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I know I'm a little behind on the concert scene, but I heard on the radio today that Alice in Chains was touring again. I had also heard earlier that the band would not play again after the death of Layne Staley; I am happy to be wrong. It will be strange, AiC playing with out Staley's amazing voice to lend eeriness to some songs, but I hope they can pull it off.

Is anyone seeing (or has seen) them in concert?
Oh boy oh boy!!! I absolutely LOVE Alice In Chains!!! It's times like these that make me wish I wasn't in India! I'm even going to miss the Blind Guardian tour later this year Sad Smilie Oh well. I think Anneli has seem them live, I'll get her to post here...
I am sorry; I have never heard of "Alice in Chians" before. Is it a murky tribute band to Alice in Chains, perchance?
Typo on my part Vir Orc Sad Smilie There isn't anyway I can edit the topic, is there?

I'm glad to hear you like them Floyd! Pre-sales began yesterday for some of the dates on their up and coming tour. They have two dates in Arizona, and the one in Phoenix is at a smaller venue Orc Smiling Smilie

I also heard they're putting (or put) out a new 'greatest of' CD.
There isn't anyway I can edit the topic, is there?
No, only Grep can do that and it is hardly worth the bother, for most people who are familiar with the music scene will know what you meant
Hello! Well floyd, nope, I have never seen Alice in Chains unfortunately...but I've seen Pink Floyd..twice!(but you knew that, didn't you). Anyhow, I caught something on TV awhile back with AIC touring with Heart (another Seattle band). It was great! I've always loved Jerry Cantrell...and they sounded great. They had some new guy singing and he sounded great too (can't remember his name). I know they were touring with Heart for now they must be going out on their own or something. A great band...and great bands never really do fade away Smile Smilie