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yeah, so i created this language in preparation for my graphic novel which I intend on doing next year and was thinking that since many people here are studying Tolkien's languages it would be a good place to get some info on the language, mainly if it's constructed properly enough and if it needs more definition and rules

but do go easy, it's the first I've made and I plan on doing more, but for now this is it

note: this is running on my home server so it may be slow or experience other difficulties

so uh, thanks for all the info I get Smile Smilie
Impressive, very impressive, Swizec! Why did you call it Golgan, though?
if you look through the grammar and the dictionary you will see that Golgan infact means "god's tongue" that is to say "god's language"

and that's what it is, the first language on the world I'm creating, spoken by the gods Smile Smilie
Cool. I've never thought of creating a language before... It's very complicated work, isn't it? You have to create grammar, and pronounciation, not to mention the words themselves...

God's language sounds awesome. Why don't you write a bible in it next? Very Mad Smilie ha, just joking...
I'm writing a language too, and have been for almost a year. It's mostly just a bunch of words and grammar rules.

Tin’ ita L’ma: Silver Birch of the Lake

It's pronounced like it's spelled (except in some cases). Ti-noo it-ay Lah(as in almond)-may.

Made plural by adding "t" or "ut".
Silver Birches: Tin’t
Rivers: Rinb’rut

"ui" or "kui" to end.
Andrea’s lake: Andreakui l’ma
The oak’s river: A k’nui rinb’r

It's not that far along actually... but yours is great! Big Smile Smilie
yeah mine was created ina bout 3 days

it's not that complicated to make a language, it jsut helps to know many languages atleast a little, and me being a native of one of the most complicated languages out there sure does help
also i helped myself with wikipedia which provided a nise list of different tenses that I could rip from real languages Smile Smilie
but the vocabulary is killing me Big Smile Smilie

and Cloveress, as a matter of fact I AM writing a bible, but in english first :P

also when I will be doing the novel I will ahve two versions, each page you will be able to get in either english or native languages of the speakers...
*eyes really really wide* You're writing a bible? That's so crazy! You must really like writing... What's your native language? (to me, the most complicated would be french, you won't believe the troubles I had with it in school, grrrr.... but I'm sure others probably don't think so)
well yeah, you need to have mythology to back up the world you're creating right?

and I wouldn't know about the french, haven't done it yet

my native toungue is slovene, from what I knwo one of the most archaic in europe, or rather it has the most archaic stuff still preserved

also it's so complicated and weird that we learn it's grammar the whole time while we're in school Smile Smilie
So now you're creating a world as well? could be the next Tolkien...
that's the idea Big Smile Smilie

but imma be making it perhaps more complex than tolkien :P
Ladies and gents, hats off, I say, hats off... Genius Smilie
i applaud you, and the only thing i found on my first time through is

The masculine is formed with a suffix ae.
Example: mar - male water, marae - female water
You guys make me jealous! I've never had a knack for languages.... They all give me headaches, barring for the one I speak. Orc Sad Smilie