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Most of us spend the best part of our lives doing jobs that we dislike so that we have sufficient money to live. For most of us our job is repetitive and boring, often involving hours of doing the same task or is physically demanding. When we are younger and unexperienced we cannot wait to leave school, so that we have our freedom and a wad of money. Often at this age we either do not know what we want to do, or we do not fully understand what our desired career actually involves. We are also often disappointed to find when we do start work, that the wad of money often does not go as far as we expected once the taxman and rentman have taken their cut. Frequently we find the career we have aimed ourselves to do is harder to find openings in than we had expected, and we are forced to do something else to make ends meet. Often we live our lives in the shadow of that failed dream. Some of us are lucky and get to do what we want.

So this thread's all about work.... What are our dream jobs? If you are at school/college, what job are you hoping to do, why, and what are your expectations of that job? For those of us who are already working, are you doing your dream job and is it what you expected it to be? If you are not doing your dream job, why not, and are you still aiming to do it one day?

And finally, what experiences do you have from work that you could share with others thinking of going into your line of work? Any advice etc?

I'll start the ball rolling with a few examples from my working life....

My father was a fisherman and from the age of four I used to go to sea with him. Growing up around boats and going to sea, I grew a love for this job and that is what I wanted to do. My father and those doing the job, however, advised me against being a fisherman. The hours were long and unsociable, there were no company pensions or holiday pay, and the job was notoriously unreliable. You might go for weeks or even months without earning anything.

When I was 14 a team of Marine Biologists chartered our boat to do some net trials. This work fascinated me so much I aimed my studies at becoming a marine biologist. Unfortunately, towards the end of my university days I became a bit disillusioned with science and decided to go back to my roots and become a fisherman. For 13 years that is what I did, but has my father had warned me, the pay was unreliable. In 1997 the job became so bad I could no longer afford to carry on.

Fishery Officer/Research Officer
In 2000 I was lucky enough to find my current job. As a former fisherman I had never dreamed of working for the "other side". I imagined being involved with law inforcement the job would also involve lots of saluting and calling my bosses Sir. This turned out not to be the case, however. Although maintaining a professional front, as a team we are surprisingly laid back.

My job itself has two aspects.... Enforcement and Research, both of which are totally different. The mixture is really nice, because you don't get bored with doing either. As a fishery officer I get to patrol 1000 square miles of sea in a 25 knot patrol boat, or race around in a 40 knot RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat). I have to board fishing boats, often being unwelcome, talk to fishermen, measure their nets etc, and occasionally book them for offences. This latter task is generally unpleasant, and not something I enjoy doing.

The Research side of the job (which I do a lot more of now that I am head of our research team), involves collecting data at sea from our 18 meter research boat. This involves using grabs, dredges and underwater cameras for deep water sampling, and more often than not, lots of walking through mud on the sandbanks. The samples I collect are measured (quite boring when you spend 4 hours measuring and weighing thousands of cockles and mussels). The data is then analysed in the office using computer software, and charts of the stocks created using GIS (Geographical Information Systems) software. Being able to take a survey from planning, to collecting the data and then being able to analyse it, and have a role in all aspects is possibly the best part of my work. A lot of jobs only give you the opportunity to do one part of this process rather than all.

In an average month, I'll possibly spend a week or two aboard the research vessel, a week or two in the office, and a week aboard the protection vessel conducting enforcement duties. Any given month will also see me go to a couple of meetings with other marine biologists (I even get to see the marine biologist who chartered our boat all those years ago) or updating my training (sea survival, fire fighting, first aid, RIB training etc).

All in all, it's a fantastic job which I'd recommend to anyone who likes boats.

Well, that's me. Anyone else.
My dream job is to be an author and teacher. A teached because of my genial personality, my love of children, my need to make people understand, and to support myself in case I don't make it as an author. I want to be an author becuase I love to write, and I have written a lot of things. :P I don't like the smell of fish, or when my dad puts the still living lobsters into the boiling pot of water ... IT'S SO CRUEL! So I probably wouldn't want to work around fish. Another reason I wouldn't want to work around fish is because I find myself unable to eat properly aorund them, especially crunchy things if their's sand nearby. *shivers*

I also wouldn't mind being the president, or at least getting my voice heard. Because there is so much good I want to do. But I suppose if I become a famous writer, I could voice my opinions clearly, and maybe, just maybe, someone would listen.

Every time you throw recyclables away, a kitten is hit by a double decker bus. So please, think of the kittens, RECYCLE!
Nice thread. And if any one doesn't mind, I'm going to tell about what I had been wanting to be ever since I knew I wanted to do something and how my thoughts have changed over time.

Airplane Pilot
Aye! that would be my dreaam job during my preteen years. I just wanted to be in an airplane and fly around in the blue skies. and so I dreamt of becoming a pilot. Since i haven't been on the job yet, I can't give my comments on it. But then my dreams crashed!

This was the time when I got myself fascinated with Universe and beyond. And till then, I still hadn't lost my love for flying so they both combined up and I dremt of being an astronaut and rocket off into space and see the things for real (instead of satisfying myself with glossy pictures from newspapers and books!) But my dreams never took-off!

My fasciantion with dinosaurs were the cause. But it was a very short-period dream and got buried with time.

Gaming Engineer/ Game developer
This is my current dream job. And I'm quite confident at attaining it. I just love games and can spend hours and hours at a console or a PC game and not want anything. I find myself most happy when playing a game. And also, if I can create my own games, I would not need to buy any. And that's the reason I'm doing my Computer Science currently. Wish me luck!

That's all folks!
A Nun
Was the first occupation. Even the priest was convinced that's what I'd do. I didn't. Not much to say about that....

A Nurse
Then I had my appendicts out (I was 14) and then I thought of all the yucky things you have to do..

Air Hostess
But alas - I didn't have the err shape for it Wink Smilie

A Mum & Wife
Yessss I made it - hehehe - I have 2 girls, but still had to clear up yucky things so if I had become a nurse I would of at been paid for it hhmmm ..... Yesss I made it better I got married twice (I did get a divorce first Ha Ha Ha Smilie )

Who said girls of my age didn't get stereotyped!!!!!!!!

I wanted my girls to have a choice, my oldest Gemma (20) works in HSBC Bank and has been asked to think of Management training. My youngest Kirsty (18) is going to Uni in October to do a degree in Environmental Management. As long as they are happy, I will support them as much a I can.

Finally - I made it I became a Goddess worshipped by all Ha Ha Ha Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Wiggle Smilie
I have plenty of plans in my life and I don't know what I should do. But I know my dream Jobs!

Game designer

Why buy Peter Molyneux's Black and White, Sid Meier's Civilization when you can create one and share them to people! Inspiration-I saw my mom sitting on the computer playing Dyna blaster.


At first I wanted to be a Philosophy teacher but for certain cute reasons I cannot be but become a writer/author.

Theoritical Phycist

Well the reason is secret, and why is still a secret. Why a secret I'm not yet sure If I want to be one.
I always wanted to own my very own second hand bookshop until I realised that it would be impossible for me to ever let a book go.
I wanted to be an actress up until I was 18. I got my wake up call when I was going into college and realized that the biggest part of acting and landing a part was luck. I didn't want to throw away my straight As on being a waitress the rest of my life, waiting for the big break. I was Captain of the Speech Team at my high school as well as the President of the Theatre Club. My best friend and I won many state competitions in duo acting and one act plays. I miss acting Sad Smilie. Oh, I do have a B.A. in TV and Film Management though...I was headed in that direction, but hated Hollywood.

I am almost finished with my masters and I planned on going on for my doctorate in literature, so I could become a professor. I have since become disenchanted with this though.

Higher Education Administrator
I currently work in the administration of a university doing space management. I actually really like it and I'm in a good position, once I finish my doctorate, of furthering my career in higher education administration. Every day serves up new challenges, every day is different, and I love working with the faculty and the staff -- interesting people! I have found that my hours and my pay will be much better than if I become a professor.

Of course, as most of us here on this site, I have been writing for years. I would love to write a novel one day, and I have had a few newspaper articles, short stories and poems published.

A nun, Maydmarion?! That's interesting...
If you could see me you would NEVER see me being a nun Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
If you could see me you would NEVER see me being a nun Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Why, are you wearing only a teddie over your tattoos, or do you have horns and a long pointed tail? Moderator Smilie
If you could see me you would NEVER see me being a nun

You know, Whoopi Goldberg said exactly the same...
Well I don't think tattoos, piercings and children are the traits of a nun and I suppose having a hubby (2nd one) is a definate no no hehehehe Animated Wink Smilie
Back in the old days (I don't know anything about these newfangled times we find ourselves living in) seems like married wives and widows occasionaly entered convents (probably out of necessity for their well being or their husbands). Seems like this is what happened to your somewhat namesake in the Sean Connery 'Robin Hood'. Possibly even to Eleanor of Aquitaine too; though I don't think they ever took the vows.
What exactly does a nun do? Do they get paid? And do they live in the church or do they live somewhere else? and what would happened if you decided you wanted to get married and did? would you be like shunned away by the disapproving, almighty nuns? lol such a fascinating people those nuns... I don't know how they could live without having a man in there life lol

Now watch I'll probably become a nun and then laugh at this statement...................

..................yeah right
Anyway, back on topic...
I do hope to become published someday, and I think my real dream job is to become a full-time author.
Otherwise my dream job would be an artist of any of the arts. I love to draw, sing, play instruments (the piano and the flute, but I'm not very good at either of them. I'm considering taking up guitar...), or acting. I guess not so much sculpting or some of the other visual arts... and I can only draw manga type stuff, but I do enjoy it and would love to be able to do it all day and get paid for it.
You have to give your old life up. The church becomes your family and they come first. You get a sort of wedding ring as you beome sort of married to God ( a silver one you have on the opposite hand to a married woman). You can train in teaching and nursing, not sure about other jobs (I suppose a stripper would be out hehehe Ha Ha Ha Smilie ). You can't be married to a mortal man and be a nun. You can become a nun after being widowed or divorced but can't have a hubby at the same time.

Not sure about pay, but you must get a token amount to live on - but what could you spend it on!!! I decided not to become a nun as I had to have my hair cut - so I suppose you can't be vain to be a nun. Catholics can be a bit er funny with the RULES. I am not supposed to go to church as I divorced and got re-married in a registry office. Holy communion is a definite no no. mum was widowed and was still not allowed to marry again in the church, it wasn't her fault my dad died (pretty sure he didn't want to!) but hey, go figure..... the RULES aren't really user friendly for this day and age.

Anyway sorry for going off on one.....I still believe in my God but the church needs to get with the times - please I hope I don't offend is not my intention to.....I'll shut up now! Ignore Smilie
About 2 years ago, I was well on my course to become an engineer with Electronics as the subject. But then things happened and now I'm studying computers... and I honestly don't think this is taking me anywhere! But, as far as the dream job goes, I've never really had one. I was just always studying because I had to study something... and I guess that I chose electronics because it was something that'd actually make me use my brain. I would have probably ended up in some company designing circuits!

Now when I look back on it, I can safely say that I've never really wanted a job. You know, all I want from my life, is the satisfaction of having lived it the way I wanted to and having enjoyed it! Why does one need a job? Well, to earn money.... My mom was just saying to me yesterday, if I'd be satisfied with a job that probably somone with a lesser ability than mine would deserve... Well, no. But if the job gives me the freedom to live my life my way... sure! I mean, I don't care about the money. I don't care about being famous... No. All I'd want would be to do something I like... To create something new and not work under someone. Money... now that it comes to it, I'd be satisfied to earn enough to get me enough food everyday and to pay all the bills. Possibly watch an occasional movie and from time to time, upgrade my computer's hardware! I don't want big houses, I don't want fast cars... They're all just luxury. I want money to be able to fulfil my necessities.

Thinking about it now though... I think I'd like to get into politics.. Surely. That's one field, where, if things go the way I want them to, I'd be actually able to do something good. I want some changes in the way we live. That's one field which can allow me to implement those changes. Other than that, I'd probably be happy to work as a programmer and possibly provide and manage the servers that LA86's gaming company would need Wink Smilie

Nope. I don't really want much from life... I'll be much happier to be just able to enjoy it!

P.S. I'd really love to be a teacher and I'm quite good at teaching too.
Catholics can be a bit er funny with the RULES. I am not supposed to go to church as I divorced and got re-married in a registry office. Holy communion is a definite no no.

oooooo Maydmarion! Living on the wildside! haha Heck if a guy came along in love with zeppelin I'd marry him too. haha just kidding he would have to love me more though lol wellll if i was second... maybe... just kidding
I see what your saying Floyd_n_milan, why do something you don't like all your life, when you could do something you really enjoy for maybe a little less money. Unless in Val's case where the money isn't enough to support you, but he found another job that he really likes that he is able to live on. So if you don't like something you should really try to find something you like, otherwhys why is it worth it?

I have always wanted to be a teacher, my mom is a teacher and I have gone to work with her many times and have really enjoyed it. I'm not sure though if i would enjoy it long term. I go to work with her one day at a time and I'm exhausted by the time I get home, think about that 5 days a week every week! I don't know if i could do it.

When I was much younger I wanted to be an artist. I thought you just got to paint pictures and do sculptures and it was really appealing to me. Now that im older i dont know if i could succed. Who knows it could become a hobby, probably will, I'm very creative.

Then me and my dad were watching one of the lord of the rings special features about model creators and my dad said i would be really good at that. That would be towards the top of my dream job list. That would be amazing.

another dream job for me would be movie directer. I would love to be a movie directer, i would just like to make some big epic film like lotr and just be in that expierance of the whole cast and crew. It would be alot of work and alot of fun. I love movies. It would be awesome to go see your movie and while your watching it thinking about all the effort you put into it and how great it turned out. That would be a great feeling. Alot of work though lol

By the way, Floyd_n_milan, do you like pink floyd? lol floyd i dont know i thought i'd ask just in case you did!!! Big Smile Smilie
Inwe, you're being forwarded here:
Pink Floyd Wink Smilie
well its time for my list of jobs.

First it was a Firefighter.
this is when i was really young and told stories of my great grandfather who was a firefighter and my middle name is his name.

didnt work since i cant do a cartwheel. still trying to do one now 10 years later.(but i can do a back handspring)

something i could do well at but not sure if i want to be one.

Medical chemist
Just dropped the idea cause I have gone back to my true love

Working with animals marine or otherwise has always been my dream and i think it is one of the two things in this world that bring me the most joy. the other being computers and gaming but I have wanted to be a marine biologist for 8 years and an animal trainer for 10.

Athletic trainer and take someone to the olympics, architect, palentologist, and game programmer.

this is what I habve thought of and i have narrowed it own to medical animals or gamming sooo
I am done rambling and trying to make up for the loss of loni.
Other than that, I'd probably be happy to work as a programmer and possibly provide and manage the servers that LA86's gaming company would need

Building castles in the air now, aren't we mate? Aah well, lets all keep our fingers crossed for the castle to come down upon solid ground.

And as for where universal grease is concerned (also known as money), its a necessity rather than a luxury these days. And where there is a necessity of a luxury, you can never feel the luxury of the necessity. Right! Am I confused? You bet!
Hmmmm, my dream thats an interesting thing to ponder. Over the years I have held many occupations in my thoughts as being the perfect jobs. But alas, none have come to pass as yet.

One dream job was to be a travel agent. I've always wanted to travel the world and meet new people; to see the landmarks and scenery that are known around the world for their beauty; meet the people of the area and sample their local cuisine. The best part being that you would get paid to do all of this, or at least receive some excellent package deals.

Another dream job was to be an archeologist. The thought of uncovering something that hasn't been seen by others for thousands of years is awesome. Plus you would be finding another piece of this grand puzzle we call humanity; and might even find the answer to some question that has eluded scientists for years. Again this job would require travelling the world and meeting new people from all different cultural backgrounds.

A third dream job has always been to be a teacher. That is one dream that I have been working diligently towards for the past two years. I work full-time for a public school district in their business office right now. But after hours I've been taking night and weekend classes to obtain my teaching certification. I am nearing the end of my course work and will be student teaching full-time this fall (Aug-Dec) in the area of secondary special education. This will be the final test and I hope my dream doesn't fail me now as my family and I have sacrificed much to get this far, and will sacrifice more this fall as I leave the paying work force to complete my student teaching. I am excited and nervous, but aren't all dreams suppose to challenge us to our limits at times?
I hope to become a teacher, because that's my dream job. I'm living in Germany and I'm very interested in languages, especially English. So I'll try to become an English teacher and the second subject may be German or Spanish (or Latin), but until that time i could have changed my mind.
In my mind good teacher have become rare and therefore I'm trying to become one!
I no longer have a desire to teach. It's just not appealing anymore. :P Instead, I want to head a company of breafast cereal! And gel insoles for shoes! Yay gel insoles! I still want to be an author thought. Big Smile Smilie Go writing! Power to the Pen!
I would love to learn Japanese then move to Japan and do something here...yes I say here because I am in Japan right now...I haven`t been on in almost a month and I missed PT so much...but I have decided that eventually I will live in Japan for a period of time by myself and have a job...I can`t say when, but I will...

P.S. I will be going back to the US in about 4 days and I am gonna miss Japan so much...I just might cry!!! Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Got The Blues Smilie Very Sad Smilie Shaking Head Smilie Orc Sad Smilie
I LOVE my job... I'm an Arts & Crafts Counselor at a Summer Recreation program (not bad for being in High School...) Kids are so great to work with and the other Counselors have become incredibly close friends. But I'd say my dream job would be something in History (not a teacher or historian) and Photography.
I think a writer will be interesting, although I cannot hope to be as skilled as some of the great writers (like Tolkien), I think I will have enough imagination and writing skills to let people enjoy reading. Read Smilie I'd also like something to do with nature. Maybe a birdwatcher (if there is such a job) or even better, studying Chinese Traditional Medicine. I've always thought those herbal remedies were cool... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I'd also like something to do with nature. Maybe a birdwatcher (if there is such a job)

There are actually jobs in birdwatching if that is what you want to do. The main estuary where I work contains several protected areas and is an important over-wintering ground for migrating waders etc. As these birds feed on the same stuff our local fishermen are trying to catch, I frequently have to have meetings with "birdwatchers" and other conservationists.

In this country (England) the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, and their scientific wing, British Trust for Ornithology, are the main employers of "birdwatchers". Other bodies such as English Nature (soon to become Natural England) employ a wide range of Conservationists to try to protect the English countryside and habitats etc.

Unfortunately, many "nature" based jobs tend to be reletively poorly paid, and difficult to get jobs in unless you have done a fair amount of voluntary work in that field. If it is something you really want to do, I'd suggest you visit any local nature reserves near to you and get yourself known by doing a bit of voluntary work for them. It always helps when potential employees are short-listing for interviews if they recognise your name from work you have done.
My dream job, or more acurately, my lack of one has been the bane of my life. I drifted through school with no real goals or aspirations, finding it more importent to get through the day un-bullied at shcool and un-abused at home. I had a very unsurported family life and was inclinned to drift off into my own dream world, hence my interest in fantasy, when I was at home I'd sneak off to some quiet corner and read more offten than not.
When I finally ran away from home I suddenly found myself in a bit of a prediciment, I was no longer financially supported at home and I had to eat, luckily an uncle of mine was part owner of a casket(coffin) making factory and I was able to start a labouring position there, after a few months, my bosses felt I had sufficient talent and offered me a cabinet making position and having no other ideas or offers on the table at the time I accepted and began a cabinet making apprentiship. This was all well and good but I found I was making mistakes too offten, though, having no other Ideas i stuck with it, and after several yrs became quailified. I have worked for many companys up and down the country and have suffered from the same problem, I make too many mistakes and after a while I began to feel trapped and unhappy. So, clutching at straws, I quit and got a job as a dairy farmer, having no real understanding of the effort and the huge change of lifestyle I was making. after only 4 yrs at this I knew that this wasn't for me, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figger out that 70-80 hr weeks @ 30.000 per yr just aint cricket. So I recently went back to cabinet making and once again It's just not working, I feel trapped and unhappy once more.
But, with the support of my partner, I decided to really think about what my *dream* job would be, and after several weeks I decided It was conservation, working for the enviroment. So I contacted DOC*department of conservation* and had a chat with them, unfortunately, many of their workers are volenteers and unpaid, but there are still many paid positions availible for those with the right quailifications. So, after many weeks of thought I have enrolled with the open Polytech and am about to start a enviromental science course, starting with a certificate in enviromental sustainability and perhaps finishing with a diploma in enviromental management. I've also enrolled as a volenteer at DOC for the weekends.
I certainly hope this ends my struggle to be happy in my job, I'm getting too damn old to just put up with 2nd best so I can pay the bills
The only advice I can give the younger menbers of PT is dream big and then make those dreams come true. Don't let anyone tell you you can't, and most impotantly of all, STUDY AT SCHOOL!!!!
Gee thanks Val for the imformation. I now feel as if that job is... hard to get. It only makes me desire it more, you see. Very Big Grin Smilie
No problem, Cloveress. I hope you get there eventually.

Hey Rhodry... good to see you again... and the best of luck with it, mate. You are doing the right thing with the weekend voluntary work. Conservation jobs are often in high demand so it really does help if a potential employer knows your face when it comes to short-listing. I have seen my own boss go through a pile of 40 application forms, most with similar qualifications, trying to shortlist four or five. The person who eventually got the job possibly had the least qualifications out of them all, but he was automatically shortlisted because we knew him (he was a local fisherman), and we knew he could do the job.

Before I got my own job I help in an advisory capacity for a couple of years on a couple of projects being led by my firm. When a job eventually came up, they actually asked me if I would be interested in applying for it. As long as you don't make a bad impression, getting yourself known really does help.

Stick at it Rho.... I'm sure you'll love it if you can pull it off.
it's hard to decide what exactly would my dream job be, but it is most certainly something creative because I absolutely hate repetative tasks

the carreer path I've taken so far (by going to the right HS) is one of a software developer, and I have quite some experience with it, I yearly go to a national wide competition and do quite well, but as of late I've found out that schooling to get an official proof that you know how to develop software is full of stuff that I will enver need to know (like learning about 30year old technology which noone uses) so I started thinking in new directions

so I've started thinking about art, not much experience and am working on getting better at drawing and such, but from what I ehar it's almost impossible to get a job as an artist so I was thinking about combining the two and become a graphics developer type person, like you know, designing logos, ads and so on...

but I dunno, I have two years to decide tow hat uni I'm going so i guess that's enough time to come to a decision
It's not my job but I just want to let you know my daughter (Kirsty, 19) starts University on Monday to do a 3 year under graduate couse in Environmental Conservation - she is going to a place where the studies are Farming, Conservation, Equine, sports etc.... Students come from all over the world to go to Writtle Agriculture College - which is only a few miles from us.

My older dauhgter (Gemma, 21) is in banking (HSBC) and has just climbed a grade - she has been asked to do the management course but she's not sure she wants it yet.

I'm soooo proud of both my girls, they are both happy and doing what they wanted Big Smile Smilie
Good to hear it Maydmarion..... That course Kirsty is doing sounds really interesting. I imagine competition for spaces on that one are high.
There are only 30 in her class, with ages ranging from 50 to those just left school. There aren't many courses like this around and it is quite new, only been going a few years- Kirsty got an 'A' in her Geography A-level, so got offered a place quite quickly.

Hope things work for her, all parents want their children to do well and be happy - sorry gushing again....!!
One of my assistants is leaving next month. The following advertisment will soon be posted... If any of you fit the criteria and are interested (or know anyone else who might be) please contact me asap.


A vacancy for the post of Research Assistant/Fishery Officer has arisen within Eastern Sea Fisheries Joint Committee. This post will provide an enthusiastic person with the opportunity to train and work within a highly motivated team, conducting a diverse range of research and enforcement tasks.

Eastern Sea Fisheries Joint Committee is the largest of twelve committees within England and Wales, charged with the role of coastal fisheries and marine environment management. The staff of twenty conducts research and enforcement duties from Donna Nook in Lincolnshire to Dovercourt in Essex. The Committee operates a 23 meter fast patrol vessel, an 18 meter research catamaran and three Rigid Inflatable Boats.

The Role

The post will provide the opportunity to participate in a range of challenging activities that directly influence the management decisions that ensure the sustainability of the fisheries within the District. Roles the successful applicant will be expected to undertake include:-

1. Assisting the research officer and other team members to conduct shellfish monitoring and stock assessments.
2. Researching the impact that current fisheries have on stocks and the marine environment.
3. The opportunity to work unsupervised on a variety of research projects.
4. Analysing data and preparing reports to a standard required by the Research officer.
5. Enforcing fisheries legislation, both at sea and ashore.
6. Acting as crew on the Committee’s vessels, including participating in basic maintenance activities and watch-keeping duties.

Required Qualifications

The successful applicant must:-

1. Have a scientific degree, preferably in a marine fisheries or coastal management discipline.
2. Have a full British driving licence.
3. As key aspects of the role entail working at sea for several days at a time, the successful applicant must be able to operate effectively on board a variety of vessels without suffering from sea-sickness.
4. As the role includes a great deal of physical activity, the applicant must be able to pass an ENG1 sea-going medical. In addition the successful applicant must be capable of conducting foot surveys on mud-flats, carrying equipment and lifting fish boxes. During surveys it is frequently necessary to work long, unsociable hours, frequently in adverse weather conditions.
5. Be able to use Microsoft Word and Excel office software. It will be of benefit if the applicant is also conversant with MapInfo GIS software.
6. Be able to undertake statistical analysis of scientific data.
7. Experience using Roxann Ground Discrimination equipment will be of benefit but not essential.
8. Prior experience working with boats and/or Fisheries will be of benefit but not essential.

Applications need to be submitted by the first week of January. The salary is about ’18,000/year. For more information check out the following website...

Eastern Sea Fisheries Joint Committee
Val, will they pay me to move to England from Dallas? Actually, I don't have all of the qualifications, I would not get it even if they did pay me to move. oh, well, such is life.


Hmmm, my dream job, would be to be a translator for some big corporation, or the governmeent or working with animals, I love animals. But the job that I really need, is one
where i can stay home and use my computer, since I can't drive.
This is an interesting thread! I can learn quite a bit about a lot of you by reading these posts. You could say that I am one of the lucky ones who is working at his dream job. Though "job" is not the right word at all. Job is the word we normally use for bringing home a paycheck and keeping ourselves off the street. So this is not a "job." I would say this is my career, or my vocation, or my calling.

I am speaking of the teaching profession, of course. I had leanings in the direction of teaching from early on. When my class entered 8th grade, we were told to choose our courses for high school based on whether we were going to enter college or go directly to work--I suppose with some technical certificate post-highschool. What does an 8th grader know about life and what kind of curves it throws us? All I had was the advice of my parents, my guidance counselors, and the requirements for entering college. I decided on a college prep course. Even though things changed and I didn't finish with all the electives in the plan, I have never regretted taking those courses. They were basically the old liberal arts courrses that help a young person get a solid hold on life.

Then, similar to Maydmarion, I had a different "calling." I thought I was called to become a priest. This is not too unusual among Catholic young men. But I had no idea of what I would need. The first and most important requirement is a vocation. This means literally that God is calling a person to the priesthood. No, it does not mean anyone hears voices! It means that through prayer and scrutiny by the seminary professors, a young man can be encouraged to continue the course, or encouraged to leave and find his real calling elsewhere. My eal calling was not the priesthood. I guess my wife is glad about that! And my kids! I should have realized when the people who knew me best told me long ahead of time what I would be best suited for. My dad always said I would make a great teacher. I was voted best author in junior high. I guess I should has listened!

Eventually, I found the old fashioned college I had been looking for and got some education. I started teaching in 1985 in El Paso, TX, as the high school boys' teacher. That meant that I had to teach all classes to multiple grades. Thank God we didn't always have kids in all the grades! It was hard enough with only 5 students. Some of the courses I was not proficient in so I had to find tutorials for the kids. But somehow I managed, and though I would never do that again, I did learn quite a bit in those two years.

When I was hired here in 1989, I was also returning to my college alma mater. I had daydreamed of teaching in the building and the very classroom that I have now. It's not that these are so great--far from it. Up till last summer, we had the same old windows the Jesuits had set in 1925! But I do have a nice view on three sides, and I can see for miles across the valley in this part of the state. I have a nice wall of blackboard--real blackboard-- that I utilize quite a bit.

But it is great to be able to follow the progress of students from grades 9 to 12 in my English classes. I get to know people gradually, and then when they graduate, I seem never to entirely forget them. Well, the names are hard to remember, but the faces always remain with me. There are so many rewards to teaching--the satisfaction of inspiring young minds, the joy of imparting knowledge that I have gleaned over the years, etc.

Of course, there are a few things that make it hard. And since this is one of the reasons Val started this thread, I must not fail to mention a couple of those. One thing is that teachers are never paid what they ought to be in our society. Well, in the private sector, at least in our schools, we never will be paid well, because the money just isn't there. But I have heard from other long-time teachers that they have always had a hard time making ends meet also.

Another thing is the papers. It might not be so bad for a math teacher or a science teacher--never mind the coach! But English teachers have to grade mountains of papers or else the students will never learn. I am not exaggerating. I got a notice from the office that my textbook forms were not in and that they were overdue. Well, I emailed our Rector to explain what I was doing with all my "spare" time. I did a little math--you know, even the English teacher has to know some math! I multiplied the number of assignments by the number of students and figured out how much was due and how often. I came to the conclusion that I have to grade 2100 papers PER MONTH! Somehow, I make it through each quarter without going insane--but maybe I'm the only one who thinks I'm sane!

I am in my 17th year teaching English here. So I don't think I will make any major changes, though I try to improve things each year. Parents come up to me, usually around graduation, and thank me for all my work with their kids. They tell me to keep up the good work. So if I have been buried in papers and going without sleep to get in the grades, this sort of gives me a boost. And the kids themselves never fail to say thanks either. That's somewhat peculiar to our kids here, but I'm sure other kids do that too.

I have to tell you what one of my classes did a few years ago. It was the day before Christmas vacation. I always break from the routine that day. Normally--and they all know this because I've been doing it so long--I read Tolkien to all the classes that day, after giving out candycanes to everyone. Well, one year, the senior class surprised me with a Gandalf hat made to look like the one in the movie. They also presented me with a home-made staff, and even with a beard! There were so many cameras flashing I said, "What's next? A spot on the evening news?" One girl had actually made me a Christmas card with Gollum on it! So I guess you could say they appreciated what I was doing.

I hope this post is not too long and that it helps others understand a bit about teaching. (Spelling errors courtesy of this redesigned format.)
No was not to long reading in fact I found it very interesting..
I have 4 children and they all go to school !! Im so gratefull to their teachers and what they are learning our kids.. You and the rest plays a big part of their lives ,learning
I think also that I have my dreamjob, I work with Autistic youth and have done that for nearly 20 years now and I still love that , It gives me meaning every day at work..

I found your post very interesting. I have done a bit of teaching as well. I worked in the preschool in our church for a year, and substituted there as well, where ever they needed me. I also substituted at the "big school" at our church as well. Then in January one year, one of the teachers got really sick, they discovered that she had Leukemia. I took over her 3rd grade class for an entire 6 weeks. That was very difficult and rewarding at the same time. It is an experience that I will never forget, or regret. There were times when I would stay up all night just to get papers graded so that the kids, could get them back in a timely manner. The hardest part for me was making lesson plans, there were times when i would make them too easy, and others too difficult. It took a bit of trial and error to get just the right mix for them. I believe that teachers have the hardest job in the world, and should be commended for all of their hard work.

My son is in the 6th grade, and he has had some really great teachers and some horrible ones as well. His 4th grade teacher, was horrible, and we both remember that year and shudder. I should have gotten him out of that class, but did not know I could at the time. 5th grade was much better. He had 3 amazing teacher, and I still, thank them when ever I see them. 6th grade started off, bad, just because of his math teacher. She was a right witch. We had a teacher conference and that did not do any good. Robbie has always had terrific grades. In fact on his TAKS test, he got a commended on all of the ones he took for 5th grade, nad missed having the top grade in the 5th grade by .02 of a point. Well, when progress reports came out he had a 54 in math. He came home in tears. He had never gotten a grade like that. HE brought it up to a 72 by the time report cards came out. So I had him tested, for the advanced classes. What they call the Eagle Program here. He passed all of the test, and the next report card came out he had a 99 in math, and it is a more difficult class. Now we have a great group of teachers, and he loves school again. I feel really blessed to have him in such classes with such excellent teachers. I am pleased that you are in your dream job teaching. We need more teachers like you and the ones that Robbie has had. I fugure 2 bad teachers since he started school in that that bad of odds. Bless you for teaching our children.

I see lots of mistakes in my above post, but I am not correcting them. Sorry folks.
Thanks to all of you for your kind replies. As you may imagine, I have lots of stories from so many years in the classroom. I'd be glad to share a few now and then if anyone wants to hear.
Sorry, Gandalf, I've been waiting for you to tell us a few. Please let's hear some. For my own part, working at sea often generates the occasional story too.

People often ask how many times I've fallen overboard, as if this should be a common occurence when working at sea. In fact I only know one person who has actually fallen overboard, and ironically, the boat was dried out on a sandbank at the time. He was watching a flock of Oystercatchers through a pair of binoculars at the time, leaned forward against a rail which we had removed earlier to deploy some survey equipment, and fell overboard. I was stood next to him at the time, and in slow motion saw him clawing at the air as he fell 13 feet into a muddy puddle. Thinking he'd break his neck, I rushed to get a ladder while at the same time shouting a Man Over Board alarm to the rest of the crew. As they emurged from the cabin, all I could hear was one of them saying, "Man Over Board? But there's no water", and a manic giggling coming from over the side. Fortunately, the lad was unhurt, found it highly amusing, and has suffered countless re-tellings of the incident ever since.
I can't top that Val, though I remember the time we had a submarine in drydock and a 6.5 earthquake occurred. You should have see the workers scramble. Those aboard were worried the submarine would bounce from off the blocks, the ones in the bottom of the drydock were also worried that it might bounce off the blocks or that the caisson would spring open causing a local tsunami, flooding the joint. Thankfully, neither never happened and the result was only a few bumps and bruises.

Another time we also had a worker fall overboard into a drydock; that forty foot drop was fatal. Orc Sad Smilie Seems concrete is less resilient than mud puddles. That was an anomaly, for there were safety barriers that had to be by-passed in order for it to happen.
The only time I've been to the sea was when we went to Lakshadweep back in '94. Great experience it was. These are tiny islands on the South Westarn coast of India. I remember having to climb out of the ship into the small boat when it was all stormy. All wet we were by the time we reached the island and so many people got sick from the ride. I absolutely loved the whole experience. Those huge waves and all! Great! The ship actually didn't return for the next 3 days to pick us up to take us to the next island because of the heavy storm. The great thing about that was that we got to stay for 2 extra days on the island, which wasn't a part of the tour package. There were these little cottages on the island, equipped with tv, fridge and whatever one would need. Everything worked on solar power. Great great memories.

Oh and there was this officer on the ship who was Marathi and from Mumbai with whom we made quite good friends. The fellow took us to the ship's control room. Explained all the instruments there, all the controls. Wow! That was cool! I really envy those people working on the ships, though of course, I haven't seen the not so good side of it. There must surely be one... is there?
Thanks for the invitation, Val. Now, to choose a story from out of the many that crowd my mind. I suppose I should go back to the first year I taught English here and tell you a funny one. Teachers normally use seating charts so they can get to know their students names and so they can take attendance at a glance. Well, that's what I do. I do not like it when students move around so that I can't tell who's present and who's not.

During my first year in English I, I had a class of girls (our boys' school is separate from our girls' school) which was unique, to say the least. There was one day when a young lady who sat next to my desk was out. Another girl (a blonde!) moved into the vacant desk as class was coming to order. I said to her, "That's not your chair. Why are you sitting there?" To which she demurely replied, "I want to sit next to you!"

Well, you could not hear anything for the next 10 minutes! The girls were laughing so hard the tears were running down their cheeks. I had to turn completely around and face the blackboard and bite my tongue so that I didn't laugh at the poor girl who had uttered that unfortunate remark. But I still had a hard time keeping a straight face the rest of that class period. Much embarrassed, she resumed her own place and never said THAT again.

If this is not appropriate to this thread, please let me know where you are moving it. Thanks.
Ouch, that poor girl, Gandalf. Did she ever recover? And dry-docked submarines in an earthquake, Grondy. That tops anything I can tell. Maybe there is something true in the saying, "ships out of water".

The downside to working at sea, Floyd? Mainly the long, unsociable hours you have to work. The thing about being at sea is you no longer work a "normal" day, but one ruled by the tides. Instead of a steady 9 to 5, you might start at 4am on a Monday, and start an hour later each day as the tides cycle. This also effects your mealtimes, as you tend to have meals at set times of your "waking" day. If you're up at 4am, all of your meals will tend to be 4 or 5 hours earlier than if you rise at 9. On the whole, I find the benefits outweigh the downers, though.

A Tale from when I was a Lad

I come from a fishing family, and one day when I was about 17, myself, my father, and my uncle went prospecting for new beds of cockles. This particular day, a very cold frosty February day, we were looking on an isolated sandbank. We left the boat anchored in the channel, and went ashore in a rowing boat with a small outboard engine. Anyway, after putting dad and my uncle ashore, I was told to return to the boat and make sure the fire didn't go out, and to have a warm cup of tea ready for them when they were done (as it was so cold).

I went back to the boat, but just as I got alongside the outboard cut out before I could get a line fastened. The next thing I know, I'm drifting back past the other two, down the channel. I had one shovel to be used as an oar in emergencies, and a long boat hook which I could use as a punt. Both proved totally inadequate at their respective tasks. At one point I dipped my hand in the sea while rowing, and it immediately went numb. I mean it was really cold.

After a while of drifting away, the tide turned, and I drifted back. Unfortunately, drifting out of control I was no use to anyone, particularly to the two I had left stranded on a sandbank. The tide was coming in quite rapidly by then, so my uncle took matters into his own hands and began wading back to the boat. Fortunately we had anchored her in fairly shallow water, which by the time my uncle got back to her, was about chest height. I remember seeing him getting deeper and deeper, gradually lifting his coat above his head to keep it dry, while hearing my dad calling encouragement from the shore (while keeping his own feet dry).

My uncle made it back to the boat, but struggled to get aboard. In the end he had to kick off a brand new pair of thigh boots in order to climb out of the water. I remember feeling huge relief as he rolled over the rail, got the engine running and slowly hauled the anchor. All the time I had been attempting to restart the outboard. Just as he came alongside me in the boat, it started. It didn't look good. He jumped to the conclusion I'd just been messing about. He's a fearsome man at times, my uncle, a bit like a bear with a sore head... And he wasn't happy.

Anyway, I picked my dad up and went back to the boat. At this point I was in a bit of a dilemna. Should I go aboard and face the flak, or should I stay in the relative safety of the rowing boat, and be towed back home, and avoid my uncle's wrath for the very long forseeable future. Tell you the truth, it was a close call. I was very tempted to stay out there in the cold, but realised I could not avoid my Uncle for ever, and being so, I might as well get it over with.

I went down the cabin to face his wrath. The fire which he had sent me back to keep going had gone out, and he was sat huddled around what warmth remained in the stove, dripping wet and very miserable. He'd took his trousers off, and was just wearing this very long, white T-shirt that came down to his knees. You know that feeling you get, when you know you are in trouble, but you know you cannot stop yourself from laughing. You know you shouldn't, but you just cannot help yourself. Seeing me trying to stiffle a laugh, he grunted something at me. To help me not to laugh, and to try and break the ice, I said, "That's a rare T-shirt, Ted."

"Yes, my missus brought me it to keep my back warm," he replied.

I just couldn't help myself. I knew I shouldn't, but it had to be said... "Did it work?" I asked.

"Why you little ****!!!!"

I was just falling about laughing by then, and seeing the funny side himself, he did too.
I like that story, Val! How many times have we all found ourselves in a situation beyond our control, and that make us look guilty? I'm just glad all involved in your tale got back safely.

As for the "poor girl" in my story, she was not embarrassed at all. In fact, she loved the situation she had created. I think that was her whole idea. I was the one who was embarrassed, as it was my first year teaching a class this size. If a girl tried it today, I would know how to handle it without batting an eye. But in those days, I was not so experienced.
My dream jobs:

First and foremost...
I want to be a children's author.
And I want to illustrate my books in watercolour.

I also want to be a young adult/teen author.

I have all sorts of story ideas for both catagories that I have been working on.

I want to be a cartoonist.
Foxtrot and Zits are the type I LOVE!

I want to be a 3-day eventer!!!
Jumping horses is, in my belief, the closest thing we get to flying here on earth.

But writing is the main one.

Oh and I want to have my own t-shirt brand.

Smile Smilie
My dreamjob would be: a translator
I'm studying for a Master's degree in translating and interpreting (2 more years to go) in English and Danish (I speak Dutch). To be a literary translator would be so much fun. Your job would be to read books...and translate them. I do not have enough imagination to write my own work. But when translating the work of somebody else you get to rewrite it in a different language and doing that you have to make sure that the translation is as fun to read as the original and you get to play with languag, which I find is an extremely fun and challenging thing to do.
That's sound very interesting indeed Mormegilofnargothrond Smile Smilie One of my friends is a translator in english and french ( She is Norwegian ) Think of all the good books you get to readRead Smilie
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