peaceful, nothing exciting ever happens. The only thing to do is taking a walk on a path between fields and through woods or riding a bike (there are many hills and so riding the bike is actually a very nice thing to do).
There is no kindergarden, there was a primary school, but it was shut a few years ago because there were only eight children. So, for school you also have to go to Kirchschlag. I was lucky and could still go to school in Stang. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
On the whole, the village consists of farms, a tiny fire station, a church, the former school building and a few houses whose inhabitants work in Kirchschlag or even further away.
I'm afraid the village is about to die because many young people search for some work away from here and move away. (As I told you, in Stang the only career to make is being a farmer, and that's not quite what the young generation is very interested in.) But I love this little place very much and I think I'll stay here forever, even if I'll have a long way to work. Juggling Smilie
Booohooo. I can say nought but that I was born in Basingstoke and have lived there for all my life (minus the four years in Quito, Ecuador) and taht even though Basingstoke is rated the worst town in the UK, its not that bad...
(and by the way Ethy, now all the ads along the top and sides are about Croatia!)
I sometimes visit Basingstoke for the shopping centre (they have some fabulous charity shops close by).
Ithil, I think I'm moving to Austria someday, in fact I may be there this summer, I just find it fascinating.
Anyway... I live in Monterrey which is in Mexico, and it is in a valley between two gorgeous mauntains called "The Sierra Madre Occidental" and "The Sierra Madre Sur" and there is also "The Cerro de la Silla" which looks like a giant saddle, and the sun usually comes up in between the peaks... We have a dried river, and well a preserved area in the mountains where you can go and walk or hike or just have a picnic... there is also the Huasteca canyon, where people go rock climbing. There is also a natural cave that has become pretty touristic. The only horrible part is that the city has become pretty main stream, and industrial, so we have malls and shopping centers all over and buildings. I don't like it... but if you go to the residential areas, you may find it quite lovely...
I envy you Europeans...
The farming town I grew up in had at that time a cited population of 640 people. There were 3 grocery stores, two hotels, two barber shops, four churches, one bank, two restaurants, one clothing store, three service stations, and one tavern. Today I think the population is probably half that with no grocery stores, barbers, or clothing store, but with one restaurant, tavern, bank and two service stations. The local school population declined so much, that in order to have an athletic program, they had to combine with a neighboring (23 miles) town's school in order to field the major sports teams.
I'll be telling about the place where I reside currently in India. A very picturesque place Roorkee is. Its situated on the foothills of the Himalayas so its a pleasant weather there. Not to mention, you jerk your head up and you can see the mountains with all their ice-capped peaks. And not very far from there is a lovely place Mussourie, previously the residential town of the British army officers when they had colonised over India. That's a nice and lovely hill station what with all the waterfalls and lovely mountains. And I'm as much there as I'm in Roorkee.
Hey, Anatea!
I can really recommend visiting Austria to you, I like it very much and I'm really happy to live here... although it might be a little sleepy... I mean, Austria is not a very special country, but it's sweet, I think. So if you come here, visit me!! Animated Wink Smilie
But I also imagine Mexico to be an amazing country, and I certainly want to go there one day.
here the shops sell plastic gnomes and our bookstore only has the LOTR, the hobbit and the Silmarillion! here you can see real* Danish people!!!come to Solvang and eat some abelskeber!!

*real is here used quite liberaly and i really mean people whose grandfathers are danish and like to wear clogs and other "Danish" things

if you are danish and take offense to this post, you obviosly havnt been to Solvang Smile Smilie

P.S. YAY FOR MY 100 POST!!!!! Cow Sleeping Smilie Pary Smilie Birthday Smile Smilie Wiggle Smilie
I live in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. We are right next to the Mississippi River and used to have the only inland cape or peninsula or whatever in the United States until they blew it up to make room for the train tracks. Almost everyone here is either a hick or a redneck. Every other store sells antiques and there is a church on almost every street. We do have one university which is a pretty nice place and is practically the only reason this town exists. Spring and Fall are rather nice here, but summer is really hot and humid and winter is cold and dull. There is not a lot to do here that is not conected to the schools or university. The High School marching band is really great though, and more interesting places are just a few hours drive away. There is absolutely no reason you would want to come here, but if you do, bring plenty of insect repelent.

By the way, when I grow up I plan on moving to Australia and touring the country on horseback, camping in a different spot every night and not seeing another human being for weeks.
I'm from a little town called Mahopac, which is located about an hour north of New York City. It's a quiet place, where everyone seems to know everyone else. We have neighborhood barbeques in the summer, and beautiful parties around the holidays Standing Up Santa Smilie . Winter isn't as bad as some other places I've been to, but it snows alot. Summer is always hot and humid, with rain every other day. It's a town of small shops, and little cafes. There's a big lake, where I used to go swimming in the summer with my sisters when I was a child.

My family is still there, but I haven't been home in a few months now. I'm in the US Navy, so I don't get to go home all that often, which is the one thing that I don't like about being in the service. I hope to make it back soon, there is nothing like coming home to a town where everyone knows you. Wiggle Smilie
All the places sound lovely - the descriptions are giving me such great pictures, they make me want to visit. Somehow it makes you all seem so close, I hope this doesn't make soppy, I also think it's friendly to talk about our home towns - thank you Kiss Smilie
uhh no offence to me, you dont want to visit Solvang. actually, please dont there are tro many tourists anyway Tongue Smilie
Anyone hear of the little town of Detroit the motor city. The home of the Pistions. Can anyone say "DETROIT BASKETBALL." I don't actually live in Detroit, but I do live in its suburbia. I can't really describe it. Nothing exciting. It's suburbia. No mass transit...must drive everywhere...traffic always...but most everything you need is within 5 miles.
Isn't everything you need in Detroit within 8 mile ?

Very Big Grin Smilie
I'm from Muelheim on the Ruhr, Germany. i think you may not know it, but it's quite a nice place to live in. It on the borders of Duisburg, Essen and Oberhausen.
In Muelheim you can find the Castle Broich, where the princess Luise lived in the 15th century.
Yes, i think there is nothing more to say, but just take a look yourself at it!
My town is named Krageroe, its a small town on the East cooast in Norway (Europe)
it has nearly 11.000 people living there but during summer its 40.000 because of the tourist that owns houses near the sea.lots of boats here !!!
there are lot of activity going on ; its a very cosy place,with lots of shops, restaurants , nice places where you can go bathing, museums, churches, small streets that are impossible to drive in.
It takes us nearly 3 hours to get to Oslo( capital of Norway)
It as you probably know by now, a small comunity which I love
If you are nearby sometime, come visit Happy Elf Smilie I wish I'd lived in a small peaceful town like you guys...but I don't. I live in Toronto, the big city of Canada. It's very near Lake Ontario, and that place is nice and peaceful on weekdays when there aren't many people there...I do believe it's my favourite place of all. The lakeshore, where I'd look for pretty stones and pebbles washed up by the waves. I've a nice big collection. Birthday Smile Smilie
Sounds great !!I love to collect Stones ,i and Shells ts one of the things I always do when Im on the beach
Really? I love shells too! I have an even bigger collection of shells I got from the places I've travelled to (Spain, PEI, China, even some from Cuba my friend gave to me Big Smile Smilie )...I'm afraid you won't find many shells on the shores of Lake Ontario, though... Very Sad Smilie