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I've just been thinking that I might as well create a new thread that is unlike many others. In this, subjects change every month and if you want to prolong a subject just send a message to me saying that. This is what I call a flexithread and the first four months I'll decide the subjects while the rest is decided by you.So now for the subjects:
July:What's good for you
August:Enviromental and Economical issues
September:Technology and where it's going
October:The Universe

P.SFor the next subjects simply just send a message to me and if it's good enough I'll put it up on the Subject Board. I hope that you enjoy this thread today.Big Smile Smilie
PPSTo prolong an subject that you like just send an message to me and I will prolong it for a while.
PPPS When a new subject comes up I will put a post up to remind you at the beginning of the month.
PPPPS I changed one of the subjects, because it sounds a bit lame.Big Smile Smilie
PPPPPS. It was a subject that I suggested so no-one get offended
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An apple or two
That's good for you
But if the Doctor's cute, who needs the fruit Orc Grinning Smilie
If the doctor's cute, who needs the fruit?

Well, what if the cute doctor is evil?? Very Evil Smilie Mahahahahahahahaa


P.SAnd also, does anyone has any suggestions for the next subject??

If the doctor is evil, would (s)he really recommend eating fruit? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

You need to edit my name on the list of posters, it's Elessar Loss’helin or even Loss, it's not Ellesar Lossenhelm Orc Smiling Smilie
Maybe (s)he will recomend you a fruit, then give you one that's posionus. And then he would poison you to death.Mahahahahahahahaa!

Namarie!Big Smile Smilie
If all wicked witches or doctors did that, they would be out of a job now wouldn't they?

Lossenhelin??? Orc Smiling Smilie
Yes, they would or maybe not because they could disguise themselves to be the good guys but instead of the good guys comes Lord Voldemort(Tom Marvolo Riddle) and does the curse and he cries "Adavra Kadvra" with his wand and kills the patient (the real doctor cmes later, only to find him dead.). And Voldemort gives a cry of laugter. Mahahahahahaa!


P.S. I did edit the 2nd post of that I spelt Elessar Lossenhelin wrong and corrected it.
I suppose that someone might as well close this Inn for there's no-one coming.
No, we'll just leave it here. Sometimes when threads lie fallow for a while, some new people will find and like them, and they will take off like a house afire. Happy Elf Smilie
completely different from fruit....

Reading and hard labor are both good for you, in turn
And a good lifestyle too. I enjoy reading too so maybe we can put books and Authors as another subject in there. Seems quite good. Hard Labours good but TOO hard would be bad. Diet is important too. For example Seattle ( where Grondy lives ), the capital of the flying fish has the highest life expectency in the U.S.A because of fish and their Long-Chained Omega3 fatty acids in the fish. I wonder how long Grondy will live for in Seattle?Big Smile Smilie
Grondy lives 15 air miles (one hour by surface) to the west of Seattle, but it is the City of note that most people have heard of thus its usage.

Grondy doesn't eat much fish now a days due to the fact that it also contains a bit more mercury than he is willing to subject his body to. They are also finding PCBs in certain of our marine fauna.
Oh no, that's not good is it? Well, PCBs and Mercury are not too good for you either. Grondy lives 15miles from Seattle to the west, so he's not in Seattle. The longest lifespan of a particular group of people are the people of Okinawa, which is rapidly diminishing in lifespan because they are to much McDonald and Burger King stores in there which causes obesity and bad diet which causes a simple shortening of lifespan.Big Smile Smilie
changing how one eats normally can indeed produce amazing results. Here for example there is a large East Indian culture growing up. And it has been rather wierd to note that ten or so years ago most were a certain height and slender. And now because many have taken to eating meat where they did not before, or adding dairy (milkshakes, pizza) the children are super tall and larger, much much larger. For instance some of the boys are now so tall they are all in basketball and are about twenty to thirty pound heavier than their relatives that have stayed with traditional eating.As well we have a vast number of Chinese guests visiting our city on any given day and they as well are much chubbier, well let us say half of them, then any I have ever seen before , especially the children. Amazing.
I think that there is a great potential for medicinal herbs. They contain a wealth of medicinal chemicals that are just waiting to be extracted, xamined, and put to experiment. I mean, some people say herbs may have certain psychological effects on people (like St john's Wort, its supposed to cure depression), but i havve't really heard of a case that convinces me of that yet. Still, I have no doubt that herbs can cure wounds, infections, soothe inflammations, ease heartt problems and mucsle aches etc. I believe that Nature has given us illnesses as well as natural sources to aid in overcoming them, and that we just havent discovered them yet...

And something else that's good for you: Drink green tea everyone! It's anti-oxidant and prevents cancer! And it's also healthier because you're not supposed to add sugar and milk to it. I mean, have your milk in the morning with ceral, but sip the calming green tea in the evenings when you're taking a break from working adn relaxing!
Yes, green tea is very nice and good for you (I watched an article about green tea on Catalyst, a science show in Australia) and it is very amazing that a simple change in diet can make such a difference. The oldest people in Australia don't live in retirement homes but they live by themselves and have their children to help them. And people that do gardening also helps keep your memory clearer and better than normal, so lets do gardening!

P.S Should we prolong this subject or move on to the next? You decide.
I always enjoyed weeding when I had a garden. I'd make a game of it and the weeds were the bad guys and I'd whack them with my trusty vorpal blade, as I dug into the ground trying to get most of their roots to with an old hunting knife.
P.S Should we prolong this subject or move on to the next? You decide.

Well, it's already August, so I guess we need to move on! time doens't wait for us, after all, and there are so many mor einteresting subjects we can talk about.
Orite then.
Enviromental and Economical Issues
P.S I put a new poll up for how did you find this. Clickhere for your vote.Big Smile Smilie
Here in Ottawa we're a pretty small major city... I can't relate well to all the stories of smog, pollution so thick that you can't see where you're going, and people dying from heat stroke. But it is 35 degrees Celsius here... thats about 95 degrees Fahrenheit. So all you people who still think we live in igloos, Snowman Smilie the truth is out: we live in houses and blast the air conditioning all day long. Cool Smilie
Didn't check the weather report this morning, but the weather heree in Toronto seems alright. Sunny, with a bit of clouds. UV radiation high as always. Pretty hot outside, though a breeze comes every now and then. Good for the beach, I guess.

There are some other environmental issues I would talk about, though. They are really just small things, but everybody can do a little to help the environment! First of all, your AC should be turned off when you leave the house! I am appalled by the number of friends of mine that simply leave their ACs on 24/7. I am ashamed to say that these people include my very own cousin! And their ACs are on at terribly low temperatures! We Canadians may not live in igloos, but it sure feels like an igloo when I walk into a friend's house! The first floor is always so freezing, even though it's really hot outside! TURN DOWN YOUR AIR CONDITIONERS, PEOPLE!
In Canberra in Australia, people think we live in farm houses and think we're a nation full of Cowboys. WRONG! They are no cowboys here and this winter is substantially cold. The Maximum is only 10 degrees Celsius. In summer it's 42 degrees Celsius ( they don't have Fahrenheit here so we use Celsius). People but their heaters full blast in winter 24/7 and same with Air-Con. My family is starting to use insulation and I'm thinking of putting up Solar Panels on the roof. The Insulation makes your house nice and cool in summer and warm in winter. In Canberra they are Culling (killing) kangaroos because they can make car accidents happen. It's really cruel because we drive the Kangaroos on a small area because of us building house and then they kill them. They turned a national park into a suburb this year and this year we're in La Nina (lovely, lot's of rain and snow) but in El Nino we're in drought, South America, Europe, Japan and the western coast of North America are in a huge floods, Hurricanes in America ( in 2004 their was the first hurricane in the southern hemisphere), Typhoons in Japan, China Philippines and Indonesia ( Japan had it's biggest typhoon in recorded history, and this was only the beginning of the season ). In India, the monsoons fail, in Arabia, Persia, Africa, Amazon and eastern America. It's a global Phenomenon and it's increasing because of Global Warming. The Amazon will turn to desert (not nice) and all of it's Carbon Dioxide will get released (20% of all the worlds Carbon Dioxide will get released, further adding to the greenhouse effect and our whole civilization will go to ruins) Get that? And El Nino increases in intensity and quantity as the temperature increases.

Moderator Smilie Slightly edited by Amari’.
Folks, I don't really have to remind you all of the no politics rule, do I? (...) Good! I knew I could count on you guys. Happy Elf Smilie
Historically here in the upper left hand corner of the USA, the last week of July and the first week of August have been out warmest and driest part of the Summer. This year they have been wet and cool (65-70’F, around 20’C). And I read today that pollution is cooling the world, but if we clean it up we will be increasing global warming even fasster. Go figure.
Well, only in Europe that happens. For the melting of the Ice will clog up the Gulf stream and as a consequence, Europe will turn to a frozen, flooded wasteland. The rest of the world will become adnormally hot, dry, wet and other extreme weather.

It is early days of February yet and I have no idea where dear Glorfindel  is so i will choose a subject for the month of February and anyone can throw in his or her two cents, shekels whatever and share insights.

I would like to talk about flora and fauna, the vegetatopm and animals in each of the areas we live in, how these creatures affect our lifestyles, art work, fashion, etc. Because I think they really do.

I live in a semi arid part of British Columbia.We are nestled in a valley with very high high hills all around and a mountain or two such as Silver Star, a world class skiing resort in winter, horseback riding and many other things in summer. We have three large lakes here, Swan Lake-Very Elvish, Kalamalka, an aboriginal name for lake of many colors and the other name has slipped my mind for some strange reason. We have orchards for many fruit and vegetables iincluding the growing of grapes , so a couple of world class and award winning wineries as well. The terrain between the lakes can be either Ireland green or brown depending on the amount of rain and we have suffered terrible forest fires about every third or fourth year and it is a nightmare. Other than that it is beautiful and pleasant here.

Wild Roses and many other kinds of flowers grow in abundance and we have millions of every green trees, pines and blue spruce and pondorosa and to a less extant deciduous trees here, it is really beautiful. We also have some rattle snakes and a few scorpions in the denser parts of the woods or the really arid areas, the cliffs and area above the lakes. We see deer and a couple of cougars, plenty of rabbits and marmets fewer bears, they are up higher.

As a consequence of the natural beauty our very small city, barely more than a large village is still back in the fifties in some ways. We do not have a single building over four stories that i know of , maybe five  but i doubt it, because it will spoil the pristine view. We have not a single escalator, not one, for that you must go to a neighboring city about an hour away. We have a college/universtiy up high upon a ridge overlooking one of the beautiful beaches that in turn look to the distant hills and mountains, and we have a ton of artists here. Every type from traditional to innovative working the paper and o


ils and acrllics to carving war boats (aboriginal) working with wool to make awesome things , wood and rock carvings and well it is a busy hands on place. We have a new performing arts centre with the same sound system now as that in Australia, there is some sort of local connection. We have a highland pipe band and all this makes for interesting clothing and styles . A lot of clothing is inspired by the flora and fauna and in summer all manner of clothing inspired by the east west and locally is to be seen. We have a sizeable British population, an East Indian one also; we have an Okanagan Band Reserve near, we have a fair amount of our French Canadian brothers and that is great, their culture and art is spectacular. Lately we have seen a rise in Phillipinos and Jamacain imigrants and theri toques and clothing so full of color are the best to be seen in the dead of winter.

We have the oldest or at least one of the oldest military bases in Canada here and all year round you can see the tanks and army helicopters and soldiers going about their business. Sometimes you can see para troopers from other countries practising whatever it is they practise over on the hills. Once a block from our home I saw too very young army tank operators , hatches up visiting with one another on their break. it seemed so wierd. So often in the summer styles are inspired by the military garb as well.

I forgot to mention the schools and programs for our aboriginal brothers and sisters. Amazing programs, teaching the ancient languages, making drums and learning the ancient drumming, the dances of the different Indian bands and nations, carving, you name it. It is totally awesome and makes you feel you have fallen into the past. Although I am Jewish my little one has some aboriginal blood and is learning the folk lore and learning the languages and dances and carvings and drum making. Beside learning Hebrew and other languages she is learning where some of the Indian tribes actually came from across the sea. Tolkien would have loved this I think.


Oh Leelee, that sounds beautiful!  Your description explains to me some of your comments.  And also stirs a slightly jealous feeling in me.  I would love to see the hills and mountains reflecting on what I hope are clear and cold waters of the lakes.

I am not so fortunate.  I hail from Louisiana where we have no hills.  We have lots of bayous, lakes and rivers but they are not so clear and clean.  We have lots of hardwood bottoms and plenty of cypress trees, all having Spanish moss dangling from their branches.  We can get in a boat and float for days seeing all types of animals.  This time of year we have lots of visitors from up North in the way of ducks, geese, and many other birds for the Winter.  We have many beautiful birds that are native as well.  You mentioned rattlesnakes, we have three species of them here as well as cotton-mouth water moccasins and copperheads that are all venomous but many other snakes that are not.  We also have alligators and huge snapping turtles.  The television shows do not give my state justice.

But speaking of justice, my state suffers from the injustice of Man's greed and need of "oil".  We have lost much  natural habitat and are doomed to lose much more.

That being said, I love to hear of places where the beauty of Mother Earth is still evident.  I hope my children will be able to see the wondrous things Nature has to show them!



Finrod, I have visited your gracious state and was enchanted. The cypress trees brought me to tears and I remember being taken over the water in a sort of air boat or something, can't describe it properly, but it was amazing. I was raised by Celtic people, some of who stopped in Louisanna, the Carolinas and M<issouri begore coming to Canada in quest for land that sort of matched theirs from Scotland , Ireland and Orkney. Some though were overwhelmed by the glorious temperatures and the strangeness of the flora and fauna and simply could not leave it.

We too were threatened here by so many wealthy business men who could easily buy our whole city and be done with it. Happily most of the ventures did not pan out as our area is not conducive to big business. In fact, i may have forgot to mention that every three years or so SHEPHERDING is actually taught at the college, that to me is just fabulous. And until about a decade ago gold smithing was taught, it was the only place in the entire province at the time that taught it. But the family of course grew older and retired. 

Coming from a background where owning restaurants and being chefs,(the men) was tradition many Louisianna recipes were important to us. And your music and so much is rather intoxicating. I would love to see one of your native writers go back to the beginning and do an awesome fantasy book honoring your background and state.


A couple of crafts that are influenced here by the flora and fauna are pottery and a type of image dying many would be familiar with, plant pounding on fabric. The first is wondrous in the variety of pots, dishes, cups etc that surface especially from children in school. There is one large and maybe two kilns in the city and if you join a local craft group for a ridiculously nominal fee you can use the kiln and do your work. A friend of mine does the most gorgeous sun flowers and daisies with such rich colors of the sun and she makes trivets, simple but so gorgeous you almost hate to use them. The plant pounding is something I love to do. I hate saying goodbye to favorite plants or flowers when they begin to droop and dye. So I will take something that looks the best and preserve it and have a memory of it . "One thing I did is take a most perfect palm frond from a plant that was touched with frost and began to quickly die. I chose canvass, the same one uses for painting and made it tight. Then i placed the palm frond on it and pounded the juice completely out of it on to the canvass. After drying i stretched the canvass and mounted it on a thick piece of board and held it down all around the sides with beautiful antique looking studs. I purchased a delicate glass hummingbird and tacked it on to the top of the canvass so it looked like it was landing upon the frond for a second. And the little one did a bunch of lilac, purple and pink wild flowers upon linen and then using a small branch from a tree made it into a flag for her pretend Faerie kingdom. it is exquisite.