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I've decided that if i ever win the lottery i'm going to start up a dog rescue center.

Our local concil kennels are in the most horrible, appauling state. I would build, staff and badger the local council to send all their strays to me...

what humane thing would you do if you won the lottery???
what humane thing would you do if you won the lottery???

I'd make my own LOTR movie adaptation.

If PJ can make crap, i can too.
I would create shelter where any homeless person could stay, no matter the age, gender, race, ethinic group.
I'll start a group devoted to peace in this world (includes badgering Bush for the rest of his life) and stopping all genocides.
I'd change the unfair allocation of the food on earth. did you know that theoretically there is enough food on earth to make 12 billion people replete? it's just stupidly spread...
I would give the prize away to someone who needed it more than me Angel Smilie Angel Smilie coz I live a happy life as it is, I do not need more material things Elf Winking Smilie
I agree with Mellon, I'd give the lottery prize to someone else who needed it more than me... someone can call it an altruistic act, someone can say that in return I'd get the approval and respect of the society, but it's not true... it's just... unfortunately there're so many people that have so terrible living conditions, so it would be the better and the wisest decision to give this money...
I believe that if I won the lottery, and I was to philantropically dispose of it. I would donate one third to a Catholic charity, and the other half would go into producing a homeless shelter, which would be classy and well stocked with good food, and clothing. BUT, I'm a misanthrope, so in truth I'd keep it for preciousssss *strokes the large wad of bills, while grinning menacingly*
In truth I would probably keep it, but I would spend it on people I knew that were in need.

Friend need a new car?........boom....they would have one.

I can't honestly say I would give it all to strangers, there are to many people that I know that I could help with that amount of money.

that's a good thought, Stonehelm. most people think they have to help people in dunnowhere and don't see that others nearby could do with some help, too. what's more, giving the money to some organization you can never know if it is really used for some good deeds, there are often cases in which some people just keep the money for themselves.