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If you could meet one person, dead, alive, famous or not, who would you choose.

What would you ask or say to them?
I think I'd have to meet Tolkien just to be able to ask him what exactly Tom Bombadil was.
Oh Val .. I also wanted to meet Tolkien ... I would ask him if he could have continued writing about Frodo and Gandalf in the Grey H....
id like to like to meet.......god. if thier is one. and id ask him which god he was. then id say wot do i do now?
I agree with you Val and Mellon - Tolkien. I don't wnat the story to end. I want to know about Legolas and Gimli - Arwen and Aragorn (and their children) - Frodo and Gandalf in the Grey Havens.

I hate getting to the end of the book.....think I'll have to start again.

On a sad note, I would love to see my dad, nan and papa again, just to tell them I love and miss them. :o(